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How To Talk Money with Kids: The Essential Guide to Your Child's Financial Freedom, Success and Power

How To Talk Money with Kids: The Essential Guide to Your Child's Financial Freedom, Success and Power


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We all want our children to have a better life than us. This is especially true of their handling of money, as we've all had our share of financial blunders (some more than others), and as parents, we certainly don't want to pass our less than useful money habits onto our children.

After 30 years in Financial Services (11 of these advising clients as a Financial Planner) and as a keen student of human behavior and neuroscience, Leanda Kayess is sharing what she has learned about money and people in her books.

In this book you will learn:

Three recent trends in society that have big implications on how we manage money today.
The ways in which the latest brain research can help us to better manage our money and teach our kids too.
How to work with pocket money and allowances for young children.
The six essential human needs that, if satisfied in a healthy way, provide the basis of a great life.
How kids can learn from an early age to manage money so that their essential needs are met now, and in future, so they can enjoy the rich, abundant lives we parents want for them.
How teaching kids about money can be aligned with the important developmental stages of their childhood.
Why teaching our kids to work wisely with money is so vitally important in our world today.

If you want this and more for the young children in your life, you'll find answers in these pages.

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ISBN-13: 9780994170309
Publisher: Lake Nook Pty Ltd atf Kayess Family Trust
Publication date: 09/18/2014
Pages: 108
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About the Author

Leanda Kayess Dip FP (1960-) was born in Sydney, Australia, grew up and married in Sydney before moving to Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia in 1994. For thirty years she worked in the financial world, the last 11 of these advising clients as a Certified Financial Planner. Her first book, "Money Bags: What Rich Parents Teach Their Kids To Be Happy And Avoid Debt", is an extract from this larger work "How to Talk Money with Kids". Her books combine her financial expertise with her passion for and lifetime study of human potential, bringing a fresh 'people friendly' approach to the subject of money based on the way our brains and systems function.

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