Help Your Kids with Computer Coding: A Unique Step-by-Step Visual Guide, from Binary Code to Building Games

Help Your Kids with Computer Coding: A Unique Step-by-Step Visual Guide, from Binary Code to Building Games

by DK Publishing

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Computer coding and programming are firmly back on the agenda as key skills for children to start learning, but parents may find it difficult to help them with the task and with their homework. Help Your Kids With Computer Coding is here to help. This is a unique step-by-step guide, perfect for kids and parents interested in computer programming and how computers work.

It's no longer enough to just know how to use computer programs; kids need to know how a computer really works. Avoiding complicated computer jargon, Help Your Kids With Computer Programming uses simple, clear examples to show how programming works. Step-by-step explanations make the complex art of programming clear, teaching the basics of JavaScript, Python, and C++. It also builds to more advanced projects where children can begin to build their own games, apps, 3-D models, animations, and websites.

Help Your Kids With Computer Coding is ideal for parents whose kids are taking their first steps into programming or are already interested and hungry to learn more.

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ISBN-13: 9781465431066
Publisher: DK
Publication date: 07/01/2014
Series: Help Your Kids With
Sold by: DK
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 899,561
File size: 52 MB
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Table of Contents

Foreword Carol Vorderman 8

How this book works 10

1 What is Coding?

What is a computer program? 14

Thinking like a computer 16

Becoming a coder 18

2 Starting from Scratch

What is Scratch? 22

Installing Scratch 24

Scratch interface 26

Sprites 28

Colored blocks and code 30

Project 1 Escape the dragon! 32

Making things move 38

Costumes 40

Hide and seek 42

Events 44

Simple loops 46

Pens and turtles 48

Variables 50

Math 52

Strings and lists 54

Coordinates 56

Make some noise 58

Project 2 Roll the die 60

True or false? 62

Decisions and branches 64

Sensing and detecting 66

Complex loops 68

Sending messages 70

Creating blocks 72

Project 3 Monkey mayhem 74

Time to experiment 82

3 Playing with Python

What is Python? 86

Installing Python 88

Introducing IDLE 92

Errors 94

Project 4 Ghost game 96

Ghost game decoded 98

Program flow 100

Simple commands 102

Harder commands 104

Which window? 106

Variables in Python 108

Types of data 110

Math in Python 112

Strings in Python 114

Input and output 116

Making decisions 118

Branching 120

Loops in Python 122

While loops 124

Escaping loops 126

Lists 128

Functions 130

Project 5 Silly sentences 132

Tuples and dictionaries 134

Lists in variables 136

Variables and functions 138

Project 6 Drawing machine 140

Bugs and debugging 148

Algorithms 150

Libraries 152

Making windows 154

Color and coordinates 156

Making shapes 158

Changing things 160

Reacting to events 162

Project 7 Bubble blaster 164

What next? 176

4 Inside Computers

Inside a computer 180

Binary and bases 182

Symbols and codes 184

Logic gates 186

Processors and memory 188

Essential programs 190

Storing data in files 192

The internet 194

5 Programming in the Real World

Computer languages 198

Coding stars 200

Busy programs 202

Computer games 204

Making apps 206

Programming for the internet 208

Using JavaScript 210

Bad programs 212

Mini computers 214

Becoming a master programmer 216

Glossary 218

Index 220

Acknowledgments 224

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