I Love You So Much It Hurts: His Recordings 1936-1962 & 1981

I Love You So Much It Hurts: His Recordings 1936-1962 & 1981

by Floyd TillmanFloyd Tillman


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Release Date: 04/20/2004
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127164155
catalogNumber: 16415
Rank: 163519


Disc 1

  1. Anything
  2. Blue Monday
  3. Rhythm in the Air
  4. Swing Baby Swing
  5. Gimme My Dime Back
  6. That Old Fashioned Way
  7. Can't Nobody Truck Like Me
  8. Take Me Back to West Texas
  9. You're as Pretty as a Picture
  10. Georgia Pines
  11. Ain't You Kind of Sorry Now
  12. Ain't You Kind of Sorry Now
  13. Whose Honey Are You
  14. What Difference Does It Make
  15. Two More Years (And I'll Be Free)
  16. A Precious Memory
  17. Why Do I Love You
  18. Some Day
  19. If You Should Go Away I'd Cry
  20. I Didn't Know
  21. There Must Be Someone for Me
  22. I'm Always Dreaming of You
  23. Don't Be Blue
  24. I Never Felt This Way Before
  25. Maybe I'll Get by Without You
  26. I'd Settle Down for You
  27. It Had to Be That Way
  28. I'll Come Back to You
  29. Nothing Matters to Me

Disc 2

  1. Daisy Mae
  2. Anything That's Part of You
  3. I'm Gonna Change All My Ways
  4. Gee! But I Feel Blue
  5. The Mountains Will See Her Face No More
  6. Let's Make Believe We're Sweethearts
  7. It's Been a Long, Long Time
  8. All Because of You
  9. I've Learned My Lesson Now
  10. They Took the Stars Out of Heaven
  11. Rio Grande
  12. Why Do You Treat Me This Way
  13. There's No Use to Try It Anymore
  14. Each Night at Nine
  15. G. I. Blues
  16. Dreams Won't Let Me Forget You
  17. Drivin' Nails in My Coffin
  18. Drivin' Nails in My Coffin
  19. Go Out and Find Somebody New
  20. Go Out and Find Somebody New
  21. Some Other World
  22. Sign on the Dotted Line
  23. I'm Leaving This Old World Someday
  24. The Same Old Blues
  25. It's a Cruel, Cruel World for Me
  26. The Stars Fell Out of Heaven
  27. Gotta Have Somethin'
  28. Sweetheart Darlin'
  29. You Made Me Live, Love and Die

Disc 3

  1. You're Not Worth the Teardrops
  2. Sentenced to a Life (Without You)
  3. I'm Checkin' Out on You
  4. There's Blood on the Moon Tonight
  5. It's Got Me Down
  6. Please Don't Pass Me By
  7. Cold, Cold Woman
  8. I'll Take What I Can Get
  9. I Love You So Much It Hurts
  10. Drinking and Thinking
  11. Gals Are Funny That Way
  12. Houston Waltz
  13. Westphalia Waltz
  14. Slipping Around
  15. This Cold War With You
  16. I'll Never Slip Around Again
  17. Darling Don't Go
  18. Mama, What'll I Do
  19. I Gotta Have My Baby Back
  20. It Had to Be That Way
  21. I Almost Lost My Mind
  22. Precious Memory
  23. I Gotta Stop
  24. The Little Miracle
  25. The Last Straw
  26. Just as Long as I Have You
  27. The Grandest Prize
  28. I've Got the Craziest Feeling

Disc 4

  1. I've Got the Craziest Feeling
  2. Rose of Old Monterey
  3. I Don't Care Anymore
  4. Why Are You Blue
  5. I Don't Care Who Knows
  6. I'm Falling for You
  7. You're That to Me
  8. Each Night at Nine
  9. I Love You Just as You Are
  10. Guess I'll Be Playing the Field from Now On
  11. Don't Say You Love Me, Just Show It
  12. Why Do I Drink
  13. I'll Still Be Loving You
  14. If I Loved a Liar
  15. Each Little Thing Reminds Me of You
  16. I Got a Feller
  17. Who Cares
  18. Good Bye Tomorrows (Hello Yesterday)
  19. Take My Love With You Too
  20. I Finally Saw the Light
  21. It's Over, All Over
  22. The Worm Has Turned
  23. A Small Little Town
  24. More Than Anything
  25. Just One More Time
  26. I'll Never Be the Same Without You
  27. Call on Me (And I'll Be There)
  28. One More Day, Wasted Away
  29. Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow

Disc 5

  1. She's Long Gone
  2. Let's Make Memories Tonight
  3. Magnolia Garden Waltz
  4. Grasshopper
  5. Save a Little for Me
  6. Baby, I Just Want You
  7. Big Houston
  8. Cockroach
  9. Heartaches for Gold
  10. Running Away
  11. Floyd's Song
  12. Cold Cold Beer
  13. The Record Goes Round and Round
  14. My Heart Won't Forget
  15. On You My Life Depends
  16. I'm Free from the Love I Had for You
  17. I Love You So Much It Hurts
  18. I Gotta Have My Baby Back
  19. It Makes No Difference Now
  20. Some Other World
  21. Slipping Around
  22. This Cold War With You
  23. I've Got the Craziest Feeling
  24. I'll Keep on Loving You
  25. They Took the Stars Out of Heaven
  26. Each Night at Nine
  27. Daisy Mae
  28. I'll Take What I Can Get

Disc 6

  1. Lonesome Without the Blues
  2. Life Is Just a School
  3. Each Night at Nine
  4. It Just Tears Me Up
  5. The Song of Music
  6. The Record Goes Round and Round
  7. Stickin' My Neck Out
  8. Whatever You Do
  9. Daisy Mae
  10. Two Stubborn People
  11. This Cold War With You
  12. Let's Make Memories Tonight
  13. I'm Still in Love With Every Girl
  14. Each Night at Nine
  15. I Love You So Much It Hurts
  16. When Your Woman Turns Bad
  17. Mr. Bottle
  18. I Don't Care Anymore
  19. Empty Glass
  20. Drivin' Nails in My Coffin
  21. I Love You So Much It Hurts
  22. One Way Love
  23. Memories Are All That's Real
  24. I Gotta Have My Baby Back
  25. I Am Music
  26. Slipping Around
  27. Half a House
  28. My Mistake
  29. My Life Was Just a Game
  30. The Last Sad Song

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Floyd Tillman   Primary Artist,Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Chet Atkins   Rhythm Guitar
Mark Collie   Vocals
Floyd Cramer   Piano
Hank Garland   Electric Guitar
Johnny Gimble   Fiddle,Mandolin
Moon Mullican   Piano,Vocals
Willie Nelson   Guitar
Taylor   Piano
Leon McAuliffe   Steel Guitar
Anita Kerr   Choir, Chorus
Grady Martin   Electric Guitar
Billy Strange   Guitar,Leader
Cliff Bruner   Fiddle
Clyde Brewer   Fiddle,Piano
Kenny Cobb   Bass
Keith Coleman   Fiddle
Buddy Harman   Drums
Walter Buck Henson   Bass
Cameron Hill   Electric Guitar
Howard Roberts   Guitar
Louis Dean Nunley   Choir, Chorus
Ralph Smith   Organ,Piano
Dorothy Ann Dillard   Choir, Chorus
Woody Carter   Fiddle,Guitar
Farris Coursey   Drums
Lowell Frisby   Bass
Dick Gimble   Bass,Guitar
Chuck Keeshan   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Dickie McBride   Guitar,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Darold Raley   Fiddle
Randall Raley   Fiddle
Leon Selph   Fiddle,Vocals
Joe Thames   Tenor Banjo
J.D. Standlee   Steel Guitar
Bob Moore   Bass
Red Wootten   Bass
Biff Collie   Vocals
Vaughn Horton   Steel Guitar
Roy Lanham   Guitar
Loren Mitchell   Piano
Helene Smith   Vocals
Mancel Tierney   Piano
William Guilford Wright   Choir, Chorus
Howard Oliver   Tenor Banjo
Hub Sutter   Clarinet,Saxophone,Vocal Harmony
Bill Kimbrough   Drums
Milton Curtis "Muddy" Berry   Drums
Darrell Newsome   Drums
Peter Burke   Piano
Kenny Baker   Guitar
Clifford Hils   Bass
Benny McNeil   Piano
Clarence Cagle   Piano
William K. "Bill" Pitman   Guitar
Irving Kluger   Drums
Herman Strandlee   Guitar
Alvie Yandell   Guitar
Marge "Little Marge" Tillman   Vocals
Anthony "Tony" Scanlin   Piano
Junior Beck   Guitar
Russell Vernon "Hezzie" Bryant   Bass
Theron Eugene "Ted" Daffan   Vocals,Baritone Ukulele
Lewis Lincoln "Link" Davis   Fiddle,Vocals
Bill Dozier   Guitar
Robert Lee "Bob" Dunn   Steel Guitar
Ernest "Deacon" Evans   Steel Guitar
Sol Gamboa   Drums
Aubrey Lynn "Red" Greenhaw   Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Grady Hester   Fiddle
Charles "Chuck" Jennings   Guitar
Marvin Richard "Dickie" Jones   Fiddle,Vocal Harmony
Neil Kenneth Levang   Guitar
Chester "Chet" Miller   Bass
Leo Herbert Raley   Mandolin
Herbert L. "Herb" Remington   Steel Guitar

Technical Credits

Ivory Joe Hunter   Composer
Chet Atkins   Producer
Jimmie Davis   Composer
Johnny Gimble   Producer
Floyd Tillman   Composer,Producer
Leon Payne   Composer
Link Davis   Composer
Art Satherley   Producer
Cliff Bruner   Composer
Shelly Lee Alley   Composer
Joe Allison   Composer,Producer
David Barnes   Artwork
Clyde Brewer   Illustrations
Lester Chambers   Composer
Cameron Hill   Composer
William D. Holford   Engineer
Harlan Howard   Composer
Dave Kapp   Producer
Don Law   Producer
Bill Quinn   Engineer
Turner   Artwork
Allie Wrubel   Composer
Ted Daffan   Composer
Chuck Keeshan   Composer
Leon Selph   Composer
Lawton Williams   Composer
Biff Collie   Composer
Vaughn Horton   Composer
Jerry Irby   Composer
Don Thompson Quartet   Producer
Geronimo Trevino   Illustrations
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer
Dave Sax   Artwork
Jurgen Koop   Illustrations
Holger Von Bargen   Art Direction
Kevin Coffey   Illustrations,Tape Comparison,Biographical Notes
Nolan "Buddy" Young   Illustrations
Russell Sims   Producer
Joe E. Marks   Composer
Mort Dixon   Composer
Audrey Allison   Composer
Cotton Collins   Composer
Dub Dickerson   Composer
Babe Fritsch   Composer
Wolfgang Taubenauer   Artwork
Eddie Hazelwood   Composer
Andrew Brown   Illustrations
Erich Hülsenbeck   Photo Restoration,Photo Scanning
Frank Juricek   Illustrations
Andreas Merck   Photo Scanning
Boyd W. Leisy   Producer
Tony Sepolio   Illustrations
Theron Eugene "Ted" Daffan   Producer,Illustrations
Gary Raley   Illustrations
Lew Frisby   Composer

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