Hemp For Victory: A Global Warming Solution

Hemp For Victory: A Global Warming Solution

by Richard M. Davis


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What Would You Do If A Solution To Global Warming Was Illegal? A good next step is to read the book Hemp For Victory: A Global Warming Solution by Richard M. Davis.
Davis is the dynamic founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum, www.hempmuseum.org, a private museum with a virtual wing. His book is a visit to the USA Hemp Museum's Environmental and Biofuel rooms, teaching folks how to use hemp to solve the problem of global warming.
Davis takes his readers on a tour of articles, pictures, and insight that comes from 40 years of hemped experience that proves hemp's effectiveness.
One of the things at cause for global warming is the excess CO2 gas in the air. Hemp is a master plant at cleaning the air of excess CO2 gas as it grow. An abundant hemp planting can fulfill all our energy needs as clean bio fuel and energy pellets, thereby reducing excess CO2.
Get Hemp For Victory: A Global Warming Solution. Future generations will be glad you did.

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ISBN-13: 9780979376511
Publisher: Hempmuseum Publishing
Publication date: 01/27/2009
Pages: 232
Sales rank: 1,119,372
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Richard M. Davis
Freedom Fighter, Feb. '95 High Times Magazine
Richard M. Davis is the founder and curator of the FIRST Virtual Traveling Hemp Museum. The USA Hemp Museum, both the Traveling Museum and the resource website www.hempmuseum.org teaches the benefits of Cannabis/Hemp, as a medicine, as an industrial resource and for the private use by adults. There is also a private museum in my home brimming with exhibits in Los Angeles, California.
An Arizona native, Davis graduated high school in Willcox, Arizona, joined the Air Force from Arizona, and was arrested for the first time in Arizona at the age of fifty-five on hemp related charges.
Davis holds a Masters Degree in Biology from California State University at Los Angeles, and attended the School of Public Health at UCLA for four years under a US Public Health Service Fellowship.
Davis has lived surrounded by hemp for forty years, the vast majority of his life. His introduction to hemp came, like that of many in his generation, from hemp smoke. He was refused the request to study the effects of pot at the School of Public Health at U.C.L.A., in 1972, where he was working on a doctorate in Public Health. He studied zoology (B.S.) and biology (M.A.), and loved the great outdoors. He took a leave of absence and never went back.
After a dozen years in the mountains on a small farm, Davis ran for Congress in a democratic primary as an admitted pot grower. Several years later when the U.S. Army invaded that area in operation Greensweep, he found out about hemp from Jack Herer's book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, and started the Hemp Museum, with help of course.
We were first the Mendocino Mobile Marijuana Museum, a knock at the government that wants to call hemp the marijuana word in law, when it does not apply. With two card tables and one hemp shirt, we passed out literature to hundreds of Capitol employees and elected officials on the benefits of legal hemp and hemp medicines.
When the virtual museum started, much of the site had to do with Davis' trial in Arizona. The virtual museum now contains more than 1,700 picture files and 18 virtual rooms, dealing with hemp in history, agriculture, textiles, plastics, medicine, rope, etc.

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