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How Big 'a Boy Are Ya?, Vol. 6

How Big 'a Boy Are Ya?, Vol. 6

by Roy D. Mercer Roy D. Mercer
How Big 'a Boy Are Ya?, Vol. 6

How Big 'a Boy Are Ya?, Vol. 6

by Roy D. Mercer Roy D. Mercer


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Well, life just doesn't get any easier for the ever-beleaguered Roy D. Mercer. On Volume 6 of his continuing HOW BIG'A BOY ARE YA? series, Roy D. gets on the phone and takes on all manner of foe, real and imagined. As usual, the ol' boy stands up for what he knows is right and against anyone who dares dis his family members. Imagine the vitriol aimed at an appliance store salesman ("Spoilt Seed") who sold Roy D.'s sister-in-law a freezer that malfunctioned, spoiling a bottle of frozen semen left there by Roy's late brother Bob for purposes of posthumous "artificial persimination." "I'll be on you like a rat on a Cheeto," Roy promises. How would you like to be the asphalt company that covered up the grave of Meow Tse-Tung, a pet cat belonging to Roy's stepdaugther Lateesha, when it paved Roy D.'s driveway? "I'm gonna get ready to kick somebody's ass so hard they'll be able to taste shoe polish," Roy advises the hapless soul on the other end of the line. As an extra bonus, this volume includes a 24-second answering machine greeting featuring Roy D., and a musical track, "How Big'A Boy Are Ya?," featuring Charlie Daniels. As usual, this volume of HOW BIG'A BOY ARE YA? should serve as inspiration for those woebegone souls who feel beat down by the indignities of everyday life. Roy D. Mercer speaks for the real America. By God.

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Release Date: 10/19/1999
Label: Capitol
UPC: 0724384821425
catalogNumber: 48214
Rank: 41466


  1. Bowlin' Ball Fungus
  2. Horse Feed
  3. Bury'd Cat
  4. Stuper Glue
  5. Bus Driver
  6. Movers
  7. Spoilt Seed
  8. X-Ray-Ologist
  9. Gas Meter
  10. Boat Prop
  11. Answering Machine Message
  12. Hoe Big'A Boy Are Ya?

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