Hell's Aberration

Hell's Aberration

by Thomas Coleman

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Would you change a loved one's judgment? Even if it meant an eternity of damnation? Timothy did just that. Having changed his wife's judgment, he is dragged into the depths by hell's minions. He must face endless tortures and anguish for his actions. But no one accepts their punishment easily. Timothy vows to take his rightful place beside his wife in Heaven. The only question is how.
"Hell's Aberration" delves into the nuances of entry into, torture methods of, and exit from hell. There have been many different pictures of hell and its occupants, including a few who supposedly returned. By moving his wife's body from the red glow of hell into the golden light of heaven, he inadvertently begins an adventure of pain and hope as he takes her place in hell.
Just entering the vast realm of hell is a challenge, especially when you have no intention of staying. From the long lines of human cattle waiting to enter, to the shores of the Acheron, to the Anubis protected gates of hell itself, Timothy struggles every inch of the way. When he's finally marked and placed in his new cell, he realizes things won't be easy. He must endure increasingly agonizing persecution while always looking and hoping for a way out.
We learn with Timothy how the levels and methods of torture operate. Many torments are based on each human's fears, but the toughest are based on their desires being granted, then ripped away suddenly. As the level of torture increases, the anguish and misery compounds. Doubt and confusion constantly creep into the human mind as it endures agony, heartache, depression, and pain. Hope shines through dimly as struggles continue, possibly in vain.
Timothy's strength of will and enduring love for his wife empower his struggle to escape. This struggle is noticed not only by several demons he encounters, but by an angel and in time, the devil himself. The angel, Evast, prays Timothy makes it out alive, providing encouragement when he can. One demon, Oroan, sees Timothy as a means to an end, gaining favors. Satan just sees him as another nuisance. Only Timothy can determine his final fate; eternal damnation or returning to his beautiful wife, Damali.
Not everything is lost though. Timothy learns that humans have the potential to employ energy methods just as the demons. He struggles to teach himself while striving to keep his sanity. But with millennia of experience, the minions of hell are faster and more practiced. It'll take quick work and guidance for Timothy to escape his prison cell in hell back to Limbo, let alone reach the pearly gates.
"Hell's Aberration" weaves together the three different viewpoints of human, angel, and demon into a thrilling drama relating human perseverance, angelic love, and demonic manipulation. The depths of hell never felt so believable. The real question is, can you get back to heaven once you enter hell?

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BN ID: 2940012034748
Publisher: Thomas Coleman
Publication date: 12/23/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
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