I Know Why Mandingos Sing: the real reason why blacks in America are so deadly to each other

I Know Why Mandingos Sing: the real reason why blacks in America are so deadly to each other

by Donald E. Payne


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"I Know Why Mandingos Sing" is one of those books that you will NOT want to put down and is a treat for lovers of black history and black awareness. The book points out many things about the Mandinka (Mandingo) people, their psychological makeup and the North Atlantic Slave Trade that many blacks as well as whites are unaware of.

"I know why Mandingos sing" represents years of research, study, gathering material, information and interviews by the author and is presented as a documented account of and comparison to the psyche of the West African and the African American Mandinka people. Provocative-historical account of the Mandinka secrets and attitudes that have kept them down since the 13th century. In search for the true meaning and an explanation behind the mentality of the West African mandinkan people, (what makes them do what they do) Don has probed and searched extensively, for an answer from the Rock of Gibraltar to North Africa to Europe and back to America.

This book is not for everyone, there is a special audience that Don is trying to reach in his account. And this book is not about African Americans or Africans singing, it's about the un-justice that has been bestowed upon blacks in America by Jewish and
White slave owners with their Mandinka helpers on their side, in their rampage to capture and destroy the African (American) Mandinka people. This book is also about the mental and physical attitudes that make African Americans venomous against each other, and an attempt to answer the question where the black-on-black crime come from and find out the real reason why blacks in America are so deadly to each other.

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Don is also the recipient of the 2003-2004 National Leadership Award, "Honorary Chairman" of the Business Advisory Council, presented by The National Republican Congressional Committee USA, and he has completed many courses in international business management, direct customer one on one sales, and is also winner of the prestigious International Web Masters and Designers "Golden Web Award " 2003-2004 for his design of the Website known as "Rates-and-Tariffs.com"; he became interested in computers and computer design, and honed his skills as a web designer/ developer and innovator over a period of twelve years. His specialties are Website Design, Affiliate Marketing and search engine Optimization (SEO) Services.

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RCMG/WEMP-Solutions is now committed to helping young blacks in America through the internet and have opened up their Affiliate marketing school especially to help young Black males and females get a better start in life. It's free and anyone can join, all you have to do is register. Web-http://www.rcmg-3.com.

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