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Human After All

Human After All

by Daft Punk Daft Punk
Human After All

Human After All

by Daft Punk Daft Punk




The title of this French outfit's long-awaited return might seem ironic, given the proudly robotic tenor of the duo's output to date. But the passion bubbling beneath the synths and effects that adorn the surface of these ten tunes is unmistakable -- and, yes, very human. More aggressive than any of the duo's recent offerings, songs like "Brainwasher," which borrows a bit from vintage Black Sabbath, convey a combination of bewilderment and anger, feelings that are underscored by the harsh vocorder-laced vocal delivery. "Robot Rock" maintains the harsher tone --fueled by slashing guitar chords -- but lets up a bit on the bleak outlook, allowing the sweat-soaked dance groove to bull through. Not everything on the disc falls into the set-to-stun category, as evidenced by the soft-focus sensuality of "Make Love," which recalls nothing so much as a computer-age revisiting of Francophone songstress Françoise Hardy's breathy bedroom purr. Less immediately friendly than 2001's Discovery, Human After All feels more like a sequel to Daft Punk's groundbreaking debut -- and it puts them squarely back on the vanguard of electronic music.

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Release Date: 03/15/2005
Label: Parlophone (Wea)
UPC: 0724356356221
catalogNumber: 635620


  1. Human After All
  2. The Prime Time of Your Life
  3. Robot Rock
  4. Steam Machine
  5. Make Love
  6. The Brainwasher
  7. On/Off
  8. Television Rules the Nation
  9. Technologic
  10. Emotion
  11. [CD-Rom Track]

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