His Grace is Sufficient

His Grace is Sufficient

by Cynthia D. Johnson

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The purpose of this book is to guide the reader to a deeper understanding of how God's grace is sufficient in our lives, even through our most trying times. It also provides a better understand of the fourth commandment in keeping the Sabbath.

When we look at the conditions of the world we live in today and also take a serious look at the moral conditions of the church, we would have to admit--there is something wrong.

I am an everyday person who grew up like most Americans who attended school for at least twelve years, and then went on to fulfill our perspective destinies. Fulfilling those destiny's in most cases was literally a hit or miss so to speak for some of us. Many fell by the wayside, and some fell among thorny ground and choked, never to accomplish their dreams. Too many died young, or suffered in one way or another.

There were some who fell upon good ground which eventually bared much fruit. Once you are saved by the Grace of God, you are told you are a new creature, and old things have passed away. Far too many have wondered if that scripture is just a cliché'. I believe that if we search for the truth with our whole heart, we will find that treasure which lies within. The truth is really within the heart, we just have to get the heart right to receive this truth.

After receiving a report that I had a reoccurrence of cancer for the third time, I realized that I had to once again go within to find the answers. I thought "should I even bother to try and beat cancer again." The answers came little by little because my spirit just would not allow me to give up. Was this the will of God for my life? As I studied more on the fourth commandment--God's true Sabbath, I believe it bought liberation along with the fact that I should actually believe what I read, and not give way to some other meaning. This may be the learning curve needed to advance the body of Christ to the next level. I may not have come to this realization had I not been willing to go deeper in study. The word of God says we should study to show ourselves approved. It is through His Grace which is an unseen continuous blessing that we will become as He has created us to be.

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About the Author

While growing up in Queens New York, life was full of joy and excitement. There were also times when I thought of the question “Why we were born, and what was my purpose.” I would stare out of the window many days with this question in my mind.

At age sixteen the family moved to Los Angeles where I prepared to complete my senior year of High School. Once getting through my senior year, I knew I had to make a decision as to whether or not I would stay in Los Angeles or return to New York. Many things changed in my life for the three year period I resided in Los Angeles. I finally made the decision to return to New York because that’s where my heart was.

At age fifty I rededicated my life to the Lord, began to study the bible and got grounded in the word of God. After a battle with breast cancer in 2003 I wrote in my journal to keep my sanity while undergoing chemo therapy. This later became a manuscript of my first book entitled When Giving Up On God is Not an Option.

This current writing is actually produced to let the reader know the many trials I had to endure this past seven years since the time I wrote the first book in 2005. The average person would not want to go on. All of the trials brought me to a place where I kept a journal again. After a definite prompting from the Lord on Father’s Day of 2010, I made the decision to write this sequel. I hope the reader will gain more knowledge about the spiritual realm through this book. I also share my thoughts on the Saturday Sabbath and why I feel it still applies today.

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