History Cries Out! Will America Listen?

History Cries Out! Will America Listen?

by George Manning PhD


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Is America Repeating History?

Many people have heard history repeats itself. There are many axioms about how nations and empires rise and fall. When these axioms are followed, nations and empires sustain great wealth like American and the Romans. When these axioms are not followed, then nations and empires declined and fall. In some cases, great nations have become second or third rate nations today, while other empires have decline into oblivion. The ancient Roman Empire declined into oblivion. One can only see their ancient ruins across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Dr. Manning is showing how the United States of America is declining, even possible into oblivion, because we have not followed the axioms of history. In other words, history is again repeating itself. America is declining economically, socially and politically. Unless Americans and our leaders take drastic steps to alleviate the future consequences, America will look much different in the years and decades ahead. Time is running out. Americans must listen to what has happened in the past and see how we are going down the same road of past nations and Empires. The bible say, "What has been done will be done again; what has happen will happen again, for there is nothing new under the sun." George Santayana said, "Those who don't know the past are doomed to relive it." Sir Tytler said democracies will fall into the hands of tyranny, because of loose fiscal policies. America's outlook does not look good. It has not followed the axioms of history. Our social, economic, family, political and military structures are coming apart at the seams. AMERICA MUST LISTEN.

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