Humor for the Holidays: Stories, Quips, and Quotes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years

Humor for the Holidays: Stories, Quips, and Quotes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years

by Shari MacDonald


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Celebrate the holidays with the marvelous gift of humor!

Holidays can be both fun and frustrating, can't they? All the chaos that goes with the holidays can make you grin or groan. What you need for happy holidays is to have your stocking stuffed with tasty bits of humor.

Imagine reaching into your stocking and finding a hilarious story by Patsy Clairmont, pulling out funny-bone ticklers by Martha Bolton, Jack Hayford, and Tim Wildmon, and discovering goodies to make you giggle by many other gifted writers.

So grab a cup of wassail, curl up in your favorite chair, and indulge yourself with this heart-lifting book of holiday cheer — it's stuffed full of special surprises to raise your spirits and add joy to your world!

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ISBN-13: 9781416535355
Publisher: Howard Books
Publication date: 10/17/2006
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 670,071
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Christmas Is Coming, Tra-La, Tra-La...

All I Want for Christmas Is a Parking Place — Dave Barry

The Best-Laid Plans — Karen Scalf Linamen

Thanksgiving Rolls Around, and So Do the Dishes — Marti Attoun

A Thanksgiving Recipe — G. Ron Darbee

Who Needs Cookbooks When You've Got a Phone? — Marti Attoun

On Wings Like Turkeys — Chris Fabry

Fowl Play! (How Not to Be a Turkey at the Thanksgiving Table) — Marti Attoun

When You Need a Little Christmas...Now — Becky Freeman

Shop 'Til You Drop — Karen Scalf Linamen

Chapter 2: The Chaos Theory of Christmas

But Can She Drive a Sleigh? — Shirley Temple

Christmas, a Labor of Love — Karen Scalf Linamen

Lights, Camera...Too Much Action — Jim Killam

A So-Called Tree and Thee — Charlene Ann Baumbich

Dear Santa — Debbie Farmer

Merry Christmas (with Cramps) — Jack Hayford

Are You Sure the Wise Men Wore Turtlenecks? — Martha Bolton

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas — Karen Scalf Linamen

See Mother, Funny, Funny Mother — Author unknown

Chapter 3: The Gift of Christmas

Separating the Men from the Boys — Lee Daniel Quinn

Things Never to Give Your Wife for Christmas — Author unknown

Things Never to Give Your Husband for Christmas — Author unknown

Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Slippers — Lynn Bowen Walker

What Goes Up Must Come Down — Martha Bolton

The Gift That Keeps On Giving (Unfortunately) — Dave Meurer

Christmas Shenanigans — Robert Hansen

Show Me the Money — C. Ellen Watts

Gifts That Make Mom a Packrat — Martha Bolton

Putting the "X" in X-mas — Paul M. Hampton

Gifts That Keep on Giving (Me a Headache) — Patsy Clairmont

Some Assembly Required (and a Little Prozac Wouldn't Hurt Either) — Martha Bolton

Gift-Giving Misgivings — Tim Wildmon

Chapter 4: Peas on Earth...and Other Tasty Holiday Tidbits

Good Stuff(ing) — Author unknown

All Fired Up for the Ladies' Christmas Coffee — Becky Freeman

A Turkey of a Dinner — Jana Kaumeyer

Where's the Fire? — Martha Bolton

Baking Cookies? Bah! Humbug! — Tina Krause

'Tis the Season — G. Ron Darbee

Holiday Memories — Dale Hanson Bourke

Is the Turkey Burned Yet? — Martha Bolton

The Call of the Popcorn — Becky Freeman

When Is a Leg Like an Ear? — Mary Wanda Little

Let There Be Peas on Earth — Laura Jensen Walker

Chapter 5: The Spirit of Christmas

Just in Time for Christmas — Johnny Carson

No Wonder Jesus Loves the Little Children — Christy Ehmann

An Imperfect Christmas — Dave Meurer

Christmas without Grandma Kay — Robin Jones Gunn

We Two Kings... — Martha Bolton

A Christmas for One — Dave Meurer

The Last Gift — Phil Callaway

Chapter 6: Until Next Year...

Make Every Day "Christmas" — Charles Dickens

The Secret to Foolproof Resolutions — Karen Scalf Linamen

'Twas the Thirty Days after Christmas — Charlene Ann Baumbich


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