Holiday Stories Volume 2: A Compilation of Heartwarming Short Stories

Holiday Stories Volume 2: A Compilation of Heartwarming Short Stories

by Ronald L. Shank

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It all started back in 1995, shortly before Christmas. I felt inspired to write a Christmas story, so I did. In all truthfulness it tore me up to write it, because my vision was not limited to my words. It made me remember what Christmas was really all about. At that time I decided to write a story each year for Christmas and give copies out as gifts. After a few years I started writing stories for Thanksgiving and Easter as well. Then I started to write stories whenever I felt moved by the Lord. The recipients of my stories would often encourage me to publish them. So now I offer a second collection of what I call, for lack of a better title, ‘Holiday Stories – Volume 2’. They carry a decided Christian slant and hopefully give reason to be thankful. Hopefully they will bring you enjoyment, and many thoughtful moments.


It’s difficult to try to describe this mixed bag of stories, especially when you know it’s only through the help of the Lord that the ideas and stories came into being. There is a similar central theme to many of the stories. There is that common thread of spirituality in the message of each story. The stories all are to bring a remembrance of Jesus Christ and what he did for sinful humankind. The stories are to illustrate a higher and purer love in sacrificial action in a world that we are all too familiar with. I hope you will enjoy these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. And I pray to the Lord that my words will convey the vision that I was granted when I wrote them.

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Publication date: 09/04/2008
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