Historic Oakland Cemetery of Atlanta: Speaking Stones

Historic Oakland Cemetery of Atlanta: Speaking Stones

by Cathy J. Kaemmerlen


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Approximately seventy thousand souls lay in rest at historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia. They are the silent witnesses of what has gone on before. Their stones carry their stories and the history of Atlanta. Cathy Kaemmerlen, renowned storyteller and Georgia author, explores the tales behind many of the cemetery's notable figures, including:
" Margaret Mitchell, of Gone with the Wind fame
" Bobby Jones, 1930 winner of all four major golf championships
" The Rich brothers, founders of Rich's Department Store
" Joseph Jacobs, in whose pharmacy the first Coca-Cola was served

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ISBN-13: 9781596293304
Publisher: History Press, The
Publication date: 10/24/2007
Series: Landmarks
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 1,260,725
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Cathy J. Kaemmerlen, a revered Georgia storyteller and author of General Sherman and the Georgia Belles, serves as a member of the National Storytelling Association and Southern Order of Storytellers. As a writer drawn to history, Kaemmerlen used her experience in drama and choreography while researching and writing over twenty historical performance pieces. With The Historic Oakland Cemetery of Atlanta, she takes her expertise from the stage to the page.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 9

Prologue 11

Chapter 1 Historic Oakland Cemetery 15

The Rise of Victorian Garden Cemeteries

A Victorian Obituary

Chapter 2 Founders, Early Pioneers, What's in a Name 19

The Naming of Atlanta

Who Was Atlanta?

Julia Carlisle Withers: Atlanta's First Baby?

The First Oakland Interment: Agnes Wooding or James Nissen?

Moses W Formwalt: Atlanta's First Mayor

Jonathan Norcross

Dr. Noel Pierre P. D'Alvigny: Atlanta's Doctor

The Five Lynch Brothers from County Meath

Chapter 3 From the African American Section 31


Mary Combs: Free Black and Property Owner

Augustus Thompson: A Blacksmith

Ransom Montgomery: A Hero

Antoine Graves and Family

Two Blacks buried in the White Section

Chapter 4 Murders, Suicides, Scandals and Tragedies 39

August Denk: Lost at Sea

Captain Charles Wallace: Murdered at Warrenton

James R. Crew: Murdered, Buried at Oakland, Reburied at Westview

The Hill Brothers: Fratricide and Suicide

Lewis Redwine: Bank Scandal

Chapter 5 Politicians and Judges 46

Logan Edwin Blackley

The Browns: Joseph Emerson, Elizabeth Grisham and Joseph Mackey

Benjamin Harvey Hill

Chapter 6 The Confederate Section 57

Atlanta Ladies Memorial Association

Switzerland's Lion of Lucerne

Atlanta's Lion of the Confederacy

The Oakland Magnolia

Fuller/Caine/Murphy: The Great Locomotive Chase

Conductor James Bell: The Story of the General Continues

The Common Confederate Soldier

The Oakland and Generals: Featuring John Brown Gordon

The Diarists: Carrie Berry and Sarah Huff

Chapter 7 The Jewish Section 74


The RichBrothers

Josephjacobs and the First Coca-Cola

Jacob Elsas and Cabbagetown

Lucille Selig Frank and the Leo Frank Murder Trial

Chapter 8 The Oakland Women 85

Sarah Frances Grant Jackson Slaton

Sarah Kugler Dye and John Morgan Dye

Carrie Steele Logan

Gussie Hill Thompson

Mary Glover Thurman: The Angel of Atlanta


Julia Collier Harris: Newspaperwoman

Chapter 9 Owners and Pets 100

Molly Weimer and Tweet

Herman Benjamin and Jip

Reid Amos Benson and Adonis's Jodie

Chapter 10 The Famous, Infamous or Should-be Famous 104

The Irish Travelers Society

Governor John Marshall Slaton: His Take on the Leo Frank Trial

George Johnson: Atlanta's Showman

Robert Tyre Jones: The Golfer

Margaret Mitchell Marsh: The Author

Dr. Albert Hape: The Air Balloon Age Comes to Atlanta

Jasper Newton Smith: Oakland's Watchman

Chapter 11 Those Who Died Too Young 116

The Bloomfield Girls

Jennie and Rosa Roy

Charlie Sanders Hemphill

Conclusion. Three Special Tributes 119

Peter and Annette Mayfield

Franlkin and Frances Garrett

Betty Sherwood

Epilogue 123

Bibliography 125

About the Author 128

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