I See Kindness Everywhere

I See Kindness Everywhere

by Shelley Frost


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Where do you see kindness?

No matter who we are or where we come from, when we take a moment to look around, we can see kindness everywhere.

With an engaging message and vibrant illustrations, this little book can help children learn how to notice and appreciate everyday blessings. Ages 2 and up.

This book was inspired by an Eastern concept of kindness that can help people of all ages notice and appreciate the kindness of others. The concept is this: any action that benefits you -- large or small, intentional or even unintentional -- is a kindness given to you.

One night at dinner, author-illustrator Shelley Frost heard her two-year-old daughter exclaim, "Thank you, tomato workers! Thank you, lentil bean workers!" Shelley then realized that even young children could grasp this concept of kindness...and in the process, learn the language of gratitude and respect for others.

The author will donate a portion of her book-sale proceeds to community charities. For more gifts that nurture gratitude and kindness, and to vote on which charities will receive the author's donations, visit http://www.EnlightenedArts.com.

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ISBN-13: 9781449004156
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/21/2009
Pages: 28
Sales rank: 668,177
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range: 2 - 6 Years

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I See Kindness Everywhere

By Shelley Frost


Copyright © 2009 Shelley Frost
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-0415-6

Chapter One

Everywhere I look, I see kindness. I don't need a magnifying glass. Or binoculars.

All I need to do is think about how I can walk on my two feet. Then I see ...

... the kindness of those who helped me take my first steps. Thank you, family!

When I skip to the park, I see the kindness of the people who poured concrete for the sidewalk.

Thank you, construction workers!

When I see a flower, I see the kindness of the person who taught me how flowers grow.

Thank you, Teacher!

When I put on my socks, I see the kindness of the people who cut and sewed the material.

Thank you, sock makers!

When I eat a blackberry, I see the kindness of the people who grew it in the field.

Thank you, farmers!

When I go camping, I see the kindness of the people who care for the forest and its creatures. Thank you, forest keepers.

When I hear a song, I see the kindness of the people who wrote and performed the music.

Thank you, musician!

When I turn on the light, I see kindness of the people who send the electricity to my house.

Thank you, electrical workers!

When I see a spider web, I think of how all of us, no matter how small, are connected by a common thread of kindness. Thank you, spider, for reminding me ...

... that everywhere I go and in everything I do, I ambenefiting form someone's kindness. Even if the don't know my name.

Just think of all the kindness in the world. It's everywhere! Thank you to everyone who has ever shown kindness to another living being. And thank you to everyone who has ever given me the opportunity to be kind.

Try it to Yourself!

You, too, can see kindness everywhere you look. Here's one way to do it.

Everyday, notice something and try to see the kindness in it. Think all the way back to where that thing started - which people or even animals worked on it, brought it to you, or taught you about it?

Then give thanks in your mind or out loud, starting with "Thank you ..."

The more you practice this, the more kindness you'll be able to see in things and situations. Until one day, when you will truly see kindness everywhere.


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