Heat (Dark Kings Series #12)

Heat (Dark Kings Series #12)

by Donna Grant

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He knew her round eyes and the deep shade of brown along with the band of black that encircled her irises. He knew the slope of her breasts, the indent of her waist, and the flare of her hips. He knew the way she preferred to wear muted colors to help her blend in with a crowd. It had taken one look to put all that to memory, but he found his eyes going to her again and again, as if he couldn’t get enough.

Nikolai is a dragon shapeshifter who knows well the meaning of loss. Orphaned and raised to be a Dragon King, he never accepts defeat. Now, Nikolai prefers his solitude. . .until a beautiful, irresistible woman calls upon him for help—and Nikolai’s whole world goes up in flames.

Ever since MI5 agent Esther woke to discover her mind taken over with magic, she feels like a stranger to herself. She looks to a notorious dragon, one who has the power to help her find her memory. But as she and Nikolai come closer to discovering what really happened to her, a dangerous passion ignites between them. Can this lone Dragon King help the woman he’s grown to love to uncover the truth about her past—or will a deep and fiery danger tear them both apart in Heat, the next Dark Kings novel by New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant.

The Dark Kings series is:

“Provocative [and] sizzling.”
—RT Book Reviews (4 stars)

“This series is a must-read.”
—Night Owl Reviews

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ISBN-13: 9781250109576
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/30/2018
Series: Dark Kings Series , #12
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 97,023
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has been praised for her “totally addictive” and “unique and sensual” stories. She’s the author of more than thirty novels spanning multiple genres of romance including the bestselling Dark King stories. The acclaimed series features a thrilling combination of dragons, the Fae, and Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her two children, a dog, and four cats in Texas.

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Dreagan Manor

I willna let you down.

The words he'd spoken to Ulrik reverberated through Nikolai's head like a bell tolling. He blew out a frustrated breath and sat up. Tossing aside the blanket, he swung his legs over the bed as he hung his head.

The few hours of sleep he'd managed were filled with dreams of his years with Ulrik. The Silvers had accepted Nikolai, though they hadn't made his life easy. Their actions, in part, were what strengthened him.

The day Nikolai challenged Avgust for the right to rule the Ivories, there was only one who had stood by his side — Ulrik. The King of the Silvers had begun as a father figure, but soon became a brother in the truest sense of the word.

Nikolai held out his hands, palms up, and looked at them. The last time he had seen or spoken to Ulrik was right before they stripped the Silver of his magic and banished him.

It didn't matter how many millennia passed, the burden of standing against Ulrik still weighed heavily upon Nikolai. It's why he had taken to his mountain with the others and woke only one other time.

He'd still be asleep if Con hadn't forced him to wake. The fact that Nikolai would most likely have to fight the man he called brother only worsened the situation.

Squeezing his hands into fists, he fought back the tide of regret. He drew in a deep breath and rose to his feet. Striding into the bathroom, he turned on the water in the shower.

He couldn't remember a time when there hadn't been tension running through the manor, but it was getting worse. Every Dragon King knew that the battle between Ulrik and Constantine, the King of Kings, was coming any day now.

No one wanted to see Ulrik dead, but if he won, then the vows made by each of them to protect the mortals would pit them against Ulrik, who wanted nothing more than to wipe the humans from the face of the earth.

In order to prevent that, Con would have to kill Ulrik.

Nikolai stepped beneath the hot spray of water and braced his hands on the wall. He'd sided against Ulrik once. It had been the right choice, but there wasn't a day that passed where Nikolai didn't wonder if he should've chosen differently.

This time, the choice would be out of his hands. This time, the battle between Ulrik and Con would have lasting effects on every being in the realm — mortal and immortal alike.

If only that were all the Kings had to worry about, but unfortunately, it was only a small piece of a very large pie filled with nothing but enemies who were focused on everyone at Dreagan.

Nikolai put his face in the water and closed his eyes. The Dark Fae were a serious problem for the mortals because they fed off their souls by having sex with them. To make matters worse, there was talk that Ulrik had joined forces with them.

At least that was the theory. Sebastian claimed that Ulrik wasn't responsible for everything, that Ulrik's uncle, Mikkel, was the one the Kings should be hunting.

Nikolai leaned back and began to wash. He recalled Ulrik having an uncle, but not the name. Nikolai hoped Sebastian was right. Regardless, Bast had left for Venice without Con's approval in order to uncover proof about Mikkel.

That was a week ago. There had been no word from Sebastian, and Con had departed for Venice the night before to locate Bast.

The only good thing was now that MI5 no longer had a presence at the distillery, the ban on the Dragon Kings shifting had been lifted. It felt amazing to take to the skies again.

Nikolai ran a hand through his hair to get the shampoo out. Then he turned off the water and grabbed a towel to dry off. He walked out of the shower and frowned at the pile of clothes that he'd forgotten to hang up the previous day.

He tossed aside his towel and began putting away the clothes in his closet. As he did, he grabbed a pair of jeans and put them on. He then made his way to the chest in his bedroom. After he put away a stack of clothes, he paused and looked at the painting above his bed. It was the first thing he'd done for himself after he discovered what his power was.

He stared at the idyllic mountain scene with lakes so pure you could see straight to the bottom. Flying together in the bright blue sky were his parents. It was the only thing that hung on his walls other than his sword.

As he made up his bed, there was a soft knock on his door. He didn't look up as he bade whoever it was enter while he bent, tidying the comforter. The door opened, but it took him a second to realize that no one had spoken. When he straightened, he was shocked to find Esther North standing there.

The British beauty was still in the doorway, her hand upon the knob as her gaze locked on the various drawings that were scattered about his room, hung on lines he had strung, or sitting on easels.

Her lustrous brunette tresses hung free about her shoulders. She wore an oversized gray sweater that hid her curves and dropped past her hips over a pair of black leggings. Fuzzy white socks that had a kitten face atop them, complete with a pink nose and whiskers, encased her feet.

The longer she stood there staring, the more he was able to gaze at her striking features at his leisure. The MI5 agent had captivated him from the very beginning when a Druid got into Esther's mind to control her with magic.

The Dragon Kings managed to undo the Druid's work, but there were side effects. The memories of the time Esther spent with the Druid were missing. It made Esther a liability, but she was allowed to remain because of one very important factor — she was Henry North's sister.

Henry, also MI5, worked with the Dragon Kings to track the activities of the Dark Fae in an attempt to figure out their next move. It was uncommon for the Kings to trust humans, but Henry was an exception.

And so was his sister.

Nikolai knew Esther's face. His power allowed him to conjure every detail about her from just one look. From the small, nearly hidden scar on her left wrist from some childhood accident, to the confident way she held herself.

He knew her hair wasn't just brown. It had strands of the softest shade of walnut, darker tones that deepened into chocolate, and lighter streaks of amber. He knew the curve of her face, and how she lifted her chin when she was angry. He knew the lines in her brow from the expressive way she spoke. He knew her mouth and how her bottom lip was slightly fuller than the top.

He knew her round eyes and the deep shade of brown along with the band of black that encircled her irises. He knew the slope of her breasts, the indent of her waist, and the flare of her hips. He knew the way she preferred to wear muted colors to help her blend in with a crowd.

It had taken but one look to put all that to memory, but he found his gaze going to her again and again as if he couldn't get enough.

That fact was only one reason he kept drawing Esther. The other was that he had no choice.

She filled his mind like no other had before.


Esther was shocked. And that wasn't an easy thing to do.

Her eyes moved from one sketch of her to another, each depicting different areas of Dreagan she had been to — the manor, the distillery, or strolling through the snow in the Dragonwood.

There were even pictures of her walking the caves inside the mountain connected to the manor. The drawing she stared at the longest was the one where she had stood at the entrance to the cavern where four of Ulrik's largest silver dragons were kept, sleeping within a cage.

The look on her face was one of awe and curiosity. Though she remembered feeling fear at the idea of Ulrik killing Con and releasing those dragons to wipe out humanity.

But in many of the instances, she knew Nikolai hadn't been there. How then had he drawn them? His power of projected thermography allowed him to see something once and paint it, draw it, or weave it. But if he hadn't been there ...?

As her eyes moved from one side of the room to the other, they clashed with a bare-chested Nikolai. Her mouth went dry as she stared at his chiseled form.

The Dragon King had a way of making her forget whatever she was thinking every time she looked into his baby blue eyes. But that's not what her gaze lingered on now. It was his tattoo. She knew every Dragon King had one, but this was her first time seeing Nikolai's, and it was stunning.

Starting at his right wrist was the tail of the dragon that snaked up his arm to his bicep where the body of the animal began. The back claws looked as if they were digging into Nikolai's arm as its wings were tucked.

The dragon turned and leaned over Nikolai's shoulder. The head of the beast was on Nikolai's chest with its mouth open as if roaring. One of the dragon's arms was outstretched as if reaching for something. It was the intricacy of the tat along with the mix of red and black ink that would ensure it was never duplicated in any way.

It was impossible not to ogle his washboard abs. Drops of water had fallen from his hair to his wide shoulders before they wound their way down his amazing chest. She bit her lip, her blood heating when she noticed that his jeans were unbuttoned and hanging precariously on his narrow hips.

Unable to look away, she followed the trail of hair from his navel until it disappeared into his pants. She swallowed, not quite sure how to feel about her blatant, carnal reaction.

As she raised her gaze, she noticed that his hands were clenched so tightly his knuckles were white. That caused her eyes to jerk upward and clash with his.

His features were strong and perhaps a bit harsh, but she found them disarmingly so. From his jawline to his wide lips to his hollowed cheeks.

She wanted to run her fingers through his subtle cinnamon red locks. He kept the hair around his face shorter than the rest that was full of body and thickness. Even now with it wet, the strands held a wave as they fell to the back of his neck.

It took her several minutes to remember what she was doing in his room, she was so consumed by him and the lascivious thoughts that ran through her head. Of all the men at Dreagan, it had been Nikolai who caught her eye, even as she fought against it.

He was one of the quiet ones. She'd noticed right from the start how he stood to the side, observing everything and everyone. She'd mistakenly assumed he was like her and trained for such things.

The real reason was because of his power. Everything he witnessed was filed away in his brain to be sorted through later.

The longer they stared at each other, the more aroused she became. She knew she should speak, but she couldn't think of anything to say. Which was a first. The one thing she never lacked was words.


Her name had been passed down through generations of Norths. She'd always hated it. Right up until Nikolai said it in that deep, husky brogue that made her stomach flutter and heat burn through her veins. Her name had never sounded sexy until that moment.

She parted her lips in an effort to take in more air. It was a mistake to be there. She knew that now, but even as she told herself to leave, her feet wouldn't obey.

"You drew pictures of me." She inwardly kicked herself. The words had come out jumbled, not in the perfect sentence she'd put together in her mind.

Nikolai's chest expanded as he took a deep breath and released it. His hands unclenched. "I have."

"Why? How?"

After all the training she'd received on interrogation techniques, that was all she could come up with? What the bloody hell was wrong with her?

"It happens when I have a deep connection with someone," he explained.

"A deep connection?" She glanced at the pictures. "You can see me wherever I go?"

A muscle ticked in his jaw. "No' everywhere."

"I think you do." Pulled by some unknown force, she made her way to a group of drawings. She pointed at one. "I was at the distillery Monday." She moved to the next. "Tuesday, I walked the Dragonwood." Then the next. "Wednesday, I was helping out in the gift shop."

"I doona see everything," he said.

She dropped her arm and looked at him with raised brows. "I can show you a week's worth of drawings that say otherwise."

It was a crazy notion that filled her mind, but when he remained silent, it gave her cause to believe that it just might be possible.

"All I can think about is that Druid who got into my head," she said. "I don't know exactly how much time I'm missing, and the fact that I can't remember anything terrifies me."

"Esther —"

"I was sent here to kill Kinsey," she said over him. "I didn't even know what I was doing. Had we killed each other as those responsible for controlling us wanted, none of you would even know about the Druid."

He crossed his arms over his chest, a frown marring his forehead. "Aye, that's true."

"We have an edge here. We should take this opportunity while we have it. I have to find this Druid, but more than that, I have to know what I did in the time that was stolen from me. What if. ..." She trailed off because the words were too difficult to think, and nearly impossible to say. "What if I killed someone else?"

"What if you didna?"

"Wouldn't you want to know the truth if you were me?"

He dropped his arms and sighed. "Aye."

"I came to look at the drawing you did of the Druid again, but after seeing the others you've done, I think you're the only one who can help me."

He ran a hand down his face as he looked at the floor for a long time. When he lifted his gaze to her, he gave her a single nod. "How can I help?"

"It began in London. That's where we need to go."


Nikolai leaned back against the wall in Con's office as he watched Esther and her brother, Henry, bicker about her proposed plan. There were many reasons not to go to London, but Nikolai wanted to help Esther.

And he wanted to be alone with her.

Con wore a weary expression as the siblings' argument moved into the second half of the hour. The King of Kings rolled the chair back from his desk and rose. Con then walked to stand beside Nikolai, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Are you sure about this?" Con asked.

Nikolai knew it was only a matter of time before Esther wore her brother down. She had valid arguments, and despite Henry's urgings to find another way, Esther's options were limited.

"Aye," Nikolai replied. "Especially after Sebastian's and Gianna's arrival last night. The Druid needs to be found and stopped before she does more than wipe memories. If I can help Esther trace her path before and after she met the Druid, there's a chance we can find her."

Con ran a hand through his wavy blond hair. "The Druids from MacLeod Castle have all tried multiple ways to locate her. Isla has warned that the Ancients are in a frenzy because of this Druid."

"I doona suppose Broc had any luck locating her now that we have a face?"

"The Warrior's power of finding anyone, anywhere seems to be limited with this foe. Isla and the others suspect she's put up spells blocking discovery."

Nikolai turned his head to Con. "Then I'm our only hope right now."

"Just as I get everyone back under one roof, someone wants to leave again," Con muttered.

"I doona want to do this. I have to."

Con cut his black eyes to Nikolai. "That doesna mean I have to be pleased about it."

"We'll find out who this Druid is."

"Once you do, alert me. I'm going to bring her here. Then she's going to fix whatever she did to Bast's and Gianna's memories before she faces my wrath."

"Our wrath," Nikolai corrected him.

Con gave a nod. "Our wrath."

Neither of them brought up Sebastian's mission in Venice. Bast must have discovered something about Mikkel. If he really was Ulrik's uncle, then that could explain why the Druid had done whatever she did to Bast and Gianna.

The odd thing was, their memories hadn't been wiped of everything. The couple had all recollection of their time together, but what caused everyone to worry was that Sebastian had told Con he had proof about Mikkel. Now, however, Bast knew nothing about the man at all.

"Doona worry about Sebastian or his woman," Con said. "We'll look after them in case the Druid planted something in their minds as she did with Esther and Kinsey."

Esther suddenly got to her feet and very calmly told Henry, "I'm going."

"Please," her brother pleaded. "Don't do this."

"You would in my place," she said.

Henry then turned in the chair to look at Nikolai and Con. "Tell her this is a bad idea."

"I can no'," Con replied.

Nikolai might be an orphan, but he'd had sibling love for Ulrik, so he could understand what Henry felt. "All we'll be doing is retracing Esther's steps leading up to her encounter with the Druid to help her find her memories. She willna be in danger."


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Heat 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 43 reviews.
Yearwood More than 1 year ago
Only thing I knew going into this book was what the synopsis on Net Galley website had posted. Going by that alone, this book sounded good. I made it through the first chapter okay! But all that changed in the middle of the second chapter, when the two main characters meet then everything started to feel strange like I was missing out on something. Went on to Goodreads and low and behold, I realized that Heat is book #12 of Donna Grant “A Dark Kings” series. You're probably wondering if this story could be read as a stand-alone? My answer. No, this title can't be read as a stand-alone. However, I did complete the story. Only so I can give my honest opinion about this title. The world that Donna Grant created was fun. The characters too were well created and the predicaments that the characters found themselves, advance the story without slowing the tempo too much. As, a whole, I found this story just okay. The story for what it's worth keep my attention. After the story was over, it was over. If you found pleasure in watching or reading the Hobbit and, or The Lord of the Rings. You would surprisingly enjoy this title.
annie2015 More than 1 year ago
This is the 12th book in this series and I recommend reading the previous books first (which I still need to finish). There's a lot going on in this book with the main story and several "side" stories but I actually enjoyed this as I feel like it makes the book very interesting and multi-dimensional. No spoilers so I'll just say how much I loved Nikolai and Esther together and that, after all they had been through, they really deserved their HEA. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley
BoxerLover2 More than 1 year ago
A BABY DRAGON!!!!! Shapeshifting dragons, Dark Fae and an MI5 Agent with a memory altered by magic. Nikolai is a dragon who was orphaned at a young age. He was adopted by Ulrik and raised to be a Dragon King. Dragon Kings apparently sleep a lot. Nikolai is awakened and is tasked with easing tensions with Ulrik and other Dragon Kings. This task includes helping Edith, a MI5 agent retrace her steps she she can remember her past. It turns out Edith has magic of her own that she never knew about. They discover Edith’s magic, Nikolai shifts into dragon form. 3 stars The book was provided by NetGalley for an honest review.
ValerieStuckInBooks 8 months ago
I really like Nikolai. His story is the perfect one for right before Ulrik's book. Nikolai and Ulrik are/were friends. Nikolai hasn't forgotten that. He wants that back. One of the things I LOVE about this series is how the world lends itself to so many stories. The author has created such a dynamic world. It holds Dragon Kings, Fae, Droids, and more. It also has humans, most of which are clueless about what's really going on around them. I love how a couple of characters can go from be mentioned in one book to center stage in the next. The over arcing story continues as a couple figures out a small thing while deciding if they can't live without the other. Such is the case for Nikolai and Esther. Nikolai's power is in his drawings. It's amazing that he can use that gift to discover truths. It's what draws Esther to him. She's lost a part of her life and it's driving her nuts. She must know what happened. They travel to London and go searching for that truth one drawing at a time. What a different and interesting premise. I love all the characters in this world. Nikolai appeals to me a lot because he has some history with Ulrik. Left as an orphan at a very young age, Nikolai was raised by Ulrik. The pain and guilt he feels for what happened to Ulrik plagues him greatly. I felt his pain...his guilt. It was part of who he is and the author does a great job of bringing this Dragon King to life. One aspect of this story was to show a different side to Ulrik. I admit to not being a fan of the series "bad guy". It's funny, though, how seeing a different side of a character can start to change your mind about him. That's what happens here. It made me dive right into Ulrik's book as soon as I finished Heat. Esther is a strong and determined women. She wants her memories back. She wants to protect herself and she grows protective of Nikolai as well. I love that she just finds a way. I can't help but fall for Nikolai right along with her. They are perfect for each other and I was certainly cheering for them. As with all of the books in this series, there are some hot moments between this couple. Donna Grant never disappoints to craft passion and heat between her characters. Romance and passion make this one hard to resist. I was not disappointed by this book at all. At book twelve in the series, I can see myself just continuing to enjoy these books for a long time yet. I find it amazing when a series can hold my attention this long. I love the Dragon Kings and I just want things to work out for them. In the mean time, I'm completely smitten by these books. Of course I will continue to the next book and hopefully a lot more beyond that. An imaginative world that holds so many amazing stories, this book...this series will hold you in it's pages!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome read!
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!! Yes, I got a review copy of this book, but no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book! I think I want to collect this series in paperback!! The cover is WOW! Love it, and you know why! This is the 12th book in the series, and it is for adults only due to steamy content and violence. You can definitely read this book on its own, but I highly suspect that it would be so much better if each book was read in order. I want to collect them all in paperback when I can. This is only the 2nd book I’ve read in this series. This is an awesome world full of Dragon Kings, Dark Fae, Light Fae, Reapers, Druids (both mies and droughs), magic, mates, and more! I love complex worlds where you don’t see how everything is going to work out. Surprises around corners and action galore made it impossible to put this book down. I love how well Nikolai and Ester work together and come together. They are a great pair! Still wondering what will happen with Rhi especially with what happens in this book. All sorts of drama, treachery, and more to leaving me wondering how things will go next. I really want Ulrik to come around, but who knows! I highly recommend to any paranormal fans who loves adventure, action, and romance! I love this series, and I want more!!
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Nikolai is a dragon shifter who has a special gift of instant memorization. Because of that, he is very solitary. There is one person he doesn’t want to stay away from and when Esther asks for his help, everything in his world will change. This was the next novel in Donna Grant’s Dark Kings series. As with the others, it didn’t disappoint. I loved it. I loved Nikolai and really loved Esther’s journey. She had appeared in other books, so I was happy she got an HEA. Giving us a different perspective of Ulrik makes me want his book to hurry up and get here! Poor Rhi! She has been my favorite character throughout all of these books and this one had me wanting to punch something for her. It’s driving me nuts not knowing her dragon! I can’t wait for the next book. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
sportochick More than 1 year ago
Nikolai has moved up to the top of my Book Boyfriend list. Not only is he a very hot dragon but he is full of compassion while staying a hot alpha. There was nothing about his character I didn't like. He was fully developed and held my interest from page one. Esther's character is both strong and has a hidden soft interior. Author Donna Grant did a great job of balancing these two character traits without making her appear helpless and weak. Both of these characters have appeared in other Dark Kings books and they have held my interest since their first appearances. Though Esther and her brother Henry get the shock of their lives, this added part to the story creates a very interesting addition that will carry over to the next book. I can't wait to see how their discovery ends. I loved this book and the series but I will be honest I am tired of waiting for Rhi and Con's resolution. It is dragging on too long and for this reader their parts in this story didn't break my heart as much as the last book but I really, really want an HEA for them. The reader will be shocked by what happens between Balladyn and the King of the Darks in this book and all I can say is you need to read this book. It's very good. I give this 4.5 STARS for warming my heart and keeping me on edge. Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
belllla More than 1 year ago
4.5stars This book is my first that I read from the author or the series and I was really positively surprised. It is a great love story between an MI5 agent and Dragon shifter. The story is part of the series, it could be read as a standalone but it is a part of the series and there are a few couples obviously from the previous book. And they are a few things that are well described in the book but have obviously already happened in the past. books. What I didn't like the most are so many POV not just from many characters. I liked both Nicolai and Ester their story is full of mystery suspense and passion. I don't doubt that I will enjoy the next one in the series. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cannot wait for the next one?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
These books get better with age? I cannot wait for the next in the series. I know it's probably coming to an end too soon but what an awesome ride this series has been! Much Praise to Donna Grant making one if my most loved series?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WOW! Fantastic Book! If it’s got Donna Grant on the cover I’m buying it, no questions asked. She has such a way with words that pulls you in and will not let you go. So much happens in this book and the tides are turning for the Dragon Kings and the Fae! The Kings are starting to see the past and the present a little differently. Things are not always as they seem. I was on the edge of my seat devouring chapter after chapter and didn’t want it to end! I love Nikolai! He is fierce and loyal yet has a sweet soul. He just melted my heart. I really liked how he knew Esther was his mate and didn’t even fight it like so many others have done. He will do anything to help her piece her life back together. Esther deserves some happiness after all she has endured and Nikolai is the perfect dragon for her! I’m counting down the days until the next book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like how so many stories are finally coming to a point of full inclusion. I do not want to see the dragon kings stop being told about. The inclusion of the warriors is always exciting.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Esther and Nickolai were so sweet together and helped move the story along well...can't wait for the next one! Love all Ms. Grant's series'.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this story and I can’t for it to continue and find out answers to all my questions
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
Don’t let the fact that this is the twelfth book in this series put you off reading it even if you haven’t read any of the others - it works well as a standalone. It tell s the story of Esther, who is missing some memories after her mind restored after having been taken over by a druid. She is an agent for MI5 and is searching for a dragon who she believes can help restore her memory. That dragon is Nikolai, a Dragon King who has preferred solitude for centuries, but once Esther asks for help he finds her irresistible and is determined to help, even if it means interacting with others again - including someone he once held in high esteem but fate drove a wedge between them, Can he help restore her memories? Can they resist their mutual attraction? What really happened to Ulrik - and can he help? This is a real page turner, once where the lyrics from the Johnny Nash classic - "There are more questions than answers And the more I find out the less I know, Yeah the more I find out the less I know." prove very true in this story! As they uncover more information, that information raises more questions and dilemmas - including trying to decide just who is on each side in the different factions. The background information is skilfully interwoven so new to the series readers or anyone who has missed any of the earlier novels can still relate to events in this story. I particularly liked how the author developed the relationship between the two main characters, not rushing things for them and showing how events impinged on their growing love. It is a highly entertaining paranormal romantic suspense that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and have no hesitation in recommending to anyone who enjoys this genre or fancies giving it a try! I requested and received a copy of this novel. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series of the dragon kings will not disapoint. Love them all, cant wait for the next one.
kimjda More than 1 year ago
Wow! No one does Dragons better than Donna Grant. I've been following the DK since the beginning and each book just keeps getting better. Inside the pages of this book, there's angst and intrigue. There's secrets revealed and more made to discover the answers to. But best of all there's a budding relationship that is sweet and careful and sexy. After reading this book you'll be left asking, "Wait, is the 'bad guy' , really that bad?" Seriously though, if you're a fan of PNR, the Dragon King world is the best place to visit.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All of these books are amazing!
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
Heat by Donna Grant is book 12 in the "Dark Kings" series. This is the story of Nikolai and Esther. This book can be a standalone book but some back story lines from previous books are showing in this book. Esther mind had been taking over by a Druid in a previous book and in this book she is looking to find out what happened during that missing time. Ester is a part of the M15 along with her brother Henry. So she is used to mystery and adventures but loosing that period of time is working on her. Esther goes to Nikolai for help with trace her steps back to get the answers that she needs. Nikolai was an orphan who was found by Ulrik and he became a mentor to Nikolai. Nikolai and Ulrik become close as a family. But now in their present day Nikolai and Ulrik have become on different sides of a issue deal with humans. This conflict and the possibility of a fight is weighing heavily on Nikolai. Nikolai has a gift for drawing and telling a story of what had occurred at certain places, so when asked for help by Ester he quickly agreed. Nikolai has been drawn to Ester since he first met her and this would be a distraction that he needs to break from the worry of what is to come with Ulrik. Ester too has been attracted to Nikolai, but has been to absorbed in this issue with what had happened in her past....can these two find more than what they started to look out for? This was another exciting story by Ms. Grant!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another book in the series that did not disappoint. I can't wait to read the next book. It amazes me the twists and turns in this amazing ongoing story . You want the answers but yet again you don't want it to end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nikolai and Esther's story is incredible. With more pieces of the storyline falling into place, I cannot wait for the next book. If you haven't read this series start now. It's got all the makings of an explosive finish. Can wait.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
great book .love the stories