House and Pet Dogs: Their Selection, Care and Training

House and Pet Dogs: Their Selection, Care and Training

by Derek Lea


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House and Pet Dogs: selection care and training was originally published in 1890. This edition contains new photos of various breeds.

You will find a lot of the advice is still applicable today but it is interesting to see how some things have changed. In those days you had different dogs for the men and the ladies which is the same today but with different breeds.

If one looks at the selection of a dog from an aesthetic point of view, and why not, he should be chosen to accord with or to make a harmony with his owner, such as a tall and graceful man or woman accompanied by a greyhound. They would have their surroundings to correspond with themselves.

Put that greyhound beside a fat and stumpy person, and anyone would note the discord. A greyhound has the advantage of short hair; he is below the average of intelligence, not a good watcher, the smaller ones delicate and very chilly.

Again, see a young man in a white flannel suit, with brown shoes, etc., with a brindle and white terrier, there is a picture all made. The fox terrier is fashionable, and for a city house dog very good.

In England, his value is increased as the number of dark spots diminishes. They are the most mischievous of puppies, so if a young one is bought, expensive as they are, in the course of a short time he will destroy to the value of his price.

Read more on dogs in the 19th century and compare with today!

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