Henry of Ofterdingen

Henry of Ofterdingen

by Novalis


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Reproduction of the original: Henry of Ofterdingen by Novalis

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ISBN-13: 9783734047787
Publisher: Outlook Verlag
Publication date: 09/24/2018
Pages: 178
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.41(d)

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shudder too, as though reading a work of fiction, when we learn, that of all his brothers and sisters only two brothers are now alive; and that his noble mother, who for several years has also been mourning the death of her husband, is in solitude, devoting herself to her grief and to religion with silent resignation. HENRY OF OFTERDINGEN. PART FIRST. THE EXPECTATION. chapter{Section 4DEDICATION. Thod didst to life my noble impulse warm, Deep in the spirit of the world to look, And with thy hand a trusting faith I took, Securely bearing me through every storm. With sweet forebodings thou the child didst bless, To mystic meadows leading him away, Stirring his bosom to its finest play, Ideal, thou, of woman's tenderness. Earth's vexing trifles shall I not refuse ? Thine is my heart and life eternally, Thy love my being constantly renews ! To art I dedicate myself for thee, For thou, beloved, wilt become the Muse And gentle Genius of my poesy. chapter{Section 5In endless transmutation here below The hidden might of song our land is greeting ; Now blesses us in form of Peace unfleeting, And now encircles us with childhood's glow. She pours an upper light upon the eye, Defines the sentiment for every art, And dwells within the glad or weary heart, To comfort it with wondrous ecstasy. Through her alone I work to life the truest, Drinking the proffered neetar of her breast, And dared to lift my face with joy the newest. Yet was my highest sense with sleep oppressed, Till angel-like thou, loved one, near me flewest, And, kindling in thy look, I found the rest. chapter{Section 6THE EXPECTATION. CHAPTER I. The parents had already retired to rest; the old clock ticked monotonously from thewall; the windows rattled with...

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