How to Write a Dissertation: An Instructional Manual for Dissertation Writers.

How to Write a Dissertation: An Instructional Manual for Dissertation Writers.

by Benjamin Baisai Silas Madondo


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A retired extensionist after thirty four years of public extension service. He was formerly trained at Chibero college of agriculture.He served in three provinces as head in three provinces of Mashonaland and midlands respectively..Some of the highlights of his carreer include taking women into extension as extension workers at field levels.He also engaged black officers to work in European areas as advisers; a new dimension that was unique. Discrimination on the use of public utilities was abolished during his time. Black and white officer operation was integrated into one service.

Extension as a discipline offered interesting challenges to the discipline. It was transformed into an academic discipline from one that had confined workers to the sole use of the hoe to the one that was upgraded to the use of a pen and paper backed by officers who used the motor bike to a four wheeled vehicle. After retiring from public service he joined the Zimbabwe Open University as Senior lecturer-a post he holds currently. Benjamin owns a commercial farm of 190 hectars where he raises beef cattle and grows crops under normal conditions. He holds a master's degree and is working for DPHIL programme with the Zimbabwe Open University. Benjamin is married with one wife and has one son and daughter who are mature. He has three grand children.

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