How To Get Your Ex Lover Back

How To Get Your Ex Lover Back


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I have many true stories when it comes to people who have gotten back with
their ex lovers and who have followed the advice as outlined in this book. The
best success story that I can share is that of my son and his girlfriend.
My son and his girlfriend had a fight and she broke up with him. He was
shattered. They had been together a year and a half and she was only his
second serious girlfriend. He did not know what to do and went through the
gamut of emotions but because he knew that I had successfully coached others
to get back together after a breakup, he decided, for once in his life, to take my
He was devastated when she put herself as “single” on her Myspace page.
But he did not kick her off as his friend. He did not call her repeatedly and
went for two weeks without calling her at all. Each day, he used my support
as well as that of his friends to fight any urge to contact her.
He did get in touch with her after two weeks. He talked to her and they decided
to stay as friends. He then went on with his life with his friends, while casually
keeping in touch. He did not do the coffee date right away because he knew
that she was not ready to get back together with him.
When he found out she was dating someone else, he was upset, but still
continued with his life. He even started taking interests in other girls. He
began dating again casually, but he still loved his ex
About 6 months after they had broken up, he found out from a friend that she
never really liked the guy she dated after him (it was a rebound relationship) and
called her for the coffee date. She went. They went to a local coffee shop and
had a nice time out. A few days after that, she called him. Then the calls went
back and forth for quite some time. All this time my son insisted that they were
just friends and not dating.
Then they started going out to different places together, to the movies or out
to dinner. This continued for about a month. The entire time my son said they
were not dating and kept things cool. He still continued to go out with his
friends and have a life of his own, but he did not date any other girls.
On Valentine’s Day of last year, they decided to get back together as boyfriend
and girlfriend. This was a little less than a year after they broke up. This
Valentine’s Day, they celebrated their new “anniversary” and my son gave her
an engagement ring.
This is one of many success stories that occurred because someone followed
the advice in this book. My son was successful at getting back with his ex
girlfriend because the timing issue resolved itself, both of them matured a bit,
and neither one of them resorted to bad behavior during the breakup. The
first thing I told my son when he said they broke up was to follow my advice
and not contact her begging and pleading. Of all the people I helped reunite
with their ex lovers, this was the most gratifying for me.
As long as you follow the outline in this book and do not display any of the
inappropriate behavior that is illustrated here, you have a good chance of getting
back with your ex. The hardest part is the no contact rule that you must
maintain after the break up. Remember the example that I gave of the Law and
Order episode and start working on reuniting the minute that you discover about
the breakup, and you have a better chance of winning your appeal to get back
Build up your confidence, spend some time alone, discover hobbies and things
that you like to do that do not involve your ex and fight off any urge to behave
badly and you can get back together with your ex. If you do not get back
together with them, remember that you will still have emerged a healthier and
more confident person who will be all the more ready for their next relationship.
Remember to keep your friends close and use them as well as your family
members as a support group during the trying time of the breakup. Remember
that your friends and family are there for you to try to help you through this
time. Lean on them, follow the lessons in this book, build up you own self
confidence and you have an excellent chance of getting back together with your
Remember that the key to making your relationship with your ex is change!...

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