Hello My Name Is Patrio

Hello My Name Is Patrio

by Hyra Jean Wright


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This is a story of a ten-year old boy and his love of a Magpie. People of all ages will enjoy this book.

If you love animals, or desire to learn to love them this reading will spark that interest and provide ways and means of becoming close to them.

If you have always wanted a talking bird, this is a success story of a young boy who taught a magpie how to speak.

It is interesting reading and will hold the interest of both young and old whether reading it or listening to it being read.

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ISBN-13: 9781461156512
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/09/2011
Pages: 26
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.07(d)

About the Author

I was born in Logan, Utah in the year 1935 to Jean Harris and Victor Maurice Hatch.

I began school in Burley, Idaho. One of my fond memories there remains stamped on my 5-year old heart.

I was awakened, wrapped in a warm blanket by my Mother, and carried by my Father to the back porch.

Fran, our beloved dog, was surrounded by new born puppies.

To this day I can see Fran in my mind's eye, feel the strength of my Father as he held me in his loving arms and the warmth of the blanket my Mother placed upon me. The excitement remains.
I will never forget it!

I do not remember a time when our house lacked the companionship of a dog, cat, bird or fish.

I attended Roosevelt Grade School in Nampa, Idaho. Our family moved there in the '40s'. I loved singing in Special Chorus and participating in plays.

During my High School Years at Nampa High I was privileged to enjoy orchestra, piano lessons and teaching piano. I enjoyed participating in skits.

In 1953 I attended Utah State University. My major was Home and Family Living. I continued piano and organ lessons. I enjoyed writing, drawing, and playing piano for dance classes.

I met LaMar Wright at Utah State. We became engaged after a year of dating. It was April Fool's Eve, to be exact.

After graduating in 1957 from Utah State with a Bachelor's Degree, I moved to Blanding, Utah. San Juan High School welcomed me as a teacher of Home Economics and Boys Arts and Crafts.

LaMar lived in Blanding and worked at the 'Wright's Automotive Garage'.

On February 20, 1957 we were married in the Logan LDS Temple.

I continued teaching school during the day and taught piano lessons after school.

James LaMont, our son, was born in Monticello in 1958. This was 20 miles away.

We returned to Logan where LaMar completed his teaching certificate. I taught piano.

Vicky Jean was born here in 1960.

We left for Mesa, Arizona. LaMar taught at Mesa High. I taught piano. Vaughn Melvin was born in 1962.

LaMar began teaching at USU in Logan in 1964.

Larry Maurice arrived in 1964 and Heidi Lu in 1978.

We had numerous pets. Patrio, our magpie, was the most memorable. The others were loved equally.

My parents were examples of goodness in life. People were treated with respect and kindness. We were taught to be kind to all creatures, in fact we were taught to respect the earth and all of God's living creations.

I believe we can learn a great deal from animals and that kindness exhibited to them returns to us.

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