Horary Examples: Traditional Horary Astrology By Example

Horary Examples: Traditional Horary Astrology By Example


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We have assembled seven well-known professional horary astrologers -- most notably John Frawley, perhaps the most influential and respected living astrologer -- and collected from them real examples from their practices. These examples serve as an excellent teaching tool for beginners as well as fascinating stories for those who are merely interested in traditional astrology.

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Publication date: 06/15/2017
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Will Deirdre Be Sent Down?

Will Brazil Beat Argentina?

Will Barrett Win?

Will the Champion Retain His Belt?

Has X Won the Election?

Will Romney Win the US Presidency?

Will Brazil Win the 2014 World Cup?

Will the Brewers Make the Playoffs?

When Will I Win the Money from This Trial?

Will the Badgers Win the Rose Bowl?

Money & Jobs

Will I Get a Good Yearly Review of My Work?

Will My Tenant Send Full Payment?

Will I Get the Job at UW?

Will I Profit from This Bet?

Should I Make This Trip or Open a Co-Working Spot?

Should I Start This Business?

When Will We Get Paid from X?

Will Investing in This Business Prove Profitable for Me?


Will We Be Flooded?

Should I Stay Here or Move Back to X?

Will the Bank Foreclose?

Should I Move to My Friend’s House?

When Will the House Get Rented? Will We Need to Hire an Agent?

Should I Buy This Flat?

Will We Rent the House?


Will the Relationship Last?

Will I Be Any Happier If I Leave Him?

Any Chance of a Romance with X?

Is There Any Hope for Us Getting Back Together? Should I Wait for Her?

Will She Talk to Me Again? Am I Important to Her?

Will I Find a New Relationship and When?

*Pregnancy & Children

Will I Conceive?

When Will The Baby Come?

Will They Put the Baby Up for Adoption?

Am I Pregnant?

When Will My Friend Have Her Baby?

Is There Anything Wrong With the Baby? When It Will Be Born?

Any Chance of Having My Own Child?


Where’s the Inflammation?

Am I Overworking?

What’s the Problem With My Stomach? What Can I Do to Relieve It?

Will Dad Die Soon? If So, When?

Will Mum’s Tumor Stop Growing?

Will I Die Soon?

Will Darryl Die?

Is It Multiple Sclerosis?

Will My Dog Get Better? Will It Survive?

Will Zaza Recover?

Will Grandfather Survive This Time?

Lost & Found

Where Is My ATM Card?

Where Is My Scarf?

Where Is the Tape?

Where’s My Passport?

Where’s My Notebook?

Where is my pendant? Did I misplace it or was it stolen?


Are the Electrical Parts I Bought Fake or Original?

Will Britain Join the Euro?

What Time Tomorrow Will the Wine Arrive?

When Will the Power-Cut End?

Will My Daughter Get the Funded Spot?

Will the Thief Come Back?

When Will the Internet Be Cut Off?

Will Scotland Leave the UK?

The Kidnapped Priest



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