How to Win at Nintendo 64 Games 2: Bigger! Better! More Tips, Cheats, and Codes

How to Win at Nintendo 64 Games 2: Bigger! Better! More Tips, Cheats, and Codes

by Hank Schlesinger

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This unofficial guide offers up-to-date hints to help fanatics as well as casual players win at N64 video games consistently. Each chapter contains basic information, such as ESRB ratings, characters, themes, and specific ways to score. Nintendo 64 games covered include WWF WarZone, NFL Blitz, Super Mario 64, and much more.

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ISBN-13: 9781250115850
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 03/15/2016
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 257
File size: 594 KB

About the Author

Hank Schlesinger is the author of many books, including Digimon Power, How to Become a Pokemon Master, and How to Win at Nintendo 64 Games, Vol 2.
Hank Schlesinger is the author of many books, including Digimon Power, How to Become a Pokemon Master, and How to Win at Nintendo 64 Games, Vol. 2.

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How to Win at Nintendo 64 Games 2

By Hank Schlesinger

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2000 Hank Schlesinger
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-250-11585-0





ESRB RATING: E for Everyone. Content suitable for those 6 years or older.

THEME: Basketball

PLAYERS: 1 to 4

DEVELOPED BY: KCEO (Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka)

COMMENTS: This latest addition to the In the Zone dynasty is better than past entries in terms of graphics and gameplay. Demanding B-ball video game players have criticized it, perhaps a bit too harshly. This is a solid game with many fine features.

Among those features are all 29 NBA pro teams and a full roster of actual players. There's also a bunch of different play modes, like full season, exhibition game, slam dunk contest, three-point shot contest, and a feature that lets you skip to the playoffs.

Plus, the main menu screen has a long list of options that real fans should enjoy (choose wisely) as well as some superb sound effects from the crowd.


Fast, Fast, Fast: Go easy on the turbo boost when just starting out. After a few times at trying it, you'll see why. The turbo provides major, major speed to your ball-handler that can turn against you.

Start Slow: The buttoning sequences are a little tricky for this game. Start with a few single games to get the hang of the sequencing when just starting out. You might also want to spend some time in the slam dunk contest mode, where the players are a little larger. This will get you used to the screen action of the game.


ESRB RATING: E for Everyone. Content suitable for those 6 years or older.

THEME: Real professional basketball simulation

PLAYERS: 1 to 4

DEVELOPED BY: Acclaim/Iguana WestMidway

COMMENTS: We're talking five on five here. A big step up from other Jam titles in the past that featured two-on-two action. This is real b-ball, the way it was meant to be played! No, I don't mean it's better sitting on the couch than playing basketball. I mean this is real sim. This video game features all 29 NBA teams and a knock-out graphics package.

Because the game is based on a high-tech simulation engine, each NBA team plays like the real NBA team. For instance, you can do the Sonics' trap, the Celtics' press, and the Bulls' triangle offense. The system has also incorporated individual players' styles and signature moves, including free-throw stylings and routines.

The game features five modes: shoot out, with a free throw and three-pointer contests; exhibition, which offers a single-game play; season, which provides a realistic NBA schedule; custom season, which allows you to change the length of the season and schedule; and, of course, playoff, which allows you to forget all the preliminary games and go right to the playoffs.

This game was designed to reward knowledgeable players. This is a fan's game. You have more than 300 players here and a play-calling system that NBA scouts designed specifically for the game. So, to master the game you're going to have to be up on your b-ball stats and knowledge. Players here have their real playing skills and special moves. If you're not up on these, then spend time in the scouting reports mode and gets your facts and stats right. Also, be wary of playing too aggressively. Players can be injured. Worse, these injuries carry over from one game to the next and can screw up your season.

This is b-ball without a lot of the nonsense and horseplay of some of the other games. After all, who likes that kind of stuff, anyway? It's dangerous. You could hurt yourself or something. Maybe even take an eye out.

Game play is critical in this game, and you have to take it seriously. That means realistically. For instance, in other games you can run like a maniac for the basket and the computer won't do anything. Well, no such luck in this game. However, while plugging those holes that made other basketball games unrealistic, the designers also went to the trouble of incorporating a ton of realistic plays into NBA Jam. So what if you can't make 9 billion three-pointers in a row? The computer has a huge library of plays that let you coach like a pro. This is a trade-off that anyone serious about b-ball should be willing to make.


This tip won't help you win, but it is pretty good. You can get multiple camera angles while on the free throw line by pressing the R button before you shoot. Will it help your shot? Nope. But, like I said, it's still an interesting feature.

Codes and Cheats:

Change Shooter at the Free Throw Line: If you get to the free throw line with a less than excellent shooter, you can switch the shooter by changing "Player Match-Up" under settings.

Long, Long Dunks: To enable the long range dunk mode, pause the game play. Then press Left, Left, C-Down, Left, Left, C-Down, Left, Left, C-Down, and Z. You'll hear a tone to confirm that you did it right. Now whichever player had the ball can dunk from anyplace on the court, but just until the buzzer sounds at the end of the quarter.

Biggie Players: For large players, pause the game and enter: Left, Left, C-Right, Left, Left, C-Right, Left, Left, C-Right, Z. You will hear a sound to confirm that you entered the code correctly.

Teeny-Tiny Players: For small players, pause the game play and enter: Left, Left, C-Left, Left, Left, C-Left, Left, Left, C-Left, Z. You will hear a sound to confirm that you entered the code correcty.

Easy Shooting: To make the shot every time, pause the game and enter: Left, Left, C-Up, Left, Left, C-Up, Left, Left, C-Up, Z. You will hear a sound to confirm that you entered the code correctly.



ESRB RATING: E for Everyone. Content suitable for those 6 years or older.

THEME: Professional basketball

PLAYERS: 1 to 4


COMMENTS: Very, very realistic and enough weird secret codes to keep you playing even if you aren't a huge basketball fan.

Big Heads: Pause during a game and press Right on the control pad twice. Then press Left on the control pad, the R button, Z button, Start, A button, Start, A button, Start. When you return to the court, the players will be in big-head mode.

Hidden Teams: To access the hidden teams, hold L when selecting Pre-Season lineups at the main menu. You have to search out the hidden teams from the regular ones. Hint: They are named after Nintendo.

Disco Dancing: Start a game and then hit pause. While still paused, enter the following code: A, C-Up, control pad Down, control pad Up, C-Down, R, R, B, C-Right, C-Right, Z. Get ready for the light show! (Note: Don't panic! I know you went into instant replay. That's okay. They designed the code to work that way.)

Tiny Basketball Players: Go to the main menu and enter the following code: C-Right, C-Right, B, R, R, C-Down, Up, Down, C-Up, A, and Z.

Hang on the Rim: After a two-handed dunk, press B and you'll hang there on the rim. Note: If you insist on hanging up there for more than a few seconds, the ref will call a technical.


ESRB RATING: E for Everyone. Content suitable for those 6 years or older.

THEME: Professional basketball players and teams

PLAYERS: [1 to 4

DEVELOPED BY: Williams Entertainment

COMMENTS: There are a ton of codes in this hoopfest. So, even if you're not a hardcore hoops fanatic, you can still enjoy Hang Time. Following are some of my favorites.


Go to the Tonight's Match-Up screen. Press the Turbo button to change the first digit, the Shoot/Block button to change the second, and Pass/Steal to change the third. To use more than one code at a time, two players must be on the same team. If two players are on opposite teams, then you can use only one code at a time and both players must input the code.


Block Power 616
Max Power 802
Unlimited Turbo 461
Tiny Players 025
No Pushing 390
Tournament Mode 111
No Music 048
Stealth Turbo 273
Max Speed 284
Legal Goal Tend 937
Quick Hands 709
Hyper Speed 552
Fast Passing 120

Rodman Make-Over: Go to the Select Teams screen and press Up or Down on the control pad to highlight the Chicago Bulls. Dennis Rodman should be shown among the players at the bottom of the screen. (If he isn't, press Left or Right until he appears.) Then press Pass and the statistics for the team and Rodman's hair will change.

Big Head Mode: Go to the Tonight's Match-up screen and press Turbo and Pass together.

Really Big Heads: Go to the Tonight's Match-Up screen and press Up, Up, Pass, Turbo.

Display the Shooting Percentages: Go to the Tonight's Match-Up screen and rotate the control stick in a 360-degree circle clockwise. (That's all the way around in a complete circle, starting with Up.) When you complete the circle, hold Up. The Shooting Percentage indicator will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Colorful ABA Ball: Go to the Tonight's Match-Up screen and hold down the right button and then Shoot, Turbo, and Pass.

Random Team CPU Selection: Go to the Tonight's Match-Up screen, hold Up, then press Turbo.

Play on the Roof: Go to the Tonight's Match-Up screen, hold Left, and then press Turbo twice.

Max Power: Go to the Tonight's Match-Up screen, press and hold the Shoot button. Then rotate the control stick clockwise until the game starts. Your player will have maximum power.

Big Time Power Options: Go to the Tonight's MatchUp screen, press Up, Right, Down, Left, Start, A, B, Y, X. Your player will have Unlimited Turbo, Hyper Speed, Max Block, Max Speed, and Fast Passing.

Hidden Players: Go to the Enter Name screen from the main menu and into the enter name mode. In this mode, enter the name and the pin number listed by each name to select that player.

Staff Players


Daniel 0604
Morris 6000
Shawn 0123
Root 6000
Nfunk 0101
Amrich 2020
Sno 0103
Eugene 6767
Bardo 6000
Eddie 6213
Mednik 6000
Japple 6660

Duplicate Hidden Players: Select Enter Name from the main menu to access the enter name mode. Then enter the name/name abbreviation and the pin number listed by each name to select that player.

(Real Basketball Players)


Kidd 0000
Glennr 0000
Hgrant 0000
Kemp 0000
Smits 0000
Pippen 0000
Motumb 0000
Webb 0000
Stackh 0000
Malone 0000
Rodman 0000
Ghill 0000
Ewing 0000
Cliffr 0000
Webber 0000
Mursan 0000
Davidr 0000
Starks 0000

Dream 0000
Johnsn 0000
Rice 0000
Mourng 0000
Ahrdwy 0000
Elliott 0000
Miller 0000

(Note: You probably know who these guys are, so I didn't list their full names. If you don't know who they are, well, they are professional basketball players.)

Programmer Players


JC 0000
Minife 6000
MXV 1014
Danr 0000
Jason 0729
Munday 5432
Jigger 1010
Divita 0201
Jfer 0503
Marty 1010
Jamie 1000
Patf 2000
Quin 0330
Marius 1005
Turmel 0322
Jonhey 6000
Carlos 1010
Nick 7000
Mortal 0004
Kombat 0004
Perry 3500

(Note: No, I didn't list the full names of these guys, either. They are game programmers and not professional athletes.)



ESRB RATING: E for Everyone. Content suitable for those 6 years or older.

THEME: Football

PLAYERS: 1 to 4

DEVELOPED BY: Tiburon Entertainment

COMMENTS: John Madden is quickly becoming a video game legend. This 2000 version of the game is pretty much what you would expect from an ambitious updating — better graphics and more realistic gameplay coupled with a proven concept and name. Players move more smoothly and camera angles switch in a classic TV style.

In case you were wondering, yes, the controls are still a bit complex, as they were on the previous Madden games. This isn't a video you can snap into the console and play like a pro in the first ten minutes. However, if you're serious about your football or mastered the moves in the previous Madden games, the somewhat sophisticated play is all part of the challenge. And, it's a challenge with rewards. The developers have beefed up the realism to include more moves from both ball carriers and defensive men.

Plus, there are tons — tons! — of control options to fiddle with. These include player fatigue and CPU play to refs and weather. For the serious video football game fan, this means hours and hours of play.

Codes and Cheats:

To activate these cheats and tricks, go to the Code Entry Screen by going to the System Operations screen first and choose "Secret Codes." Remember, enter all codes without spaces.

Play Tricks

100 Yard Passes: PIGSKINSFLY
20 Yard First Downs: FIRSTIS20
Fumbles Made Easy: ROLLERJAM
Intercepts Made Easy: PICKEDOFF
Injuries Made Easy: PAINFUL
100 Yard Field Goals: BIGFOOT
Fewer Penalties: REFISBLIND

Team Tricks

Marshall's (fantasy team): COWBOYS
Tiburon (fantasy team): SHARKATTACK
All 70s Team: SIDEBURNS
All 60s Team: MOJO
All-Madden team: TEAMMADDEN
Clowns (fantasy team): SCARY-CLOWN
Industrials (fantasy team): INTHEFUTURE

Stadium Tricks

Circus: 3RING
Dodge City: WILDWEST

Player and Play Tricks

Weird Perspectives: EMC2
Floating Heads: GUILLOTINE
Large and Small Teams: MICEANDMEN
Players Fatigue Quickly: CHAINSMOKER


ESRB RATING: E for Everyone. Content suitable for those 6 years or older.

THEME: Professional football fun

PLAYERS: 1 to 2


COMMENTS: So, maybe you're not a purist when it comes to football. Maybe you like a little goofiness in your game. If that happens to be the case, then NFL Blitz is the football game for you. If you remember the arcade hit, then you remember that it has great graphics, weird options, and realistic play. The same is true for the home version.

There are two playing modes in NFL Blitz: season mode, which offers a realistic-type 17-week season that includes playoffs and the Superbowl (though the coolest thing about this mode is that the computer keeps your stats, schedules, and all the rest). Then there's arcade mode, which is basically a single game.

Now, in case you didn't know it, here's the news with NFL Blitz: You can create your own plays with the Play Editor. Even better, you can take your Nintendo 64 to the local coin-operated NFL Blitz, whether it's in an arcade, bowling alley, whatever, and plug it in to execute the plays on that unit.

So, without further delay, here're the codes that will have you doing things on the gridiron that no NFL player has ever done.

Strategy Tips:

If you read only one tip in this section, then read this tip. Remember, when playing a two-player game, you must hide your cursor. This will leave your opponent in the dark about your strategy. The code (also listed below) is to go to playbook and press Up twice on the upper left play.

Remember, when playing the computer, stick as much as possible to a running game. And be afraid, be very afraid of the system's passing game. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first one is that the computer will cheat. Sad, but true; the CPU has been programmed to put in unlikely fumbles, interceptions, and missed field goals. The reason for this, or so the designers say, is to make the game more interesting. After all, a computer can't compete with a person. So, to evade these CPU cheats, try to avoid a heavy passing game. This strategy will prevent the heavy fumble and interception game. As much as possible, try getting knocked out of bounds rather than tackled. And remember, if your turbo power is low on a tackle, then you are more prone to fumble.

When the opposing team is about to go for a field goal, move a defensive man to the right side of the formation. With a little practice you can tackle the place kicker. While this is tricky, once you get it down pat, it can be very effective.

If you're about to make a first down or TD but have players closing in on you fast, then jump. You usually can get another yard or so as the defensive man pushes you forward.

An absolute vital move is to remember that by tapping the turbo button twice you will spin. This is an essential move for avoiding ugly defensive men.

For an on-side kick, hold Up then press Turbo, Jump, and Pass after scoring. A little trick to getting an extra blocker while hiking the ball can be accomplished by holding Turbo, Jump, Pass, Down during the hike itself. You can add a little mystery to the game by hiding the play cursor. This is done by pressing Up twice on the upper left play on the playbook screen.


Excerpted from How to Win at Nintendo 64 Games 2 by Hank Schlesinger. Copyright © 2000 Hank Schlesinger. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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