How to Start and Run a B&B, 4th Edition

How to Start and Run a B&B, 4th Edition

by Stewart Whyte


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Owning a B&B is the dream of many ... More and more people are considering downshifting. Buying a property that can pay for its own upkeep and give you a comfortable lifestyle is a popular option. Not only has the interest grown in becoming a B&B proprietor, so has the interest by the public in the B&B as a viable short-break option. With this rise in popularity, however, come expectations, and this is where this book comes in.

- It will help you:
- Determine who your customers are
- Manage the necessary financial tools
- Ready your house for B&B service, or help you buy/build a new one
- Successfully market your property
- Ensure you make a profit from your enterprise.

In short, everything you need to know to make your B&B a truly special place to stay! This book has been written for would-be and current B&B owners. It can be used as a short course giving invaluable insights for the experienced and inexperienced alike.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781472140593
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date: 04/17/2018
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Stewart Whyte is a researcher, a lecturer and an author of nine how to books on getting into bed & breakfast. He is an international authority on this subject and has extensive experience in the development of local tourism strategies in many parts of the world.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements x

Preface xi

Introduction 1

Part 1 Preparing to Enter the B&B Business 3

1 It's Up to You 5

It's all about personality

The dream of working for yourself

The financial reality

Money in the bank

A look in the mirror

A family affair

Going it alone

It's time

2 Who Is Your Market? 14

Understanding the international market

The domestic market

Short-break holidays

3 Who is Your Customer? 17

Getting your facts straight

Fast facts

Capturing your target market

Niche markets

The corporate market

Single travellers

Women travellers

Alternative lifestyles

People with a disability

Dietary requirements

Family market

Dos and don'ts

Anti-discrimination laws and the B&B host

4 Preparing Your Property 30


Local government and your bed & breakfast

To convert, buy or build?

An exercise in financial viability

Tips for buying an established B&B

Convert to what?


First impressions count

Your entrance

Living room

Dining room


Bathrooms and toilets


Home office

Building and development applications

Approval and construction of B&B applications

Fire safety

Advice for the home renovator

Planning permission

5 Doing Your Homework 55

Your planning


Starting your own bed & breakfast

Buying an established B&B

Is it going to work?

Your planning

Writing your feasibility study

6 Doing Your Feasibility Study 68

Your target market

Your location

Your B&B premises

Your real-estate decisions

Your start-up capital costs

Your financial viability

Your decision

Part 2 How to Run Your B&B Efficiently and Successfully 87

7 Putting the People Back in Service 88

Communicating with prospective guests

Questions and answers

Written correspondence

Deposits and cancellations

Here at last


Entering a guest bedroom

Guest behaviour

Sexual harassment



The importance of feedback

8 Housekeeping 105

Being prepared

A cleaning checklist

Taking care of your furniture

The outside

9 Occupational Health and Safety 108

Fire safety

A safe place to stay

A safe place to work

The future

First aid

10 Food and the B&B

The cooked breakfast

The continental breakfast

The breakfast basket


Morning and afternoon tea


Eating with guests

Knowing the restaurants in your area


Liquor licences

Purchasing tips

Recipe ideas

11 Day-to-day Operations 127


Guest registration



Methods of payment

Financial records


12 The Hospitality Industry and You 142

The structure of tourism authorities

Local tourist organisations

Bed & breakfast associations

Reservation platforms

Destination marketing

B&B classification


13 Marketing Your B&B 149

Marketing concept

Market research

Marketing strategy

Target marketing

The marketing mix

Products and services

Promotion and advertising

Marketing performance

Public relations

How much marketing do you need?

Bed & breakfast guides

Marketing plan

Social media



Business stationery

14 The Fundamentals of Business 164


Choosing a legal structure

Business names

Setting your room rate

Taxation and the B&B

Computer literacy

The internet and your website

SWOT analysis

Your future

15 A Hypothetical Business Plan for B&B Operators 183

16 Glossary 199

Indext 202

Customer Reviews