Hazardous Gases and Fumes: A Safety Handbook

Hazardous Gases and Fumes: A Safety Handbook

by Peter J. Warren


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The purpose of this book is to provide the user with a concise summary of the physical properties, detection methods, handling precautions and of the biochemical and physiological effects of gases and fumes found in the working environment so that they may be handled safely.

The substances dealt with in this book vary considerably in their properties, whether it be chemical, physical or physiological, and as a consequence in the risks they pose to health and safety and the conditions demanded of staff and workplaces which handle them. It is therefore important not only to be able to identify both the gases and fumes themselves, but the dangers which they pose and the consequent measures necessary to deal with those dangers, whether it be as a precautionary measure or in response to an incident. For these reasons the availability of the data contained in this extremely useful book will be of vital importance to all staff on sites where such substances are used as well as too those who may need to react to an accident involving their use such as fire-fighters, doctors, nurses, paramedics and other emergency response staff.

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ISBN-13: 9780750620901
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Publication date: 06/20/1997
Pages: 196
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Table of Contents

Introduction; Identification and Measurement of gases and fumes by physical and chemical methods; Legislation relating to the use and storage of gases; Safety equipment used for handling gases and fumes; Safety data on individual gases and fumes comprising:- description, safe working conditions, detection methods, effects on man, first aid, precautions when using the gas/fume. This section categorises the substances according to whether they are Physiological Gases, Inert Gases, Anaesthetic Gases, Fuel Gases, Toxic Gases or Fumes, Aerosols or Vapours; References.

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