Homemade Toys for Girls and Boys

Homemade Toys for Girls and Boys

by Albert Neely Hall


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From windmills and airplanes to dollhouses and spinning tops, now parents and children can create homemade toys reminiscent of years gone by. Simple diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions will inspire you and your children to tackle projects in a range of difficulty. Children will take great pride in their homemade toys, and parents will love the classic toys of their own childhood—and finally, a break from TV and video games! Learn how to:

  • Design a floor plan and build a three-story dollhouse—and all the furniture to go inside!
  • Make a toy car, complete with driver, out of the interior of an old clock.
  • Build a carriage and cradle for a favorite doll.
  • Create a clockwork carnival, with a Ferris wheel, circus tent, merry-go-round, and more.
  • Make your own Malay tailless kite or box kite—and in the process, pick up handy tips on how to best fly your new kite.
  • And construct dozens more timeless, exciting toys!

Younger children will love working with parents to create beautiful toys; older children will be eager to build toys all by themselves with a few basic tools. Even adults will want to take a stab at recreating these classic toys made from wood, cardboard, simple electronics, and other easily affordable materials! Packed with exciting activities to do individually and with family and friends, this book is a fantastic gift for children of all ages.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781620876022
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 08/01/2013
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 7.60(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Albert Neely Hall (1883–1959) was born and raised in Chicago and spent his adult life in Elmurst, Illinois. He wrote sixteen books, among them Carpentry & Mechanics for Boys, Homemade Games and Games Equipment, and Home Handicraft for Girls. With his brother, Hall founded Craft Patterns; after Hall's death, the company changed its name to A. Neely Hall Productions (ANHP).

Table of Contents

Chapter I Home-Made Windmill 1

The Paper Pinwheel

The Pinion-wheel Windmill

To mount the Pinion-wheel

The Four-blade Windmill

To mount the Windmill

The Eight-blade


The Hub

The Eight Blades

The Shaft

The Tail

To pivot the Windmill

To operate a Toy Jumping-Jack.

Chapter II Home-Made Kites 9

How to make a Malay

The Sticks

Framing the Sticks

Covering the Framework

Attaching the Bridle


The Box-kite

The Kite Sticks

The Side Frames

Covering for the End Cells

Assembling the Kite

Attaching the Bridle

A Good Hand Kite-reel

A Body Kite-reel.

Chapter III Home-Made Model Aeroplane 21

Accuracy in Model Construction

The Most Successful Type of Model

The Fuselage

The Thrust Bearings

The Bow Hooks

The Main Plane

The Elevator

The Fin

The Propellers

How to prepare the Propellers

The Propeller Blank

The Propeller-shafts

The Motors

The Home-made Motor-winder

How the Egg-beater winds the Motors

Care in winding the Motors

Position to take for launching a Model.

Chapter IV A Home-Made Toy Motor-Boat 33

How operated

The Hull Bottom

The Sides

The Deck

The Propeller

The Propeller-shaft

The Bearing Plate

The Thrust Bearing

The Rubber-band Motor

To wind the Motor

How to elaborate upon the Design and Construction.

Chapter V Home-Made Toy Water-Motors 38

A Varnish-can Water-motor

The Case

The Water-motor Wheel

The Eight Paddles

The Wheel Shaft

An Outlet

A Pulley-belt


Connecting up the Water-motor

Another Water-motor

The Water-motor Wheel

The Wheel Supports

To mount the Wheel

The Pulley Wheel

The Water-motor Case.

Chapter VI A Home-Made Toy Railway 47

The Trolley-line

Supports for Trolley-line

Power for Operating



The Cars

A Gondola Car

A Street Car

Other Cars

Operation of the Railway

A Station.

Chapter VII Home-Made Toy Elevators 59

A Toy Elevator that appears Magical in its Operation

Adapting Elevator to Toy Office Building



The Elevator Car

The Elevator Guides

The Cables

The Counter-balance

The Smoke-stack

The Overhead Pulleys

How the Car operates


To make the Car Rise

A Simple Control

Two Levers

An Outdoor Elevator

The Guide Supports

The Car

The Guides

The Counter-balance

The Lifting Cable

The Lowering Cable.

Chapter VIII Home-Made Mechanical Toys 71

The Simple Construction of Small Mechanical Toys

A Buzz-saw Whirligig

Operating the Whirligig

The Clog-dancer

A Toy Jumping-Jack

A Cricket-rattle

The Turtle Toy

To make the Turtle Crawl.

Chapter IX Home-Made Tops 79

Top Spinning on the South Sea Islands

Clock Wheel Tops

A Rug-tack Top

A Spool Top

A Spinning Top Race-track

A Shoe-polish Can Top

A Spiral Top

A Merry-go-round Top

How the Top Spins

Horses and Riders

A Flag.

Chapter X Home-Made Clockwork Toys 88

The Necessary Materials

How to prepare the Clockwork

The Merry-go-round

The Standard

The Tent

The Tent-poles

The Horses

The Sleighs

The Shafts

The Girl Riders

The Boy Riders

The Platform

How to operate the Merry-go-round

Other Animals

A Miniature Ferris Wheel

The Standard

The Clockwork Motor

The Station Platform

The Wheel




Assembling the Wheel

The Cars


How to mount the Wheel

The Platform Steps

The "Flying Airships"

The Standard

The Mast

The Cars

Increasing the Speed of the Clockwork

An Electric Motor

An Automobile

The Frame

The Belt

Testing the Machine

The Cardboard Sides

The Wheels

The Mud-guards

The Lamps

The Steering-wheel

The Horn

The Brake

The Chauffeur

Painting the Machine

An Automobile Delivery Wagon

The Cardboard Sides

The Wheels

Other Portions

Painting the Wagon

A Clockwork Railway.

Chapter XI Home-Made Electrical Toys 117

An Electro-magnet Derrick

The Electro-magnet

A Home-made Switch

The Derrick

The Windlass

The Hoisting Cables

How the Derrick Works

A Toy Shocking Machine

The Induction-coil

The Primary-coil

The Secondary-coil

The Handles

An Interrupter

How the Interrupter Works

A Toy Electric Motor Truck

The Wheels

The Upper Shaft

The Belts

The Battery

The Bi-chromate Battery Fluid

Amalgamating a Zinc Pencil

The Seat and Canopy-top

The Seat-arms

The Steering-wheel

The Levers.

Chapter XII A Home-Made Toy Shooting Gallery 140

The Framework

The Circular Target

The Animal Targets

The Card-shooting Pistol

How to number the Targets

How to shoot at the Targets.

Chapter XIII A Home-Made Doll-House 145

The Building Material

The Floor Plans

The Partitions

The Elevator-shaft

The Side Walls

The Rear Wall

The Front Wall

The Windows

The Roof

The Chimney

An Elevator

The Car

The Guide-wires

The Pulleys

The Chain Cable

The Counter-balance

The Gable-ends


The Stairway


Treads and Risers




The Front Steps

The Window Openings

The Window Glass

The Front and Rear Doors

The Outside Trimmings

The Interior Woodwork

Setting the Nail-heads


Chapter XIV Furnishing the Home-made Doll-house 156

The Walls and Ceiling

Hardwood Floors




Lace Curtains



A Cosey-corner

Buying Furnishings

Making Furniture.

Chapter XV A Home-made Toy Stable 160

Dimensions of Stable

The First Story

The Roof

The Gable-end

The Stall Partitions

The Feed-troughs


Ladder to Hay-loft


The Drop-front

A Stable Door


If you prefer a Garage.

Chapter XVI A Home-made Doll Apartment Building 165

A New Idea in Doll-houses

How the Three Units are arranged to form a Three-story Building or Six-room Apartment

Building Material

The Room Dimensions

The First Story Unit

The Second Story Unit

The Third Story Unit

The Door and Window Openings

The Bay Windows

The Joints between the Units

The Roof Construction

The Chimney

The Windows

The Front Door

The Inside Doorways

The Interior Trim

A Fireplace

Lighting Fixtures


Painting the Outside Walls.

Chapter XVII Home-made Doll Furniture 174

Metal Furniture

Miniature Mission Furniture


Drawing the Patterns and Enlarging by Squares

The Chairs

The Settee


A Dining-room Table

A Sideboard

A Mirror

The Grandfather's Clock

Kitchen Furniture

The Beds

The Dresser

A Wash-stand


Other Cigar-box Furniture 187

A Folding-bed

A Dresser

A Wardrobe.

Chapter XVIII Home-made Cigar-box Toys 191



An Express-wagon

A Cart

An Auto Delivery-wagon

A Jack-in-the-box

A Round-seated Chair

A Round Center-table

A Dining-table

A Square-seated Chair

A Doll's Cradle

Finishing the Cigar-box Wood.

Chapter XIX Home-made Spool and Cardboard Toys 196


A Baby Carriage

A Two-wheel Cart

A Toy Merry-go-round

A Teeter-board

A Doll Swing

A Sofa

A Chair

A Square Center-table

A Round Center-table.

Chapter XX A Home-made Toy Mail-box 205

Playing Postman

Material for Mail-box

The Sides, Ends, and Bottom of Box

The Top

The Letter-drop

The Collection-drop

Reinforcing the Corners

Covering the Box

A Collection Schedule Card

How to hang up the Mail-box

A Mail-bag

The Way to play Post-office.

Chapter XXI A Home-made Reflectoscope 210

The Working Principle of the Reflectoscope

Material for making One

The Lens Opening

Ventilator Holes

The Interior Arrangement

A Hood for the Ventilators

If Oil Lamps are Used

If Electric Light is Used

How to mount the Lens

Puttying Cracks

Painting the Inside of the Box

The Back Boards

The Picture Holder

How the Lens reverses Pictures


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