How to Prepare for the TOEFL Test: Test of English As a Foreign Language

How to Prepare for the TOEFL Test: Test of English As a Foreign Language

by Pamela J. Sharpe

Audiobook(Cassette - UNABRIDGED)



This new 11th edition offers complete and up-to date preparation for the Paper-Based TOEFL and the Computer-Based TOEFL, with a preview of the Next Generation TOEFL test. There is extensive practice-even for students who don't have access to a computer. The manual includes a review chapter for each section of the TOEFL, including the new Speaking Section, and presents nine full-length model tests for the Computer-Based TOEFL, with questions answered and explained, along with one full-length model test for the Next Generation TOEFL and a practice test for the TOEFL Academic Speaking Test (TAST), with example answers. This compact disc-and-book package provides the audio versions for the Listening Comprehension sections of all model tests.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780764174681
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/01/2001
Edition description: UNABRIDGED
Pages: 704
Product dimensions: 4.56(w) x 7.06(h) x 1.09(d)

Table of Contents

To the Teachervi
Timetable for the TOEFLx
Study Plan for the TOEFL3
A Good Start6
Advice for Success6
2Questions and Answers Concerning the TOEFL
TOEFL Programs11
Test Administration18
Score Reports23
The Next Generation TOEFL28
3Review of Listening
Overview of the Listening Section35
Directions and Examples for Listening Questions37
Review of Problems and Questions for the Listening Section63
Computer Tutorial for the Listening Section75
Preview of Listening on the Next Generation TOEFL79
Advice for the Listening Section79
Advice for Success79
4Preview of Speaking
Overview of the Speaking Section83
Directions and Examples for Speaking Questions83
Preview of Problems and Questions for the Speaking Section88
Computer Tutorial for the Speaking Section97
Advice for the Speaking Section98
Advice for Success98
5Review of Structure
Overview of the Structure Section101
Directions and Examples for Structure Questions102
Review of Problems and Questions for the Structure Section105
Computer Tutorial for the Structure Section199
Preview of Structure on the Next Generation TOEFL201
Advice for the Structure Section202
Advice for Success203
6Review of Reading
Overview of the Reading Section207
Directions and Examples for Reading Questions208
Review of Problems and Questions for the Reading Section223
Computer Tutorial for the Reading Section234
Preview of Reading on the Next Generation TOEFL238
Advice for the Reading Section238
Advice for Success238
7Review of Writing
Overview of the Writing Section241
Directions and Examples for Writing Questions242
Review of Strategies and Topics for the Writing Section250
Computer Tutorial for the Writing Section253
Preview of Writing on the Next Generation TOEFL255
Advice for the Writing Section255
Advice for Success256
8TOEFL Model Tests
How to Answer Questions for Model Tests259
Model Test 1Computer-Assisted TOEFL263
Model Test 2Computer-Assisted TOEFL285
Model Test 3Computer-Assisted TOEFL309
Model Test 4Computer-Assisted TOEFL333
Model Test 5Computer-Assisted TOEFL357
Model Test 6Computer-Assisted TOEFL380
Model Test 7Computer-Assisted TOEFL404
Model Test 8Computer-Assisted TOEFL428
Model Test 9Next Generation TOEFL451
9Answer Keys
Answer Key-Exercises for Structure483
Answer Key-Exercises for Reading485
Answer Key-Model Tests488
10Explanatory Answers and Audio Scripts
Model Test 1Computer-Assisted TOEFL501
Model Test 2Computer-Assisted TOEFL521
Model Test 3Computer-Assisted TOEFL542
Model Test 4Computer-Assisted TOEFL561
Model Test 5Computer-Assisted TOEFL581
Model Test 6Computer-Assisted TOEFL600
Model Test 7Computer-Assisted TOEFL621
Model Test 8Computer-Assisted TOEFL641
Model Test 9Next Generation TOEFL662
11Score Estimates689
Featured Colleges and Universities699
Glossary of Campus Vocabulary709

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