Horror Anthology: A collection of short, scary stories

Horror Anthology: A collection of short, scary stories

by Chris Welsh

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Eight spooky, scary stories from British writer Chris Welsh, collected in one place.

A man is dragged through the madness of his own mind by some unseen, unknown mischief makers. A tale of creeping, unsettling horror presented in the style of a 'found note'.

His movies are light, airy and romantic, but he's getting smashed by blogs all over and his producers are out for blood. Fake blood, because they want him to start work on a trashy horror flick to appease the studio. He'll do it, but everyone might be sorry he did...

A strange man wanders into a city centre, ringing a bell and calling out unbelievable headlines to distract the people as they walked from shop to shop. He knows things, the Crier, and he'll tell you what they are if you pay him.

Some girls harbour secrets. Some girls harbour horrific secrets. Some harbour horrific secrets and carry a death toll that won't stop rising.

After reading an open 'Wanted' ad in a newspaper, Jenny meets an elderly man for a quiet walk along a deserted beach. She agrees to hear his stories, the ones he found and dug up himself, not knowing how harrowing or sad his tales would be, or where it would eventually lead her.

In a dank, hidden dungeon, an ancient evil lurks.
The beast has been there for decades, maybe centuries, he doesn't remember. He spends his days chained up, unable to move and unable to feed. Boils on his body itch and bloat and send him into spasms. The cage bars build inches from his eyes don't allow him the room to stretch his aching limbs.
Life is a hopeless drudge. Until the sounds of battle approach from outside, from the other side of the chained dungeon door...

Max, the child of a dysfunctional family, receives a midnight visit from a man dressed all in black. The man, secretive enough to wear a mask and hat at all times, promises 'help' and an improved life. He doesn't mention his methods.
Unfortunately for Max's parents, the man doesn't intend to help at all.

Gregg only went to buy snacks. Some potato chips and a bar of chocolate maybe. He couldn't decide.
Then two men entered the station, one with a gun and one swinging a bat around, demanding the unlucky cashier fill a bag with cash and cigarettes.
Gregg decided to save the day.

52,600 words in total.

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Publisher: Chris Welsh
Publication date: 02/02/2013
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About the Author

I am a writer from Liverpool, UK. I've written three full novels and a whole bunch of short stories. I try to keep a blog but I'm not very good at it. I like horror, sci fi and absurdist humour. Also, I read a lot of comics.

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