How to Prepare for the GED High School Equivalency Exam

How to Prepare for the GED High School Equivalency Exam

Paperback(9th ed)

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Updated to reflect the recent major changes in the high school equivalency exam, this manual presents a full-length diagnostic test with answer keys, answer analyses, and self-appraisal charts. The diagnostic is followed by reviews of all GED test subjects, which emphasize proficiency in high-school level math, reading comprehension, and writing skill, as well as knowledge of social studies, arts, and literature. Two full-length practice exams modeled after the new GED exam complete this manual. They come with all questions answered and explained.

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ISBN-13: 9780812091960
Publisher: B.E.S. Publishing
Publication date: 04/28/1995
Edition description: 9th ed
Pages: 960
Product dimensions: 7.84(w) x 10.81(h) x 1.62(d)
Age Range: 16 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

The 2002 GED Examinationix
Unit IIntroduction to the GED Examination1
Chapter 1Preparing for the GED Examination3
The Importance of the GED Examination3
The Five GED Test Areas3
Commonly Asked Questions About the GED Tests4
Timetable of a High School Equivalency Examination4
Organizing Your Plan of Study5
Tactics and Strategies in the Examination Room7
A Suggested Study Schedule8
Chapter 2A Diagnostic Examination10
Diagnostic Examination13
Test 1Writing Skills, Part I13
Test 1Writing Skills, Part II25
Test 2Social Studies26
Test 3Science40
Test 4Interpreting Literature and the Arts53
Test 5Mathematics63
Answer Keys, Summaries of Results, and Self-Appraisal Charts75
Answer Analysis81
Unit IIWriting Skills, Test 1, Part I97
Chapter 3Sentence Structure99
Run-On Sentences99
Sentence Fragments102
Parallel Structure106
Misplaced Modifiers110
Writing Correct Sentences115
Chapter 4Usage116
Case of Nouns and Pronouns121
Adjectives and Adverbs130
Glossary of Usage132
Chapter 5Mechanics136
Chapter 6Additional Writing Skills162
Correct Use of Words162
Wordiness: The Problem of Too Many Words167
A Basic 750-Word Vocabulary170
Chapter 7Practice with Sample Test Paragraphs180
Three Additional Sample Test Paragraphs with Answer Analyses183
Unit IIIWriting Skills, Test 1, Part II189
Chapter 8The Essay191
What Is an Essay?191
The Sentence191
What Is a Paragraph?199
Types of Essays202
Setting Up an Essay204
Creating Quick Outlines for Essays211
Writing the Essay213
Unit IVSocial Studies, Test 2223
Chapter 9Reading and Interpreting Social Studies Materials225
How to Read Political Science, History, Economics, and Geography225
Practice with Social Studies Readings231
Practice with Interpreting Tables, Graphs, Maps239
Basics in Interpreting Political Cartoons258
Practice with Interpreting Political Cartoons260
Practice with Interpreting Historical Documents263
Practice with Interpreting Photographs266
Practice with Interpreting Practical Documents268
Chapter 10Handling Social Studies Skills Questions274
Comprehension Items274
Application Items275
Analysis Items276
Evaluation Items277
Practice with Social Studies Skills Questions278
Outline of Study for the social Studies Test283
Glossary of Social Studies Terms293
Chapter 11Social Studies Practice306
Political Science306
Unit VScience, Test 3321
Chapter 12Reading and Interpreting Science Questions323
Single-Item Questions323
Multiple-Item Questions Based on Readings324
Questions Based on Graphs, Diagrams, and Data Tables328
Chapter 13Handling Science Skills Questions335
The Four Skills335
Glossary of Scientific Terms344
Chapter 14Science Practice353
Earth Science370
Unit VILiterature and the Arts, Test 4393
Chapter 15Reading and Interpreting Literature and the Arts395
Basic Reading Skills395
Reading Prose, Poetry, and Drama397
Reading Commentary on the Arts414
Glossary of Literary Terms416
Chapter 16Literature and the Arts Practice418
Current Literature (Prose, Poetry, and Drama)418
Earlier Literature429
Commentary on the Arts435
Unit VIIMathematics, Test 5445
Chapter 17Basic Operations447
Place Values447
Word Problems Using Basic Operations452
Multiple Questions on One Topic454
Square Roots456
Order of Operations456
Mean and Median457
Not Enough Information Is Given458
Basic Geometry458
Chapter 18Fractions464
Writing Fractions464
Equivalent Fractions and Reducing to Lowest Terms465
Raising Fractions to Higher Terms465
Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers466
Adding and Subtracting Fractions466
Lowest Common Denominator467
Comparing and Ordering Fractions468
Working with Mixed Numbers468
Standard Measurements473
Word Problems with Fractions475
Chapter 19Decimals480
Decimal Places480
Decimals and Fractional Equivalents480
Using Zeroes with Decimals481
Adding and Subtracting Decimals482
Multiplying Decimals482
Dividing Decimals483
Scientific Notation485
Circles and Cylinders486
Chapter 20Percents490
Changing Percents to Decimals490
Changing Decimals to Percents491
Converting Fractions and Percents491
Comparing and Ordering Fractions, Decimals, and Percents492
Solving Word Problems with Percents493
Word Problems with Percents494
Multistep Problems with Percents495
Percent of Increase or Decrease495
Chapter 21Tables, Graphs, and Charts498
Bar Graphs499
Line Graphs501
Pie Charts502
Chapter 22Algebra505
The Number Line and Positive and Negative Numbers505
Working with Variables507
Multiplying Binomials512
Factoring Quadratic Expressions513
Quadratic Equations513
Algebra and Word Problems514
Setups Using Variables515
Converting Words into Algebraic Equations516
Converting Words to Equations and Solving516
Multistep Algebraic Word Problems517
Coordinate Geometry518
Chapter 23Geometry523
Geometry and Proportion531
Geometry and Algebra533
Chapter 24Test-taking Strategies537
The Two-step Evaluation537
Skipping and Returning538
Plugging In539
Making the Educated Guess540
Using the Formula Page540
Using the Practice Exams540
Chapter 25Three Practice Mathematics Tests541
Practice Test One542
Answer Key549
Answer Analysis550
Practice Test Two555
Answer Key562
Answer Analysis562
Practice Test Three567
Answer Key575
Answer Analysis575
Unit VIIITwo Practice Examinations581
Practice Examination One583
Test 1Writing Skills, Part I585
Test 1Writing Skills, Part II598
Test 2Social Studies599
Test 3Science616
Test 4Interpreting Literature and the Arts631
Test 5Mathematics641
Answer Keys, Summaries of Results, and Self-Appraisal Charts654
Answer Analysis661
Practice Examination Two677
Test 1Writing Skills, Part I679
Test 1Writing Skills, Part II692
Test 2Social Studies693
Test 3Science710
Test 4Interpreting Literature and the Arts724
Test 5Mathematics735
Answer Keys, Summaries of Results, and Self-Appraisal Charts746
Answer Analysis753

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