Heartbeat of My Life

Heartbeat of My Life

by Julie Evans


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A beating heart results in a life. My purpose is to give life to a part of our history as a ward of the state of New South Wales. It seemed to us that we were insignificant, it seemed to us it did not matter if we lived or died. I had a beating heart and I was not invisible and we had feelings that were ignored. In life’s energy we mattered and on a universal plain every child should.

It’s my journey it’s in my heart

With every beat right from the start

My road travelled, the rugged truth

Happy times raised from abuse

You will feel as I tell my tale

I had the strength to just not fail

So my book is something dear

I shared my life so in it fear

Take what you will from what I share

To another this story does not compare

It’s my journey, it’s in my heart

With every beat

With no repeat

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780648298809
Publisher: Publicious Book Publishing
Publication date: 03/26/2018
Pages: 132
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.28(d)

About the Author

Julie Evans born in Balmain Sydney, started life with two loving parents yet was taken from their care and placed in the child welfare system for reasons unfathomable today...not an uncommon practice for this time.

Indeed, it was so common that these children received a name..."The Forgotten Australians"

Despite having an unimaginable life thrust upon her, Julie is a wonderful human being who has triumphed over many atrocities that were directly attributed to life in the system that was supposedly there to protect her.

One of the "Forgotten Australians" Julie has spent most of her adult life struggling to overcome her past and build a life for herself and her seven children. Now living with her youngest daughter in Townsville, Julie has dedicated herself to being a positive example of moving past just surviving, of taking life by the horns and fulfilling a life long dream.

For as long as she could remember Julie had a strong compulsion to craft her story to have her voice finally heard...for someone to listen. This comes in the form of "Heart Beat of my Life" - a courageous and heart-wrenching journey through Julie's life story as she finds her way to a place of hope, happiness and peace.

In Julie's words this story is "To pass on her insight not her suffering", to help others to understand the "The Forgotten Australians" really are...to inspire, to educate and reach out to others that have had to endure at the hand of abuse and make a positive difference.

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