He's Out!: The True Story of Infamous Prison Escapee Richard Matt As Told by His Daughter

He's Out!: The True Story of Infamous Prison Escapee Richard Matt As Told by His Daughter

by Jamie Scalise, Bob DiCesare

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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Imagine having a dad who is jailed for murder, meeting him when you're 21, developing a semblance of a father-daughter relationship and then learning four years later that he's escaped Clinton Correctional, a maximum-security facility in Dannemora, New York. I didn't have to imagine it. I lived it.

Police helicopters flew over my house. A SWAT team combed my yard. My phone was tapped and I was placed under surveillance during the three weeks my dad, Richard Matt, and fellow escapee David Sweat were on the lam. It was a surreal period of my life, an emotional hurricane intensified by the confirmation that I was pregnant.

I knew my father wouldn't be captured alive. He had hinted time and again during our prolific written correspondences that he wasn't going to die in prison. How he would avoid that fate, I had no idea, until on the morning of a good friend's wedding I learned that he was out .

Ultimately, my dad was shot dead. Not long after, I felt compelled to learn more. I met face-to-face with Joyce Mitchell, the civilian employee who helped facilitate the escape. I was disappointed by the near misses that prevented me from visiting with David Sweat. I spoke with people who knew my father at his worst, and those who knew him differently. I tried to reconcile the incongruity of his hideous crimes with the immense artistic talents he developed during a virtual lifetime spent behind bars.

I think I was seeking a form of closure. Thankfully, to some degree I found it. The escape at Dannemora was more than something I watched unfold on television. I lived it.

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ISBN-13: 9781987012576
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Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 182
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About the Author

Jamie Scalise resides in Western New York with her husband and two daughters and operates her own hair salon. Bob DiCesare is a former award-winning sports reporter and columnist at The Buffalo News.

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