His Best Mistake

His Best Mistake

by Lucy King

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Is it too much to ask for a relationship that works?

When Stella Grant realises her perfect romance is a lie and that she's the other woman, she flees to her remote cottage in the Highlands to lick her wounds.

Billionaire currency trader Jack Maclean has nothing but contempt for the woman who stole not only his sister's fiancé but quite possibly a family heirloom to boot. Nonetheless, he wants answers and he intends to get them. A quick trip north should do the trick. Never in a million years could he have predicted a kamikaze sheep and inclement weather would leave him stranded.

Jack might be gorgeous but Stella isn't in the market for a man, especially one who hates her. No matter how attractive he finds her Stella is the very last person Jack should want. The trouble is, they're all alone and the chemistry is irresistible, and, well, what happens in Scotland stays in Scotland, right?

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BN ID: 2940158836190
Publisher: The Tule Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 01/22/2018
Series: The Maclean Family Legacy , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,283
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His Best Mistake 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous 10 months ago
So glad i did not pay attention to the first slanted review and one that was long enough to be a rewrite! This was a cute book to read and enjoy!
Anonymous 11 months ago
Yes, it is short and could've been so much more, but it is an easy to read, short story. If you like the "love at first sight" storyline with a happy ending, this isn't bad.
Anonymous 10 months ago
AscotAl 10 months ago
An easy read about developing a deeper relationship with a childhood friend. One recently divorced, the other a carpenter who fell into a TV reality show using his talents. Even though they were careful, there is an 'oops.' Things work out to make this a good read.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Anonymous 11 months ago
Lucy King's story was ridiculous. Jack's sister was engaged to Brad/Ben who had met Stella at a wedding where she was sketching pictures for the bridal couple. Brad/Ben pursued Stella. They started dating, and, although he had casncelled some dates, he always had a work excuse about why he was missing their date. Then on New Year's Eve, Stella received the phone call from Jack's beloved sister informin Stella that she was dating her fiance'... Stella was so devastated she took a trip to a tiny, secluded cabin where she spent time painting over and over horrific pictures to forget Brad/Ben. Finally she created a picture on a still-life of fruit. For the first time she had home to recover from his lies. Jack drove through ruts, extremely slowly until sheep caused him to crash. Stella had noticed the unusual stranger's car and was horrified when she saw it flip. Jack's intention was to scold, chastise, and rebuke Stella for her seduction of a man in a committed relationship. Especially because her disregard of Brad/Ben's relationship commitment broke his sister's heart. So what is Stella's reaction? Is she put off by a man assuming the a cheater would suddenly tell the truth? Of course NOT!!! She is overcome with such lust that she cannot sleep. Is Jack's opinion of Stella's history according to his sister a positive reaction? NO!!! He is just as turned on by her and he drinks hard liquor to ignor her... but fantasizes about her getting into bed NAKED!!! He decides that he needs alcohol to get to sleep and Stella comes down to get water while he is standing in her kitchen. They were in the throes of lust and I was done. It bothered me that Stella was so devastated about her boyfriend's lies that she ran away. Instead of being overcomed with lust when Jack berated her, logically she would be skeptical. What kind of ethical person does not question the motive of a stranger after being deceived for months by a man she had trusted. I do not recommend this story.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Anonymous 11 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
131 pages. Didnt really enjoy, it had so much room to grow and be a good story. Female character came across as whiney and weak. Hate to say it but Short and not worth the money.
KimberlyDawn55 More than 1 year ago
Stella has been staying off the beaten track while the dust of her life is settling. That is, until Jack shows up unannounced and uninvited. Like a tsunami, he comes out of nowhere and is a violent force. His anger is expected, but he is not willing to let Stella defend herself at first. Once she begins to explain how she had no idea her ex was also his sister's fiancé until it was too late and she was a victim too, it caused him to pause. Will he be willing to accept this? Or will his anger still boil over toward her? I did enjoy this book.
BookSnuggle More than 1 year ago
His Best Mistake (The Maclean Family Legacy Book 1) by Lucy King This is Stella Grant and Jack Maclean’s story. I was drawn into the story from the beginning. I loved Jack and Stella’s characters even though I wanted to smack Jack. As you get to know the characters you get a better understanding of why Jack and Stella have trouble trusting and the fears they have. This is an entertaining and sweet story of two people that need some happiness in their life. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
A well written and an easy to read romance novel with little angst, a lot of passion, a bit predictable plot and a heroine who carried the story with her strong character. This was the age-old story of accidental pregnancy after a one night stand that should have never happen. There's the billionaire, the strong heroine who grew up alone, and family who causes drama. There was nothing that I didn't like about the story, it is a good, solid tale about falling in love and dealing with your past. Jack Maclean was not as strong and confident as I would have preferred. He is stuck in his past, he has not dated since his wife died four years ago. A wife who was pregnant and was the love of his life since the tender teenage years. He is lost in his mind, has no idea what he wants from the future, I felt like he was unraveling right in front of my eyes. He was not in touch with his feelings, would rather avoid them or talking about them giving Stella Grant a challenge to get through to him. But Stella was well equipped for the challenge. She had made a mistake in the past by trusting a wrong man and Jack didn't seem much more promising prospect.But Stella is strong, professional, capable to take care of herself, successful with her career, and in no need of Jack to rescue her or to take care of her or the baby on the way. It is Jack's choice just how much involved he wants to be with the baby. Stella and Jack fumble with emotions, communications, and family drama surrounding them. They try to get to know each other and learn as much of each other as they are comfortable with sharing, it just seems that Jack's limits are tight and involve no feelings what so ever. Scorching hot passion, difficult emotions, the enticing setting of Scotland countryside alternating with the busy London, provided a good, solid romance story, a great getaway for an evening. ~ Three Spoons
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Natasha Jackson for Readers' Favorite His Best Mistake is the story of Stella, a courtroom artist, and Jack, a currency trader. Stella is nursing a broken heart and has taken to her cottage in the Highlands to get over her hurt in learning that she’d played the role of the Other Woman. She was painting away her pain when a strange vehicle drove by her property and ended up in an accident. The driver was gorgeous and gruff and, it turns out, he is the brother of her former flame’s fiancée. He showed up to read her the riot act, and Lucy King did a good job of making him a first class jerk from the beginning. Too bad for Stella, he didn’t stay a jerk. After waking up to an empty bed after a night of spectacular loving, Stella feels both disappointed and relieved. At least until a few weeks later when she gets the shock of her life. Lucy King made this story enjoyable by switching up the roles a bit. Though Stella did have self-esteem issues, she was the strong one in this story. The one who tried to make herself better and do better while Jack was stuck in a rut of mourning and misery. His Best Mistake should have been a depressing read and, at times, it was mighty frustrating, but overall this is a fascinating story about getting what you want when you least expect it. There were plenty of times I just wanted Stella to throw her arms up and kick Jack to the curb, because he really was pretty bad for most of the story. Thankfully, the heroine more than made up for what this hero lacked.
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
Yet another tough review to write. I didn't love it and I didn't hate it. Plenty of angst, a pleasant strong female and an all bark and barely a bite man who couldn't pull himself together and get out of his own head. Past aside, he was a drama king. A role most often reserved for women. I loved how Stella challenged Jack at every turn. She took no prisoners. She carried this story. Jack was background filler and his sister was a witch on a broom, happy to say her couple of appearances were enough for me. This is a short and quick read. Fairly predictable and I might have liked it better were Jack a bit stronger in his role and not so self involved. It's just ok. **arc from NetGalley and Tule in exchange for an honest and fair review. ** s
CatmomJD More than 1 year ago
A passionate tale about two emotionally broken characters and the one night that changes their lives forever. When Jack Maclean set out to find Stella Grant, the girl who broke up his sister’s engagement, he had no idea what to expect. He especially didn’t expect to be so drawn to Stella. He hadn’t thought of another woman since his wife’s death four years earlier. Stella was not in the market for a man after she was used and lied to by Brad, but she sure was attracted to Jack when he showed up at her house. She tries to fight her feelings, but in the end she gives in. Besides, what could just one night together hurt? I really liked this book. I felt the connection between Stella and Jack right away. The story felt real and honest, like it could happen to anyone. It is the perfect start for a new series. I can’t wait to read the next book to learn more about Jack’s sister, Cora.
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
A great start to a new series. Jack has come to Stella to confront her on breaking up the engagement of his sister only to find to find him in a situation that will change his life. Get ready for a roller coaster of emotions that will take you on the ride of your life. Where they can't deny the chemistry between them but will it last for a life time. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, so many emotions that Jack was going through, so afraid to open his heart again. Stella is use to being on her own, a very strong person. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. A quick read that I highly recommend.
DJTP More than 1 year ago
A great start to a new series, His Best Mistake by Lucy King. book one in the Maclean Family Legacy series. Jack Maclean goes to confront Stella who broke up his sister's engagement. But the unexpected happens. A story of rollercoaster emotions, past issues and the unexpected. I'm looking forward to future books in this series.
EileenAW More than 1 year ago
WOW!!! I loved reading His Biggest Mistake by Lucy King, book one in The Maclean Family Legacy series. Stella Grant is heartbroken when she learns her boyfriend is a lying cheat and that she’s actually the other woman. Escaping to her remote cottage in Scotland seems like a good idea. Jack Maclean wants answers to why Stella tried to steal his sister’s fiancé, but he didn’t anticipate getting stranded in a remote area of the Highlands, nor falling for this woman. Neither Stella nor Jack are looking for a romantic partner, no matter how much chemistry they share; however both are very much in need of being loved. One night of shared passion leads to unexpected consequences that bring them back together. I loved reading this book and didn’t want to put this book down, reading it in one day. Ms. King is a wonderful story teller drawing me into her books, making me forget the world around me. I highly recommend this book to other readers and look forward to the next book in the series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
This one was a really great read. I really enjoyed the storyline. Two people that shouldn't work, shouldn't be together, yet are undeniably drawn to each other. When one night of passionate alters both their lives forever they are forced to spend time together and ultimately face the feelings they have for one another. Letting go of the past can be hard though. You'll want to read Jack and Stella's story as they face life together. Definitely a recommended read.
BananaTricky More than 1 year ago
Three and a half stars. Stella Grant discovers on New Year's Eve that her boyfriend Ben of the last few months is actually Brad and engaged to another woman. Devastated and feeling bad about being the other woman she runs off to her cottage in Scotland to lick her wounds and express her feelings through her painting. Jack Maclean is the brother of Brad's fiancee, Cora. His sister is devastated and a valuable family heirloom has gone missing. Jack and Cora assume that Stella has deliberately seduced Brad and stolen the heirloom. Incensed, Jack hires a private detective to track Stella down and he hares up to Scotland to confront the scarlet woman, not realising that she is just as much a victim as Cora. An isolated cottage, an unmade road, angry accusations, all lead to heightened passions. Ashamed of their one night stand Stella and Jack part company, until an unexpected consequence of their night together occurs. But what kind of relationship could ever develop between a man and the woman who ruined his sister's life? This was an enjoyable read. It's a familiar plot but the English/ Scottish setting and the likeable characters made this feel fresh. Although Jack and Stella have issues from their pasts, they deal with them maturely and they are big enough people to recognise when they made a mistake. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.