Hope For Economic Hopelessness: Your Hand Up, Not Hand Out

Hope For Economic Hopelessness: Your Hand Up, Not Hand Out

by Brig Hart


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There comes a time in human history when we must find solutions to survive ourselves.  That time is now.  The world needs a solution that can provide economic hope and stability with enough scale to have a meaningful and lasting impact.  Micro Entrepreneurship is the only solution that can create enough jobs to make a difference. Micro Entrepreneurs buy and sell products, goods and services for themselves, from themselves and offer the same opportunity for others to do the same.  This book offers solutions to help the direct selling industry grow bigger and faster. It is a step by step guide for individuals to build a business that requires very little or no money to start. 

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ISBN-13: 9781937717087
Publisher: Franklin Green Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 06/04/2012
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Brig Hart is the face of multi-level marketing in America. he has developed more millionaires than anyone in history, and is the most successful mlm person ever. Successful at Amway before taking Mona Vie from $1 million to $1.5 Billion in six years. Brig Hart is the founder and President of R3Global, The New Life Network, and the More Project. Go to www.brighart.com for a video of his life and an explanation of his work and the Mona Vie product line. Also see www.r3global.com to learn more about the many services and the support Brig offers to his sales team. 

Table of Contents

The World We Live In 9

Hopelessness is a Dangerous Job 12

Capitalism: A Hand Up vs. Socialism: A Hand Out 16

Debt vs. Deficit 21

Change the Equation 26

Is There an Immediate Solution? 27

Zero 28

The Power of Hope 30

Hopeless but not Helpless 31

Micro Entrepreneurship: The Industry 33

There is Only Safety in Numbers 34

The Industry Has Grown Up 37

Going Pro 37

Taking the Industry to New Heights 38

Influence 42

Solutions that can drive the Industry to New Heights 45

License and Registration 45

Standards Body 49

Code of Conduct 49

The Distributor's 10 Commandments 50

The Company - Micro Entrepreneur Bond 53

Multi Branding 55

What Can Micro Entrepreneurship Do For You 57

Success is not a Destination it is a Journey 57

Micro Entrepreneurship Motivates Positive Behavior 58

Purpose 59

Recognition 60

Work 60

Money 61

Rewards 61

You Have the Power to Change 63

The Power of Ones 63

There Can Be No Success without U 64

Everyone knows somebody who will.… My Story 65

You are the Key 73

The Rat Race 75

What Can You Do Right Now 77

Others Will Support You 78

Let's Go Fishing 78

I Am All In 81

One Step at a time 85

Walk First 85

Pick up the Pace 86

Gidee Up! 86

Basic Training 91

How You Make Money 91

Binary Compensation Plan 92

Unilevel Compensation Plan 93

Hybrid Compensation Plan 93

Direct selling 101 94

Direct Selling 102 96

Strong or Weak 96

Direct Selling 103 101

Walking the Walk 101

Direct Selling 104 104

The Basic System of Success 105

Direct Selling 105 108

Failure is not an Option 113

Getting Personal 117

Life 101 117

Life 102 120

It Starts with Today 120

Life 103 122

Life 104 124

I am Positive 125

Life 105 126

Why Not You, Why Not Now 131

Take Action 133

Works Cited 137

Appendix A 139

Appendix B 151

Appendix C 153

About the Authors 154

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