Hidden Dimensions: Volumes 1 and 2 - The Complete Story

Hidden Dimensions: Volumes 1 and 2 - The Complete Story

by Dan Weinstein

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This is a story about a families adventure and their discovery of another world within our own. It's up to you to believe it or not, but it will make you think. A fun expedition from the world we know to a paradise that is right here, literally under our nose, but unseen or known about mankind.

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Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/31/2012
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Copyright © 2011 Dan Weinstein
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-9866-7

Chapter One


The story opens to show on the "History Channel" with how the earth's land mass thousands of years ago was much greater than it is today. Underwater divers have discovered roads, buildings, temple's, statues and many other artifacts off the coast lines of Japan, Florida, Puget Sound and many other locations. That may lead one to believe these articles we're not placed there, but that life forms or colonies resided there long before the oceans rose from the melting glaciers and people we're force to leave, due to the rising waters. In many areas, as waters rose and the low lands became covered, the high lands became what are now islands or continents. What life existed in those areas now became landlocked.

With the finding of so many artifacts, the quest for the discovery of 'Atlantis' seems more likely then ever before. Through discovery, from time to time, we have found gasses that percolate up from the ocean floor. With the examination of these gasses, scientists have duplicated this situation to find while gasses are emitting up from the ocean floor, could remove not only buoyant objects on the surface, but as gasses continue traveling upward into the sky flying objects such as birds and aircraft would possibly loose there ability of flight from the thinness of the air. Over hundreds of years many ships have been reported missing never to be seen again and in the same general areas starting in the late 40's. It has been documented in actual cases where military aircraft reported being disoriented, electric compasses spinning in circles and engines losing their power due to lack of oxygen. During these events radio signals became garbled signals had come in with 'mayday' distress calls then total silence. Many similar water craft signals came in with the very same conditions. In these cases rescue ships and planes were dispatched within minutes. In many cases the rescue teams that had responded became lost and never returned as well. With the advancement of technology over the last 40 years or so, the recovery of some of the missing crafts have been found on the ocean floor with no signs of human remains. It was speculated at that time a prior rescue must have been made, however on both aircraft and ships escape hatches were closed and flotation devices were still aboard and intact. Again to mention, the majority of these finds seemed to be located in the same general location. Several of these locations have been given names such as Japanese Triangle, Bermuda Triangle, and Dragon's triangle. Needless to mention the amount of dollars spent in the search by not only the military, but private enterprise as well. Hundreds of books and articles have been published on the theories of these events, when a recovery was ever made, (mostly years later) but never has an actual fact ever been recorded. It is a well known fact that billions of dollars have been spent on the research of 'what is out there', 'how it got there', 'how to get there', as well as, 'how the earth got here'. However, less than 10% of the dollars spent researching outer space has been spent on research to locate what may lie on this world's oceans floor.

It is also a well known fact with the advancement of technology, as far as it has advanced in the last 100 years, could a craft be constructed to travel the universe in discovery of other planets, as the travel time for such an adventure would take a very long time, possibly even years, not to mention the stress on the crew members by being gone that amount of time, and away from their homes and families. What if one of the crew took ill or was injured? Who would care for them? You would definitely need the availability of a qualified medical team and additional crew members with the ability to take over the duties of the disabled crew member's position or duties By knowing all the possibilities of what may occur during such a long flight, you wouldn't need much of a degree to realize just how large of a craft would be required for a voyage of that magnitude. Not to mention the billions of dollars required to create such an undertaking.


Here we find a family of seven, whom for many years have shared a common interest, that which being, what lies beneath the ocean's surface. With most families of today, it seems to be a very rare occasion to find one with a common or even similar interest. You might, from time to time, find a family that owns a farm or ranch or even a restaurant in which they all grew up working there together, but like I mentioned prior, it's a very rare situation. Normally, as each member of the family becomes of age, you will find them either going off to college or finding jobs that are quite a distance from home, or getting married and either themselves or their spouses could possibly be relocated to another state. Well in our family it just so happens to be one of those rare cases.

We call them the 'Weinstein Family' the father's name is Dan, his wife Rhonda, followed by their children, the oldest is named after his dad, Danny, then comes Jadene, Jill, Philip and the youngest Nicole, all being just a few years apart in age. It may be hard to say if they all had the same goals, or simply followed in their parents footsteps, however, they all enjoyed the oceans of this world plus the excitement of what new discovery may lie at its floor.

While Dan and Rhonda's basic interest was Oceanography (the study of many facets, from the content of what pollutants come from oil spills to factory waste, erosion, animals of discovery, sunken ships, plains, depths, craters, volcano's and currents). The children Danny, Jadene, Jill, Philip and Nicole were involved in the study of "Geology, Petrology and Mineralogy" (the scientific study of the origin, history and structure of the solid matter of mineralogy, "Crystallography" inorganic chemistry, "Geochemistry" Petrology and Geology are connected in the domain of crystal chemistry)

This family would never miss a chance to vacation together, which was always focused around "Scuba Diving", from Hawaii, Costa Rica, Cancun, Cozumel, The Cayman Islands, Belize plus many other seldom visited areas of the globe.

While diving in the waters off the coast of Belize, an area called "The Blue Hole" really caught their interest. The Blue Hole was once an underwater cavern that collapsed many years ago. It is speculated that before its collapse it contained air and was thought to have tunnels stemming from the inner rim with connecting tunnels reaching far beneath the mainland, but this was never really proven. The size of this giant 'Blue hole' is approximately 480 feet deep and about ¼ mile wide.


With discovery of the Blue Hole and the existence of so many other similar areas, the Weinstein family had an overwhelming and burning desire to pursue other new areas that were not yet discovered. On almost every diving adventure, there was a discussion of being able to design or build an underwater craft that would be able to drop beneath the surface of the ocean far enough to observe a much greater depth than a submergible has been able to achieve so far. Till this time the design of the submergible did not have the structural ability that was able to descend to the depths required due to the tremendous water pressure against the hull, as there was the very high risk of imploding. The deeper dives were made with Robotically controlled 'unmanned vehicles', sending back images with poor quality due to the lack of light at these depths. Most of the visuals were in the form of what ultrasonic radar or other type of depth finding equipment that was available. At the time, The biggest problem was all one could see, would be just what the reporting equipment was pointed at, so virtually a great deal of discovery was overlooked. In order to be able to create, or even attempt the construction of such an elaborate vessel the "Weinstein's" would have to seek out other options because, monetarily, it was a far greater amount than they could ever afford. While pondering on how to acquire the unknown amount of money needed to finance this endeavor and after speaking to many bankers, they were told to apply for a government grant. While applying for the grant and waiting for approval, they found a corporation that was giving a grant for the very same reason. This corporation was in the final stages building their submergible very similarly to the one the "Weinstein's" had planned.

After contact was made, a meeting was put together in which the Weinstein family was invited into a joint venture, that would be beneficial for both parties. As the corporation had needed a crew to operate the submergible a task in which the "Weinstein's" were more than qualified. Dan said to Rhonda 'this merger is like a dream come true', as the craft was in the final stages of production the corporation invited the family to come and familiarize themselves with the new state of the art submergible, with the knowledge the "Weinstein's" had, they were even able to suggest a few, well needed navigational changes to the design.


Now we see the family driving to the marina and through a security entrance where they will be parking their vehicle. They now enter another secured building where they show identification. The guards inside escort them to a meeting room which appears to be controlled by the United States government. During their briefing they are sworn to secrecy, and told that whatever they may find or experience, will be classified as top secret and for the eyes and ears of government and certain military officials only, unless otherwise allowed. After the briefing has been completed it is realized the group of seven are quite professional and more than adequately qualified for this mission.

As they exit the meeting room they are directed to a large warehouse which contains the submergible and finally able to make face to face contact with the finished project. We can plainly see as we watch the "Weinstein family", not only being overwhelmed by the immense size of the submergible but its amazing features as well. As we have climbed up and into the interior of the submergible, we observe once more, how this vessel has been custom designed to accommodate their every need. As we gaze at the structure of the submergible it is very plain to see, its shape is almost exactly the shape of a shark. Why? You may ask, the answer is simple really, as all of our prior submersibles were crafted, regardless of how thick the outer walls or skin, speaking in ship builder lingo, were, in their lower descent all vessels would start to cave in or implode. Many had imploded completely, taking the lives of their entire crew.

The Weinstein family, knowing this with the many years of investigation of fatal attempts by others, decided to find what kind of sea animal can descend to the greater depths of the world's oceans and ascend without injury. In the study they found for the most part, the most that was not venerable came down to four creatures of the deep. They are the squid the octopus the whale and the shark. After the Weinstein's study of these final four initially rejected the squid and the octopus for obvious reasons, the shark was their decision, for no other reason than its streamlined shape and maneuverability. In both shapes of the whale and the shark it appeared obvious almost superfluous to the immense pressures that become placed on almost anything descending to the lower levels of the ocean, especially those that were designed by man. During the next several days, we watch the crew as they familiarize themselves with the equipment making adjustments within their appointed stations, then back to the meeting room for their final briefing and review of charts, maps decent levels, pressures, and other important information. Once finalized the date of departure is set.


Well, here it is, the final day has come, the crew is boarding a giant ship in which on the top deck you can see a very large object totally covered by canvas in order to keep the 'looky loos' away.

As the crew have been shown to their quarters aboard the mother ship and have placed their personal items away, they all meet for a meal within the dining area.

Nicole says "well, we finally made it, dad I want you to know this is the most wonderful and exciting thing I could have ever imagined" Dan says "Don't thank me, we were all involved in this" Danny looks over at Jadene and Jill and says jokingly "this is all your fault" "sure" says Jill. Rhonda reply's by saying "I really can't believe were here" Danny looks over at Philip and says with a smile "So what's on your mind? I hope you haven't forgotten to pack your toothbrush, the subs not that big" Philip laughingly responds "Of course, that's something you would probably do. I'm actually thinking of what to order for dinner, I'm thinking about a big juicy porterhouse steak". Jadene says "Were going to be about 37-40 hours down there with not much more than fruits and vegetables" Nicole says, "I've brought 14 Snicker bars, 2 for each one of us, What about that?, Well, I don't know about you guys, but I think I will finish dinner and then to turn in, we leave at 4 am sharp tomorrow and it's 8 pm now so that doesn't give us much sleep time!". Dan says "Nicole's right, let's do this". You can see them rise from the table and start to walk down the hall to their rooms. You can hear Danny saying to Philip "O.K. buddy, 4 am will be here before we know it, see ya in the morning" Everyone retires to their rooms for a good nights sleep.

Well here we are, it's 3:45 am, The Weinstein family is now standing on the main deck, the ships commander is explaining how they will be lowered into the water, and a brief description of how the rigging devices will operate at topside.

He points to two large swiveling cranes and says "as you can see, both of these devices are linked to your submergible, and the giant spools you see will unroll as you descend, along with a third spool that contains your air line, radio communications as well as video and computer link. You will be attached by a magnetic coupler, should for any reason the need to unhook deem necessary" Jill pops up by saying "why in the world would we need to unhook from the mother ship" the commander reply's by saying " it would probably never happen, however if your craft becomes entangled and can't be straightened out from either end, yours, or at topside either end can be detached" Danny speaks up by saying "if either of us would do that, we would be at Gods mercy" the commander reply's with "Well, not quite, the connecter at your end of the tether is equipped with a robot that if such a situation should occur, the robot will reattach the mounting via radio signal and during that time your sub has back up power, with enough power to supply you with everything, including oxygen for about 6 to 8 hours.

Danny says "well, I guess most every precaution has been well thought out and taken care of way in advance, right?" With that all being said the commander nods his head and smiles and says "o.k. so are you ready to make your decent?"


While all of this is going on aboard the mother ship, we can see the navigator's experiencing a minor amount of difficulty with their electronic equipment and signals, however the navigator's feel this is just a minor glitch, that it will cure itself as soon as the submergible is on it's way, they think the problem is coming from the craft still being aboard and picking up a little feedback. Now the crew is in the submergible and being lowered down into the water, dropping to depths never gone before. Once inside, we find the crew sitting at their various stations in which they will be operating the controls they had been assigned. Danny has been appointed to be at the helm, as he is much more even tempered and has a certain ability to stay in control no matter what. Dan has a saying about Danny and it goes like this "Danny is the kind of guy that with a 'bee' stinging him on the nose, and a 'pit bull' biting him on the leg, he could still perform brain surgery on a 'Nat' all without anyone even noticing he's in pain. So here we have Jadene and Philip in charge of working the outside cameras and lighting, Dan and Rhonda will be recording rate of decent, degrees of outside temperatures, clarity and visibility at each level they descend to. Nicole and Jill have taken on the duty of the constant monitoring of inside temperatures, proper mixture of oxygen, and take turns assisting Danny when needed.


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