Hypnosis: The A to Z of hypnotic words and phrases

Hypnosis: The A to Z of hypnotic words and phrases

by Steve Leap


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The A to Z of hypnotic words and phrases By

Steve Leap

This dictionary style book is the ultimate companion for the aspiring hypnotist as well as being an invaluable reference tool for those more experienced therapists and performers too.
There is a lot to take in when you are learning any craft. And when you need to remind yourself of that small piece of information that's on the tip of your tongue it's no good having to trawl through your course notes, or other books you may have, for hours on end.
You need the answer right now and this book will be there to rescue you. Can't remember the correct terminology for a phenomena don't worry it's here at your fingertips always.
Most hypnotist like me have extensive libraries on hypnosis. And trying to find an article or phrase is a daunting prospect when you may have t sift through 30 or 40 books. Now you won't have to you can simply use Hypnosis the A to Z.
Included are every useful word and phrases you need in the world of the professional hypnotist.
Starting out is exiting and fun, imagine the difference you project to your potential subjects when you use correct terminology every step of the way
Not only do you have full descriptions of the everyday hypnotists words and phrases. You also benefit from a huge array of examples and practical uses too
Using this fantastic book couldn't be easier. Following an alphabetical sequence so flick through find the word you'd like to reference and presto.
Everything from the AARONS& depth scale right down to the popular wand waving ZAP

Use it as part of your learning reading from cover to cover
Use it to remind yourself of those elusive new terms
Find any phrase or word easily and quickly
In fact use it how you will, but once you have it you WILL use it

below is a small sample of just one section of this fantastic book for you to get a feel of just what is in it and how beneficial it is.

A very effective rapid hypnosis induction created by Dave Elman. It is considered the best guaranteed induction by many hypnotists since it is completely permissive and relies upon he subject to pace themselves into trance with the help of the hypnotist. Created by Dave Elman the renowned hypnotist, author and radio show host.
Below is the Elman induction word for word. However it was originally used in 1963, that's fifty years ago, it is still generally accepted that it is a basis for a good induction but needs updating due to the wording being outdated but also there is quite a lot of questioning of the subject and this may have a tendency to unravel the trance slightly. Especially if there is any misunderstanding. So first will be the induction in pure form and next my own modified version.
The Elman induction:
Will you just take a good long deep breath and close your eyes...now relax the muscles around your eyes to the point where those eye muscles won't work and when you're sure they won't work....test them and make sure they won't work...
...And so on...
Hope you enjoyed this sample of part of the E's.


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