Hell Hath No Curry

Hell Hath No Curry

by Tamar Myers

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An Amish Bed and Breakfast Mystery with Recipes � PennDutch Mysteries #15
Cornelious Weaver, one of Hernia�s most eligible bachelors, is due to finally tie the knot�but three days before the big wedding, he�s found dead�in another woman�s bed!!
The scandal is better than a made-for-TV-movie�not that any of the good citizens of Hernia own a television�and the details get even more delicious: Cornelious wasn�t just cheating on his bride-to-be; he was carrying on affairs all over town!

When the coroner�s report reveals that Cornelious�s curry was spiked, Magdalena�s hunt for the killer becomes red hot�with plenty of dishy suspects to choose from!!!

�Bubbling over with mirth and mystery.� �Dorothy Cannell

�A delicious treat.� �Carolyn G. Hart

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BN ID: 2940150611832
Publisher: NYLA
Publication date: 11/11/2014
Series: An Amish Bed and Breakfast Mystery with Recipes , #15
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 488,090
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About the Author

Tamar Myers was born and raised in the Belgian Congo (now just the Congo). Her parents were missionaries to a tribe which, at that time, were known as headhunters and used human skulls for drinking cups. Because of her pale blue eyes, Tamar�s nickname was Ugly Eyes.
Her boarding school was two days away by truck, and sometimes it was necessary to wade through crocodile infested-waters to reach it. Other dangers she encountered as a child were cobras, deadly green mambas, and the voracious armies of driver ants that ate every animal (and human) that didn�t get out of their way.
At sixteen, Tamar's family settled in America, and she immediately underwent culture shock: she didn�t know how to dial a telephone, cross a street at a stoplight, or use a vending machine. She lucked out, however, by meeting her husband, Jeffrey, on her first day at an American high school. They literally bumped heads while he was leaving, and she entering, the Civics classroom.
In college Tamar began to submit novels for publication, but it took twenty-three years for her to get published. Persistence paid off, however, because Tamar is now the author of three ongoing mystery series: One is set in Amish Pennsylvania and features Magdalena Yoder, an Amish-Mennonite sleuth who runs a bed and breakfast inn; one, set in the Carolinas, centers around the adventures of Abigail Timberlake, who runs an antique and collectable store (the Den of Antiquity); and the third is set in the Africa of her youth, with its colorful, unique inhabitants.
Tamar now calls North Carolina home. She lives with her husband, a Basenji dog named Pagan, two rescue kitties: a very large Bengal named Nkashama, and an orange tabby cat who goes by the name of Dumpster Boy. Tamar enjoys gardening (she is a Master Gardner), bonsai, travel, painting and, of course, reading. She's currently working on her next Amish mystery.

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Hell Hath No Curry (Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery Series #15) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
drebbles on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Even though he's engaged to Priscilla Livengood, Cornelius Weaver has quite a way with women. In fact, when he dies after eating poisoned curry there are a number of suspects, all women who at one time or another had an affair with Cornelius. Police Chief Olivia Hornsby-Anderson can't investigate the case because she was with Cornelius when he died so she asks Magdalena Yoder to investigate. Mags agrees and soon finds out that Cornelius was a busy man - besides Priscilla and Olivia he was having affairs with a number of other women including Alice Troyer, Caroline Sha, Thelma Unruh and Drustara Kurtz. While Mags is trying to solve the murder, she is also trying to plan her wedding to Gabe Rosen. But Mags is beginning to wonder if the Jewish Gabe will fit into her Mennonite world. Add in a second murder and Mags has her hands full. Starting with the very first sentence ("It was the best of crimes; it was the worst of crimes") "Hell Hath No Curry" is a very funny if light cozy mystery. The book is filled with humor - lots of puns and double entendres: Priscilla's habit of misspeaking; Freni's cooking; Mags habit of being cheap even when she is extremely wealthy; and the various people of Hernia, Pennsylvania. Some of the humor is filler that doesn't add to the plot like Mags' extremely funny conversation with a telemarketer and some of it does move the story along. Author Tamar Myers also pokes fun at herself yet manages to plug one of her books "The Dark Side of Heaven" at the same time. Myers has a habit of using running gags throughout her books and it sometimes works like Mags asking for hot chocolate and lady fingers at every house she visits. But her decision to have people keep telling Mags how beautiful she is backfires, especially since it goes against her description of Mags in the previous books in the series. It's too bad because Magdalena's growing self-awareness, realizing the fact that she has been living under the shadow of her dead mother, and her worries about her marriage to Gabe made her a deeper character than she usually is and added much to the book. I also liked Mags relationship with her foster daughter Allison (although I'm not convinced teenagers really talk the way she does), but there's far too little Susannah in the book. The mystery itself is light and tends to get lost in all the jokes. There's a second murder in the book for no apparent reason except to perhaps set up yet another running gag in the series. Readers who like funny but light cozy mysteries will enjoy "Hell Hath No Curry".
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Get rid of Allison and bring the xat back. It was funnier and cuter.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read the entire Penn-Duch Mystery with Recipes series and absolutely LOVE them. My mom purchased the first few books and since we have a lot of the same taste in reading she passed them along to me. Between the two of us we now have the whole set. We have shared so many moments laughing out loud at these books and discussing what we think will happen next. I do have to say though that this last one was not my favorite. It seemed to jump around alot and didn't flow nearly as smoothly as the others. While I wouldn't recommend it as the first one of the series to read, I would still highly recommend it (after reading a few of the earlier books). It still provided a lot of laughs and was an ejoyable read though!
harstan More than 1 year ago
Magdalena Yoder, a conservative Mennonite who owns the PennDutch Inn, where celebrities, the rich and power brokers go to, has rearranged the town hierarchy to meet her requirements. As the new mayor of Hernia, she hires Olivia Hornsby-Anderson as the new police chief unlike the old chief, Olivia appreciates Magdalena¿s investigative abilities and appreciates her help on homicides. She also hires a new reverend for the Beechy Grove Church because he is willing to marry Magdalena to her Jewish fiancé.------------------ The police chief¿s second in command asks her to take over the investigation of the death of wealthy Cornelius Weaver. The chief can¿t even talk to Magdalena about the case because she was in bed with him when he had a heart attack. A toxicology reports show he had a high dose of Elavil in his system which could bring on a heart attack. There are at least six suspects that Magdalene finds that have motives, including a fiancée and five lovers all who knew he was cheating on them. The case becomes dangerous when two of the suspects try to kill her.----------------- Tamar Myers can always be counted on to write a good cozy without any blood and sure as HELL HATH NO CURRY is no exception. The author constantly refreshes her characters and series by the circumstances of the players so the long running series never grows stale. There is a lot of humor in the book so readers will find themselves laughing out loud in the middle of a deadly confrontation. Of all the novels starring Magdalena, this has the best and most unexpected ending.----------------- Harriet Klausner