How to Design Your Own Dress Patterns: A primer in pattern making for women who like to sew

How to Design Your Own Dress Patterns: A primer in pattern making for women who like to sew

by Adele Margolis

Hardcover(Reprint ed.)

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"Anyone who can work through the labyrinthian directions for sewing that accompany the commercial pattern can surely learn the comparatively simple and clear rules for pattern making," Adele P. Margolis, renowned sewing expert.

Overflowing with useful information, this primer offers simple instructions for converting your own designs into working patterns. Written by Adele Margolis, a nationally-acclaimed expert in pattern making, tailoring and dressmaking, this must-have guide will take you step-by-step through darts, sleeves, necklines, closings and silhouettes. With Margolis’s guidance, you will quickly learn how to use this information to create your own custom-made patterns.

Applicable to every type of fashion, and featuring more than 1,000 illustrations – from skirts and dresses to sportswear and jackets – How to Design Your Own Dress Patterns will help you easily shape your fabric to your figure, creating fashionable necklines, mastering the art of flares, flounces, pleats and so much more.

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ISBN-13: 9781635610932
Publisher: Echo Point Books & Media
Publication date: 02/08/2019
Edition description: Reprint ed.
Pages: 290
Sales rank: 556,384
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents


/ In the beginning—/ Let’s get started—/ Why darts?/ How to shift the dart control/ From exercise to pattern/ How to divide the dart control/ S.O.S. —the “bulging block” pattern/ The more, the merrier/ Try this short cut/ Look, Ma, no darts/ Same principle—skirts and sleeves

2 THE CASE OF THE DISAPPEARING DART/ Hidden darts/ Curves ahead/ The versatile yoke/ . . . And skirts, too

3 SLASH, SPREAD, AND TWIRL/ When you want additional fulness— slash and spread/ Fashion in the round/ “More” may be better/ An alternate method for trucks or pleats/ Old facts—new possibilities/ Skirts get in the act

4 A BASIC PATTERN OF YOUR OWN/ What is a basic pattern?/ ------ and a yard wide!/ Who . . . me?/ Easy does it!/ Make the pattern/ Make it fit/ Change that “homemade” look to a “custom-made” look/ Suggested sequence for fitting/ Now for the test!/ The completed pattern/ A few extras/ Suggestions for use with commercial patterns

5 A FRAME FOR YOUR FACE—THE NECKLINE/ Your face is you/ High—low neckline/ Some like them low—the dropped neckline/ First aid for gapping necklines/ A one-sided affair—the asymmetric neckline/ Plain and fancy/ Some like them high—the raised neckline/ Caution—soft shoulders/ Fun to try/ Drapery softens the neckline—the cowl

6 BUTTONS, BOWS, AND POCKETS A’PLENTY/ No exit/ An “open-and-shut” case/ Enter—style/ Buttons and bows/ Pockets a’plenty

7 COLLARS TO CAPES/ For the young and the beautiful only/ For the rest of us/ A word for it/ Collars, curves, stands/ Flat collars/ Collars with a deeper roll/ Choose your collar

8 THE SET-IN SLEEVE AND ITS CUFF/ Familiar principles—new applications/ The long and short of it—sleeve slopers/ More fullness/ From caps to capes/ Novelty sleeves/ For a squared look/ Hem or facing?/ On the cuff

9 MORE ABOUT SLEEVES/ Doll clothes and definitions/ Wrinkles—old and new/ Sleeves all in one with the bodice/ Sleeves joined with part of the bodice/ Old principles—new uses

10 LET’S MAKE THE PATTERN/ E for effort/ A for art/ A pattern from a picture/ Decide the dress type/ Decide the silhouette/ Let’s go!/ Trial run/ A jigsaw puzzle/ “I made the pattern for this dress myself!”/ Appendix—"

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