Hotel Hospitality: Erotic Style

Hotel Hospitality: Erotic Style

by Cherry Fine

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The Dare Club features erotic tales of uninhibited women who indulge in living out their sexual fantasies. In this opening installment Amanda is out to have a little romp with Wayne, a provocative guest at Houghton Inn—a 5-star hotel in which Amanda is a manager.

Content Warning: 18+ ONLY. This SHORT STORY contains strong language and explicit sex and is intended for mature audiences only.

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--- EXCERPT ---

Amanda Thompson had a dare to win, and she wasn’t sure how she was going to do it until she heard some of the staff laughing about the guy in room 479. As a manager of the 5-star hotel, Amanda made it her business to know everything that was going on around Haughton Inn.

In the privacy of her office, she called up the reservations on the computer screen and searched for room 479. Wayne Cummings. Appropriate name, she thought, closing the file and clicking off the monitor. Mr. Cummings, you will be cumming before the afternoon is over—unless of course he turned out to be completely hideous. That’d put an end to the idea.

But Amanda had faith that Mr. Wayne Cummings was going to be pleasant enough to look at, even if he did—as the maids say—have a fetish for wearing women’s undergarments. Amanda wasn’t put off by that. In fact, she found it kind of sexy.
Her pussy clinched just thinking about watching him—a stranger—model women’s lingerie in her presence. That just wasn’t a subject easily broached with the guys you were casually dating.

Amanda, like many of her friends, liked their sex with a little kink. And the decision to form the Dare Club had been an ingenious outlet for the sexual fantasies they longed to play out.

The rules of the club were simple. One member would give a dare to another member, both chosen at random. The prize? Bragging rights. Who got those bragging rights depended upon whether or not the dare was carried out.

Jade had thought she’d bested Amanda with her dare, “I dare you to have sex with a stranger staying at the hotel.”

Amanda had considered that Jade might win this one, too. Approaching customers at the hotel was risky. But that too was kind of sexy. Especially if she could find the right guy.

As soon as she heard about Wayne Cummings, she knew he’d be a willing participant just as soon as he got over the initial shock of being confronted by senior staff at the hotel.

Amanda made her way up to the fourth floor and strolled along the hallway, stopping in front of room 479. She gave a soft but authoritative knock on the door.
After a few seconds of silence the door eased open. The guy emerging from behind the door wasn’t just okay-looking, he was hot with a capital H. And half naked. He wore nothing but a towel tucked around his waist. Muscles ripped over his chest and arms. Damp brown hair hung nearly to his shoulders and his blue eyes twinkled with nearly as much mischief has his devilish smile. Obviously, he’d just gotten out of the shower. Good. She loved the smell of a freshly showered man.

“Mr. Cummins?” Amanda asked, slightly weaker than she’d anticipated.

“At your service.”

Get it together, girl, she coached herself. This is going to be fun. Amanda cleared her throat and straightened her shoulders. It was time for her to take charge of the situation. “My name is Amanda Thompson. I’m the manager of this hotel. May I come in?”

“Sure,” he said, back up and giving her room to enter.

She watched him in the mirror as he closed the door behind her. He gave a quick, massaging rub to his crotch. Lust tugged at her pussy. This was going to be so easy, not to mention tantalizing. Amanda went on inside the room, tempted to touch her clit through her dress.

Just wait. Good things come to those who wait.

“What can I do for you, Ms Thompson?”

She turned around to face him; they stood just a couple of feet apart. She let her eyes fall to his crotch.

-------End of Excerpt-------

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About the Author

Cherry Fine pens smart, sassy and sexy erotic tales that explore provocative relationships between two, three, and sometimes more consenting adults.

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