Horrific Happenings: A Dark Horror Anthology Vol. 1-2

Horrific Happenings: A Dark Horror Anthology Vol. 1-2

by James Anthony


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Nestled deep within the Forsaken Forest of Blackwood, Georgia, A Legendary Witch by the name of Annabelle resides. Shamelessly she feeds on the innocence of unsuspecting children who become lost throughout her territory.. These are the happenings in which revolve around her tale.

From the mind of James Anthony comes the beginning of a highly rated Amazon Kindle Horror Anthology about dire situations of torment and terror. Embark on an adventure like none other of Ghosts and Demons that'll surely make you think twice before closing your eyes to fall asleep..

This book contains 2 Volumes, each telling 3 separate short stories as well a containing their own prologue and epilogue.

A Demons Test - Jacob was born without the gift of sight, something so many of us take for granted today. But in a sudden and bizarre freak accident he has been given a light of hope. Will Jacob live out the rest of his days able to enjoy what you and I do? Or will his conclusion entail something a little more sinister..

Goodbye: The Ouija Consequence Part 1 - Nick never knew why his Mother was so deathly afraid of Ouija Boards. When he and a friend bring one into the house, Nick will soon discover how tools for communicating with the dead can be detrimental to anyone involved.. even his baby sister Kara..

Zombie World: The Rapture Of 2012 - You've all heard of Revelations. Skeptics say that there is no god. That the wrath he is capable of is nothing but fiction, a story created by thousands to right the wrong doers of this planet. But.. what if all of it was true?..

- Donald has just married Lauren, a Mother who recently broke free from an abusive husband. Her Son Jack, however, isn't so quick to trust another father figure in his life quite yet. So when a wounded Golden Retriever shows up in their yard unexpectedly, Donald sees this as an opportunity to win Jack over. Will the Dog be the key to a happy family? Or would that outcome just be too simple?..

- How far would you go for someone you love? Joshua Clayton just moved from the middle of Manhattan to a quaint little town in Nova Scotia, Canada. The change is drastic and he feels incredibly out of place. But when he meets Jessica, he suddenly realizes that moving here might not have been so bad. However.. there's something about her that he doesn't know yet.

After a disturbing incident that takes place in the woods, someone gets murdered and their body is hidden down into a Well that's rich with a sadistic and unnerving past..

Find out all about the Town's ghosts and it's dreadful past in The Well on Whisper Hill..

The Happening at White Rock Lake
- This is a true ghost story that was told to me by an older woman. Her testimony is highly disturbing and will leave you never wanting to visit the specified town that it took place in..

And more demented extras at the end for you to enjoy.

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ISBN-13: 9781478284727
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/21/2012
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

About the Author

Hello readers. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I'm truly humbled if any one of you has taken the time out of your day to take a look at my work. I'm a Horror fan by heart but I'm also an avid fan of all things comedy related. I can sit down and read an entire Clive Barker novel then turn on Netflix and enjoy Stand Up performances by Louis CK and Dane Cook. My interests are highly diverse and I try to incorporate that into my stories.

My work tends to include some minor adult themes and language so I apologize before hand if you don't enjoy stories with profanity or other vulgar outlooks on the genre.

I live in Pennsylvania and in my downtime I typically like to read, write, and go on walks throughout my neighborhood with my female Pug, Pixi. My Grandmother Alice is my inspiration for my interest in Horror. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have went to bed every night as a child scared out of my mind due to her reading me excerpts from the children Scholastic books, Goosebumps :) - Once again, I'm humbled if you even considering purchasing my work and rest assured that every positive review on them are authentic. Some from close friends, family, and some certainly from people just like you. If in any way shape or form you aren't satisfied with your purchase, Amazon can return your money with no questions asked. I look forward to hearing anyone's feedback through rating/reviews and you can send me an email anytime at Jschu2888@yahoo.com -You can also add me on Facebook if you wish. The URL is located below


Stay Scared. ;)

-James Anthony Schultz

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