Historia de un Idolo, Vol. 1

Historia de un Idolo, Vol. 1

by Vicente FernándezVicente Fernández

CD(Special Edition)



This generous, 17-track collection showcases the infallible artistry of the contemporary world's greatest ranchera singer, Vicente Fernandez. Like any bona fide Latin music star, Fernandez has copious greatest hits discs to his name; what makes Historia de un Idolo stand out, however, is its quantity and quality of early cuts. All the crooner's first heavy hitters are here, including "La Ley del Monte," "Ni en Defensa Propia," and "Palabra de Rey," as well as newer gems such as "Lastima que Seas Ajena," and "Me Voy a Quitar de en Medio." Fernandez's real strength has come to be his deep, muscular tenor, with which he dominates any arena or theater lucky enough to host him. Yet here his fans can compare that more mature voice with the lighter croon that marks his earlier recordings. Whatever one's preference may be, the album is pure gold and easily demonstrates why Fernandez has been at the top for more than 30 years. Special standouts include his duet with Brazilian pop singer Roberto Carlos on the haunting "Aunque Mal Paguen Ellas" and "Las Llaves de mi Alma," whose eloquent words depict the torturous addiction that a love can become. Look no further than this for the best in ranchera.

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