by Samuel R. Delany


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Acclaimed winner of the William Whitehead Memorial Award for a lifetime's contribution to gay and lesbian literature, Samuel R. Delany wrote Hogg three decades ago. Since then it has been one of America's most famous 'unpublishable' novels. The subject matter of Hogg is our culture of sexual violence and degeneration. Delany explores his disturbing protagonist Hogg on his own turf—rape, pederasty, sexual excess—exposing an area of violence and sexual abuse from the inside. As such, it is a brave book.

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ISBN-13: 9781573661195
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
Publication date: 05/01/2004
Edition description: 1
Pages: 219
Sales rank: 755,192
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Samuel R. Delany is one of the most celebrated writers of speculative fiction and is also a noted author of scripts, a director, and the editor of two short films. His novel Babel-17 (Vintage, 2002) won the Science Fiction Writers of America Award in 1966 and he has also won four Nebula Awards and one Hugo Award. His other books include The Bridge of Lost Desire (Arbor House, 1987), Dhalgren (University Press of New England, 1996), Atlantis: Three Tales (Wesleyan University Press, 1995), The Star Pits (Tor Books, 1989), and Equinox (Masquerade, 1994). He currently teaches Queer Studies at Temple University.

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By Samuel R. Delany


Copyright © 2004 Samuel R. Delany
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5040-1157-0


This story is mostly Hogg's.

But first I have to tell you some about me.

That summer, by the blistered radiator behind the landing of the steps down to the basement, I used to suck off a sad looking thirteen-year-old spic named Pedro, who wore his dad's baggy pants I don't think he ever changed and a white short-sleeved shirt he put on Sunday mornings. Saturday nights it was gray. With shiny hair bumping the underside of the stairs and their drips of dirt, he would grind his sneakers on the rusty boards by the radiator's metal feet and rub the heel of his hand on the hard place above his groin where his dad's belt was tied. (The buckle tongue had broken.) His knuckles were red from gnawing. "You want it?" He'd glance around, scared. "Come on, take it now. Go on, take it." His zipper was always half open.

Squatting, I'd nose between the brass teeth to smell his sweat. He would push penis, both testicles, and the two little fingers of his left hand into my mouth. Holding his thin hips, I troweled my tongue inside his foreskin till, leaning and grunting, he would spurt his greasy juice and, quickly limp, a tablespoon of urine.

Once he told me, when I stood up, "You look funny down there. You really look funny."

Though I was eleven, I was half a head taller than him. People who didn't talk to us always thought I was the older.

There were two mattresses in the cellar already.

I helped him carry the third one down. Then he got his fifteen-year-old sister, Maria, made her lie on her back, pulled her new skirt up, her stained panties down, and wedged his chin between her thighs, blinking his eyes over her cunt hair. "Look at her." (There was powdery gray on his head: I'd already done him once that morning.) He lifted his face. "She giggle all the time like that. Anybody fuck on her and she giggle. You suck my dick while I eat it out her pussy, huh?" Later he made her take all her clothes off and crawled on top, while she clawed the back of his shirt, big thighs shaking outside the sweaty cloth of his pants, big tits flattened beneath the wadded Saturday gray.

"Tickle my nuts!"

I put my hand between them where they rocked. His penis was very hot and slipped against the side of my palm. I tried to get some fingers into her. Then I tried to put my face down there and lick at her, but I couldn't.

He shot.

"Hey ..." He panted, rolling off. "You didn't tickle my nuts." But he was grinning. His belt was still tied but the top button on his pants had come loose. His crotch hair was wet and his cock—a wrinkled nozzle with a vein up the side—shone. "You wanna fuck on her now?"

Maria had her forearm over her mouth. She watched me across it, blinking. She was making hiccuppy sounds.

"Come on, come on." Pedro hit her thigh with the back of his hand. "Open it, huh?"

She opened her legs for my face. Rough hair cut my mouth, till I got to the cunt, spreading around my chin. I sank in the double taste. My tongue went up against a fold in the roof where a nut, hooded in wet flesh, made her thighs clap my ears. I jabbed deeper, holding her buttocks while a mattress button on a loose thread dug the back of my hand.

She dribbled down one side of my chin.

"Fuck on her!" Pedro insisted. "Don't you know how to fuck?"

He leaned on my back with one hand, while his other reached between my legs, caught my fly. "Buttons ...!" he said, before he found there were only two left. "Shit, man!" He put his hand inside and pulled my cock out. Stiff, it hurt on the edge of the denim. I almost came. "Oh, Christ," Pedro said. "You better put that thing up her pussy, cocksucker!"

I crawled up Maria and ground my wet face in her neck. She Shisssed beside me.

For a while I tried just to poke it in while I held onto her shoulders. But somebody has to use hands. I got the head in—and pushed. She just stopped breathing, then went, "Uhhhh...." With one hand I held her shoulder and rubbed the side of her squashed tit with the other. Every third or fourth push, she'd shake her head and gasp. Her legs flapped against my sides. She lifted her feet off the mattress; and when I'd relax after a hunch in her, her ankles hit my hips.

Once I felt Pedro's fingers, like curious mice, play in the plunging juncture. But he took them away.

When I was coming, the place right above my knees got hot. The heat went on up my legs. The skin between my balls and my ass tightened. I wanted Pedro to tickle my nuts now, but he didn't. So I thought about his scum in there, around my dick. The slow explosion in the groin pushed all the air out of my lungs.

"Shit ..." Pedro drawled. He reached between us again. I was so sensitive it hurt. So I rolled off.

Maria tried to grab me. As I got free, she said something in Spanish. Pedro hit her—he hit for her chin, but she twisted away and he just got her shoulder. He laughed. "Big, dumb cocksucker," he said. Maria sat up and pulled her skirt into her lap over her pussy. First I thought she wanted to cover herself, but she kept her fist there, as though it felt good. Or maybe it didn't.

She looked at my cock and sucked in her bottom lip.

She ran one hand to her knee, like she might reach and pick it up. Most of her nails were flecked with pearl-colored polish.

"What you doing?" Pedro asked.

"It don't look like yours," she said.

"A lot of guys, Polacks and Jews and stuff, they cut off the front part. He's circumcised, is what they call it," Pedro explained. "It's still pretty fucking big, ain't it."

"Not that." Maria arched her fingers on her knee, like a kitten on new jeans.

"He's like a fucking mule," Pedro said.

"The hair," Maria said. "Yours is black and his is yellow. On your head, I mean, yours is curly like a nigger almost, and his is all soft. But down there—"

"What?" Pedro said.

"His and yours, it's tight and rough on you both."

"So's yours," Pedro said. "I ain't no fucking nigger." He pulled up his cuff to scratch the place behind his ankle. He didn't wear socks with his sneakers. His heel was like a pole of dirt. He stopped and frowned. "Would you fuck with a nigger?"

But Maria had picked up her skirt and was shaking it out in her lap.

The next day Pedro met me in the street. "Hey," he said, "you suck it good, you know? And Maria, she like it a lot, a big one you know, shove in her pussy? These guys around here, I bet they gimme a quarter for a piece of pussy. And we got too many, see, you suck, hey? You could sleep downstairs there anyway, instead of up on the roof. You could look out for the place when I ain't there. We could do a lot of business off that dumb cunt, huh?"

Later I was coming out the hall and saw Pedro and Maria sitting on the front steps, their backs to me. His shoulders were moving a lot as he talked. Though I couldn't see her face, I could tell she was chewing on the middle fingernail she let herself bite.

Pedro was saying: "... got three mattresses down there already. The little bastard'll do anything I tell it to him. We could do a lot of business off that dumb cocksucker, huh?"

I turned around and went back downstairs.

We did a lot of business, too.

Pedro hit on the older guys in the neighborhood. Somebody turned one of the bikers from Ellenville onto him—the first time the Phantoms came over I wasn't there—and they'd bring beer and just haul Maria's ass all over the cellar floor, one after the other, while the rest stood around and drank and joked, or watched and played with themselves, till one would call: "Come on over here, cocksucker, and swing on this awhile for me, before I mess myself up!"

There were three of them got so they'd come in and not pay Maria any mind but go right in on me. One was the vice president or something big in the gang. The others were just strange. They were all pretty rough. But Rat, one of the real strange ones, would slip me a dollar sometimes, besides paying Pedro his quarter. So I liked them.

Pedro and Maria's father, Mr. Alvarez, was the super for the building across the street. (The super for the one I stayed in had died from hepatitis three months before—I don't think the landlord even knew because there wasn't any new one yet—and he'd let me sleep in the tool shack on the roof; I used to come down and eat canned chili in his apartment. But after they found his body, they put a padlock on his door so I couldn't get in.) Once Mr. Alvarez stopped me in the hall, his black eyes narrowing, kneading his hands inside his overalls pockets.

"That little motherfucker," he said. "That little no good bastard son of a bitch, he got you and his sister making a whorehouse in here, huh?" Mr. Alvarez nodded toward the cellar steps. "Shit, everybody in the goddamn city go down there and fuck with my daughter. Shit. How you like that shit? I mean, just how you like that goddamn shit? Motherfucker!"

I thought he was going to do something or say something else. But he just shook his head, scratched, and wandered away.

On the first really hot day—it had rained that morning—Pedro brought some niggers over who usually hung out around Crawhole. They came in, big, loud, and barefoot. And they had some wine.

"You only got one pussy down here, boy?"

"But don't it look like a sweet one!"

"Here's my quarter. Lemme rip into a piece of that!"

"Look out, little girl! Look out, look out!"

Maria was giggling.

"This old blacksnake of mine got a bite, honey!"

Finally, one pushed himself away from the circle of backs. His sleeves were rolled up tight. He was bullet-headed, his arms glistened in the heat, and he was so black there wasn't no brown on him. He picked up one of the gallon winejugs off the bottom step, wrapped his big mouth over the neck, swung it high, and sucked, while the plum-colored stuff bubbled in the greenish glass. He let the jug drop, and while it was swinging from his thumb, he saw me.

He grinned, put down the jug, and came over. "What you starin' at, white boy?" He ran his callused hand through my hair. "You a cute little yellow-headed bastard. You see the way that little bitch over there goes after black meat? I could sure enjoy somebody goin' after mine like that." He squeezed the back of my neck and grinned even broader. There was a scar at the corner of his mouth that went a quarter-inch up and half an inch down. It gave the left side of his expression a crazy look. He shook me a little, so that I had to grab his hip with one hand. He had on a pair of workman's blues, torn at one knee. The cuffs and the edges of the pockets were frayed. I say they'd been blue once; but there wasn't much color at all in them now. "Gonna feel real good working it down in your face, cocksucker. Go on, take it out."

Over the edge of the steps a piece of sunlight dropped across his foot. He pulled in his toes on the cracked concrete. The troughs between the ligaments were almost purple. He spread his toes wide.

I heard his fly sing.

"Go on, boy."

I put my hand inside. His groin was sweaty. He moved one leg aside so I could get it. His legs were awfully hard.

He pushed down on my shoulder.

Half stiff, it was longer than a flashlight. The foreskin made a loose hood over the plum-sized head. He got his balls out. They were wrinkled and heavy, the skin pulled into a gray-black ridge, like his sack had been sewed up along it.

He smelled like something burning in front of a vegetable stand on a hot day.

"Suck it."

I took it in my mouth. When it went all the way in—"Yeah ...!"—he gasped. I hugged his legs. He put a hand on each side of my head and began to swing his hips. After a while I got dizzy: I was kneeling flat on the ground, and he put his bare foot on my thigh, working his toes, each time he went in. "Suck on my balls!" which was like licking black rock-salt, with his cock flapping by my ear. I looked up once, when it raised, to see his fist fall at me, beating the black shaft. "Eat it, white boy!" He pushed his balls all the way in my mouth with his thumb and jerked harder. I held his ankle with one hand and his belt with the other. "Here it ...!"

I kneeled up. He crouched down and jammed my throat full, clutching my sides with his knees, my head with his hands. Three thrusts and he swelled and spilled. I drank and sucked deep as I could.

He panted, thrusting out gout and gout.

He breathed hard and held my face against him awhile. When I finally came off him, he caught his breath. "Yeah, boy!"

I stood up.

He grinned at me, put his hand on the back of my neck again. "Where you learn that?" With his other hand, he brushed his knuckles across my cheek. "You really look good down there, white boy."

I took his cock in my hand.

It was still half hard. He laughed. "This nigger's ol' pig-sticker ain't never less than a quarter stiff." He pulled me down to sit with him on the bottom step. He closed his hand around mine around his dick. He moved his face up right in front of mine so that I could smell the wine; I kept glancing at the crazy scar that made its valley down beside his black lip. His hand behind my neck kept my face right against his. The other dug between my legs.

From behind us:

"Man, let me get at the bitch now!"

"Aw, come on. Shit, man, you already been there!"

Maria's high, hiccupping giggle rode on a wallow of bass laughter, till a husky hysteria cut through it all:

"I'm gonna fuck 'er! I'm gonna fuck 'er, man! I'm gonna fuck 'er now!"

The nigger opened his mouth over mine and dug in my throat with his tongue, breathing through his nose. I could feel the stubble on his chin and cheek against mine.

He got my fly open and his hand inside. He was fingering around for my asshole, and every once in a while he'd come up and twist on my cock. I held onto his shoulders, because he was almost pushing me off the edge of the step, under the banister.

Thinking I was going to fall, I came.

He took his tongue out my mouth, brought his hand up between us. His nails were dirty and his knuckles were black like the ground in the woods when it hasn't rained in a long time and it's begun to crack. His fingers were strung with mucus. After looking at it a moment, he said: "Get it, boy. It's yours."

I held his wrist and licked his thumb and the back of his hand.

But it was already cold.

"With that dick on you and the way that yellow hair of yours is all curly, you could have some nigger in you—one of them quadroon, octroon kids. Yeah, I can see it in your nose, there. And your mouth, a little." (A lot of niggers, their palms and their soles are lighter than the rest of them. But not his. I licked the insides of his fingers.) "You gonna remember Nigg for a long time, ain't you, cocksucker? Tell you what. Ah'm gonna stick my black dick up your ass an' we gonna tongue some more. Then I'm gonna make you suck the shit off it. An' I'm gonna bust my nut again...." His scummy hand kept working down between my legs. My top button pulled loose from the worn hole. (I wanted to chew the bottom of his foot.) He began to push my pants down. "Shit, come on and sit on this nigger dick ... white boy!"

Drunk and out all night, the bikers woke us up about four in the morning. One was already on his knees at the mattress, trying to eat out Maria's pussy—while she kept trying to sit up and fold her skirt—it was torn now—saying, "Just a minute.... Come on; just a minute, huh?" till one guy, with his cock out, came around to squat in front of her head.

A third—Rat—leaned, one arm up on the wall and one arm down on his stomach, puking. It came out mostly wine and pizza; you could tell, where it splattered the brick or splashed the floor.

Pedro sat on the bottom step, pushing quarters with his thumb off one palm to clink them into the other.

Where I lay, watching, Hawk nudged my shoulder with his boot.

Rolling on my back, eyes still sticky with sleep, I looked up.

Two thick fingers were inside Hawk's fly, with two others and his thumb outside, all working. In his other hand, tilted to his mouth, was a can of beer. His wet neck pulsed. The black hair was flattened down his sweaty chest. He was twenty-five or so. A big crease swallowed his navel, like a hairy grin, the corners hidden behind his denim vest. He flung the beer can against the wall and dropped his thick arm. The threads where the sleeves had been ripped off were a gray fringe on the blue-black cloth up near the top of his shoulder; further down, they darkened into a moon of sweat that had set on each flank. A blurry dragon above his wrist and a jailhouse swastika on his biceps, hand and forearm were cabled in veins. He grinned at me through black stubble. Red ringed his eyes, and the place his wet lashes set looked inflamed. "Hope you were dreamin' 'bout some big dick in your face, boy."

I sat up.

Rat finished being sick and came over, wiping stuff off his chin with two fingers. Scrawny, redheaded, he scratched the nest of acne on his chest with black-rimmed nails. "Will you look at that sleepy fucker, there!"

Big Chico laughed. The knife sheath strapped to his boot was worn off where the tip scraped the floor. His gold earring flashed.


Excerpted from Hogg by Samuel R. Delany. Copyright © 2004 Samuel R. Delany. Excerpted by permission of OPEN ROAD INTEGRATED MEDIA.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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What People are Saying About This

Elizabeth Hand

Hogg [is] a terrifying journey into the body and soul of a man who embodies all the nightmarish excesses of our century, a creature as much a part the fever dream of American life in the 90s as Jeffrey Dahmer...[we read] of such monsters as Delany's Hogg with pity and horror...

Norman Mailer

There is no question that Hogg by Samuel R. Delany is a serious book with literary merit.


Readers of gay and lesbian literature
Fans of Samuel R. Delany's writing (also an accomplished science fiction author)

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Hogg 2.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hogg is one of the best books I have ever read. What I think you should really pay attention to in this book is not just the graphic sexual scenes, but the descriptive nature sceneries and the psychological interaction between the characters. Hogg is one of the most gruesome characters in literary history, but if you take him with his ¿young accomplice¿, you just might see a lighter side of him. Hogg explores political and social injustices and is a book you won¿t want to put down. Unless you have a weak stomach. I believe that if some people would just give this book a chance, they could see it for its ragged beauty, not just a string of rapes.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Paul_Northlund More than 1 year ago
Danger : This Book has a high risk of being offensive! -but don't let that stop you from reading it : ) Hogg is an odd book, and that's a understatement. However if you want something that is truly new and like nothing you have seen before, it's a book for you. The sex scenes can get long and some of the imagery will make your guts turn a little, but this story has some amazing lines when the people just sit down and talk, it sort grows on you near the end. You might even find yourself growing fond some of these people, even though you know there is nothing good about them. This book dares you to be offended, but if you can see past it's hard shell of sex and violence it has a rather intellectual underbelly
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's full of gratuitous pornography and violence,that in no way makes up for the writing or the plot. If I could've I would'nt have given it any stars.
devbasaa on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is possibly the best written, most HORRIBLE book I've ever come across. I honestly wish I'd never read it. I can't even begin to understand what Delaney's point or purpose was with this book aside from to disgust, horrify and challenge the mind of the reader. Perhaps he was attempting to write the most un-publishable book imaginable and see if he could get it into print--it certainly seemed to have taken him many years, given the dates of writing vs. publishing (for good reason). I would never recommend it to anyone. I, frankly, like reading books that push boundaries--that make me turn away for a breath from time to time--but I met my match in this book. I suppose I didn't anticipate the complete gross-out factor, or the lack of consequences for such unspeakable acts. Should Delaney be lauded for pushing every boundary known to man? Maybe. Do I ever want to read anything like it again? Absolutely not.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KitanaiBaish More than 1 year ago
This book is amazing, when you look at the character development and the writing style but I by no means recommend this to someone with a weak stomach of a feint heart. I would rate this along the lines of "Lolita meets A Clockwork Orange" and even that doesn't do it justice. The depictions of sex and violence (most of the time it's sexual violence) are graphic (understatement) and Delany doesn't allow you to leave without learning every detail of what is happening but look at the social commentary and especially look at the way the kid views things. It brings up a lot of moralistic issues as well as actually is love and enjoyment. Yes it's grotesque and it's main goal is to offend you without question but look beyond that and you'll see a gem of a read. If it wasn't such a horrifying read I'm sure there would be many teachers wanting to teach this book. I've handed it off to quite a few of my friends and we've had discussions beyond belief dealing with this book. I highly recommend it, if you can handle it. Even if you're only challenging yourself to see if you can make it through to the end. you won't be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If this happen in real life, the main characters would have bacterial infections which left untreated could lead to severe illness.