How to Clean Toilets - And other things your Mom should have taught you about cleaning Bathrooms

How to Clean Toilets - And other things your Mom should have taught you about cleaning Bathrooms


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Table of Contents

Deep Cleaning
The Mirror
Soap Dish
Shower Curtain
Commode (toilet)
Toilet Brush and Cup
Monthly Routine
Weekly Routine
Daily Routine
Types of Bathroom Ware
Cleaning supplies
Cleaning on a budget
Author Bio


The bathroom has to be the most used room in the entire house, but nobody wants to clean it. Why? Well for starters, it's a disgusting job, but I think you'll agree that cleaning a bathroom is a task that is not to be taken too lightly, it can cause sickness or worse if you just let it be. It's a big job most of the time and often we don't know where to start, a lot of the time and we tend to leave it until it is so filthy that we can no longer stand it. But I think we can all agree that there is nothing more disgusting than going to someone's house and using a filthy bathroom. I once went to a friend's house and had to use their bathroom. The stench in that room nearly killed me off! So I decided I would rather go in my pants than use that bathroom (I didn't if you wanted to know. We left for home before I went to those drastic measures). So even if it's just for the neighbors we should clean it. Though it doesn't excuse the fact that it is a big job every single time you clean it.Well, I'm here to tell you that even deep cleaning it can be less of a big deal when you know how to go about it. All it takes is a plan, some rags, cleaners and some desire.

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