The Heritage of the Desert (Large Print): (Zane Grey Masterpiece Collection)

The Heritage of the Desert (Large Print): (Zane Grey Masterpiece Collection)

by Zane Grey

Paperback(Large Print)

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Hare's flagging senses rallied, and he forgot himself in wonder. While the bustle went on, unhitching of wagon-teams, hobbling and feeding of horses, unpacking of camp-supplies, Naab appeared to be lost in deep meditation or prayer. Not once did he glance backward over the trail on which peril was fast approaching. His gaze was fastened on a ridge to the east where desert line, fringed by stunted cedars, met the pale-blue sky, and for a long time he neither spoke nor stirred. At length he turned to the camp-fire; he raked out red coals, and placed the iron pots in position, by way of assistance to the women who were preparing the evening meal.
A cool wind blew in from the desert, rustling the sage, sifting the sand, fanning the dull coals to burning opals. Twilight failed and night fell; one by one great stars shone out, cold and bright. From the zone of blackness surrounding the camp burst the short bark, the hungry whine, the long-drawn-out wail of desert wolves.
"Supper, sons," called Naab, as he replenished the fire with an armful of grease-wood.
Naab's sons had his stature, though not his bulk. They were wiry, rangy men, young, yet somehow old. The desert had multiplied their years. Hare could not have told one face from another, the bronze skin and steel eye and hard line of each were so alike. The women, one middle-aged, the others young, were of comely, serious aspect.

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Born in 1875, Zane Grey was raised in Zanesville, Ohio, a town founded by his mother’s family. His passion for the American West was aroused in 1907 when Grey toured the West with Buffalo Jones, a noted hunter and adventurer. Grey published a total of 85 books — popular adventure novels that idealized the Western frontier. Riders of the Purple Sage remains his best-known book. He died in 1939 in California.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Zane Grey has captured the image of the desert in his unique description of the early days of the west. His excellent vocabulary provides the reader with distinct pictures of the characters who lived and died in the hope of achieving a modicum of success in the west.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago