How to Write Small Reports and Get Paid: A Step-By-Step System For Writing And Profiting From 7-15 Page Reports

How to Write Small Reports and Get Paid: A Step-By-Step System For Writing And Profiting From 7-15 Page Reports

by Todd Ramse




Learn how to write small reports and spiral small reports into an information publishing empire that includes monthly membership sites, big ticket classes, licensing deals and more!Here's how it works:Write a 7-15 page report on an "in-demand" subject. Create additional 7-15 page RELATED reports. Bundle reports into different types of packages. (case studies below for different "types")Everything starts with writing reports no longer than 15 pages at a time.Ultimately these reports are converted into chapters, courses, curriculum, classes and other things that begin with the letter "C". :)Let's be clear about one thing...I'm not talking about writing a book that sells at bookstores. Nor self-publishing a manual through direct mail. Nor creating a full-length information product. Nor even writing a 50-75 page eBook.I'm talking about writing tiny, 7-15 page small reports that sell extremely well. I'm talking about reports that people buy and then download to their computer or electronic devide for reading or printing. (This is all automatic as I'll explain below.) Small reports about virtually anything...Making money by selling information is nothing new. The problem is, up until now, most people have been working way too hard at it.Book Writers are working way too hard! Trying to find a publisher can take a long time ... and rejections are hard to take.Self-publishing is often costly and time-consuming. Even getting your book into circulation rarely means any "real" money for most writers.Ebook Authors are working way too hard! Many people who START an ebook never FINISH it. Why? Because writing a 75-100 page manual (or even more!) just isn't very easy. And, even if you do get it done, you've worked hard at it for an extended period of time. The average ebook author that I've talked to, who actually gets their ebook written, spends about 2-3 months writing it.Information Publishers are working way too hard! Many people who sell huge physical products (DVDs, manuals, binders, the works) at a premium price spend a lot of time creating the materials, finding product duplication services, fulfilling orders, handling returns and so forth. Come on, who wants to work that hard when in a lot of cases you can make just as much money in 1/10 of the time?Bloggers are working way too hard! They write blog posts all the time (and probably enjoy it, no doubt) to get active visitors to regularly read their stuff so they can keep selling advertising (ever try to find advertisers??) or in the hopes of getting readers to buy an affiliate offer.Or, if they create their own books, ebooks, information products, they have to do all of the hard work PLUS blog! Yikes!I don't know about you, but...I'd much rather spend my time visiting with my family, reading, serving others and enjoying my life!There's a better way! This book...This is my DELUXE, no-holds-barred, tell-all course for writing, selling and bundling 7-15 page reports. Everything is included! If you're expecting to find something left out, then you're probably gonna go blind searching for it. :) There's simply nothing missing from this training and the step-by-step methods. This is a great system for turning tiny reports into a profitable business. Even if you've been creating information products for years, we have one section which will reveal things about creating an information empire that you've never put together before. I share everything in the "six phases" of a great business with small reports. Each phase builds upon the previous one to create a multi-stream business that continues to grow month after month. It's the ultimate guide to "bundling" small reports into products you can offer for $37, $97, $297 and even $997. While we can't guarantee you will make any money at all by reading our product, we do know that many people are very successful with their own information publishing business. We hope this book helps make dreams come true!

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