I Don't Dance

I Don't Dance

by Lee BriceLee Brice


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Lee Brice performed a rare feat in 2012: he became a star on the back of ballads, not party songs. Country has a long history of gentle, masculine crooners but the 2010s were rife with suburban dudes in tight jeans who sang slow songs only as a change of pace. Brice specialized in an assured delivery, taking such reflective songs as "Hard to Love" and "I Drive Your Truck" to the upper reaches of the country charts, and this success has led him to double down on deliberation on 2014's I Don't Dance. There is some volume to the record and a considerable amount of sly electronic textures -- this especially surfaces in the rhythms, which are sometimes looped, although there's some playful Auto-Tune; the three bonus tracks on the deluxe edition emphasize this side -- but the defining characteristic of I Don't Dance is how unhurried Brice seems, lending the same casual authority to the faster or grittier numbers ("No Better Than This," "Drinking Class," or "Girls in Bikinis," which is just plain silly) as he does on the ballads. This relaxed confidence is beguiling and also suits the songs, which Brice largely had a hand in composing (only three of the 13 songs don't bear a songwriting credit from him). Without the liner notes, it's hard to tell which songs come from Brice's pen and which don't, but that only signals how cohesive the album is. As skilled and commercially savvy a writer as he is -- and he is, that's his background -- he keeps the focus on his performance, letting the album come on smooth and strong. I Don't Dance may sink its teeth in slightly slowly, but that's Brice's style: he lets the listener come to him and, once they're there, he offers a warm seduction that lasts not just for a night but for a relationship.

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Release Date: 09/09/2014
Label: Curb Records
UPC: 0715187939226
catalogNumber: 79392
Rank: 170038


  1. I Don't Dance
  2. No Better Than This
  3. Show You Off Tonight
  4. Always The Only One
  5. Good Man
  6. Drinking Class
  7. That Don't Sound Like You
  8. Girls In Bikinis
  9. Sirens
  10. Somebody's Been Drinking
  11. Hard To Figure Out (The Airport Song)
  12. My Carolina
  13. Panama City

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lee Brice   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Electric Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals,Background Vocals,Hand Clapping
Chad Cromwell   Drums
Jerry McPherson   Electric Guitar,E-bow
Greg Morrow   Drums
Russ Pahl   Steel Guitar
Jimmie Lee Sloas   Bass
Russell Terrell   Background Vocals
Pat McGrath   Acoustic Guitar
Eric Darkin   Percussion
Tim Lauer   Keyboards
Derek Wells   Electric Guitar
Perry Coleman   Background Vocals
Tom Bukovac   Electric Guitar
Jason Webb   Piano,Keyboards,Hammond B3
Jennifer Kummer   French Horn
Phillip Lammonds   Acoustic Guitar
Carolyn Bailey   Strings
Kevin Grant   Bass
Tony Lucido   Bass
Miles McPherson   Drums
Jeff King   Electric Guitar
Bradley Smith   Piano,Background Vocals,Hammond B3
Charlie Judge   Piano,Strings,Keyboards,Hammond B3
Mike Johnson   Steel Guitar
Emily Nelson   Strings
Jon Stone   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Hand Clapping
Travis Bettis   Electric Guitar
Jun Iwasaki   Strings
Maggie Rose   Background Vocals
Jessica Blackwell   Strings
Mark Hill   Bass
Ben Glover   Background Vocals
Hari Bernstein   Strings
Patrick Walle   French Horn
Adrienne Harmon   Strings
Donnie Marple   Drums
Chip Esten   Vocals,Hand Clapping
Charles Kenneth Dixon   Strings
Sarighandi D Reist   Strings
Sara Brice   Talking
Paul Rippee   Bass
Nir "Z" Zidkyahu   Drums
Kelley Norris   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Justin Niebank   Programming,Engineer
Rhett Akins   Composer
Dan Frizsell   Programming,Engineer
Billy Montana   Composer
Drew Bollman   Engineer
Vicky McGehee   Composer
Mark Irwin   Composer
David Frasier   Composer
Jason Webb   Programming
Shane McAnally   Composer
Phillip Lammonds   Composer
Joe Don Rooney   Composer
Hillary Lindsey   Composer
Lance Miller   Composer
Ed Hill   Composer
Rodney Clawson   Composer
Adam Taylor   overdub engineer
Ashley Gorley   Composer
Josh Kear   Composer
Lee Brice   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements,Whistle
Matt McClure   Programming,Producer,Engineer,overdub engineer
Rob Hatch   Composer
Kyle Jacobs   Composer,Producer
Joe Leathers   Composer
Dallas Davidson   Composer
Charlie Judge   Programming,Engineer,Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements,overdub engineer
Jon Stone   Composer,Producer
Nicole Witt   Composer
Thomas Rhett   Composer
Chris Tompkins   Composer
Ben Glover   Composer
Blair Munday   Art Direction
Kelly Norman   Engineer

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