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The story of the horse is entwined with our own; in many ways  we have the horse to thank for the great progressof civilization. Over the millennia they have fought our wars, transported us to new pastures, carried our burdens, thrilled
on the racetrack, inspired our art, and swelled our hearts as loyal companions.This beautiful new book offers a delightful survey of the wondrous variety of breeds of horse that have been developed over the centuries in the U.S. and around the world. Starting
with some of our most treasured ponies, from the gentle and intelligent Pony of the Americas to the original willful, hardy Shetland, the book then whisks you through the Light Horses, from the superb all-rounder, the Morgan, to the
inimitable Thoroughbred, the star of the track. In a section on Heavy Horses, learn about gentle giants such as the Clydesdale of Budweiser fame or the titanic Shire horse. Each main photo is accompanied by key characteristics and
a brief introduction to the breed. Taken together with the fascinating and useful information on culture, points, colors, and markings at the beginning of the book, HORSES will leave you even more enchanted by these elegant, spirited,
and inspiring creatures.

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Publication date: 06/20/2018
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