Havanese And Havanese Dogs Bible: Includes: Havanese Puppies, Havanese Dogs, Havanese Breed, Havanese Rescue, Finding Breeders, Havanese Care, Mixes, Bichon Havanese, Havapoo, And More!

Havanese And Havanese Dogs Bible: Includes: Havanese Puppies, Havanese Dogs, Havanese Breed, Havanese Rescue, Finding Breeders, Havanese Care, Mixes, Bichon Havanese, Havapoo, And More!

by Susanne Saben


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"I've always been interested in Havanese or as I call them "Cuban Dogs". What I liked about this book is that you can tell that she really loves the Havanese breed- it truly shows." Dawn Gardner, Spokane, WA.

"FULL of complete, clear, and detailed information on Havanese dogs. I like the part about finding Havanese puppies - and how to tell if they are healthy right away!"Christie Langor, Alpharetta, GA.

"Well written and easy to understand, helpful with Havanese!" A. Smithton, Toronto, ON

"The most complete resource out there on the Havanese!" Elizabeth Reynolds, London, UK

"Highly recommended if you are curious about the Havanese, or want to know the difference between Havanaese, Havapoo, Havamalt, etc- really helpful (and fun to read)"- Reggie Langs, Charlotte, NC.

"The GO TO Book for all things Havanese!" - M. Smithton, Vancouver, BC

Havanese And Havanese Dogs Bible Includes: Havanese Puppies, Havanese Dogs, Havanese Breed, Havanese Rescue, Finding Breeders, Havanese Care, Mixes, Bichon Havanese, Havapoo & More!

Everything you need to know about Havanese from Havanese Puppies to adult Havanese Dogs, this is Your definitive Havanese Dog Guide. As a Havanese Dog lover the author enjoys advising on all aspects of Havanese Care including: the Havanese, Havanese Puppies, Havanese Dogs, Havanese Rescue, Havanese Breeders, Havanese For Sale, Havapoo, Care & More!

Everything you need to know about the Havanese - from Havanese Puppies through to adult Havanese, this is the definitive Havanese Book. Another informative and entertaining title from Susanne Saben! As a Havanese lover- Susanne enjoys advising on all aspects of Havanese Dogs from Havanese Puppies through to adult Havanese Dogs, Havanese Rescue, the Havanese Breed and its history, Havanese Dogs for Sale, Havanese Temperament, Havanese Training, Havanese Grooming. Also included is full information on the other types of Havanese Mix such as Havapoo Puppies & the Havanese Poodle Mix, Bichon Havanese, Teacup Havanese, Havanese Shih Tzu Mix and Many More.

Whether you are considering a Havanese for the first time, or a seasoned Havanese owner, the tricks and tips within this guide will prove invaluable. This book is a must have guide for anybody passionate about the Havanese. The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style. In a straight forward, no nonsense fashion, Susanne Saben covers all aspects of the Havanese, Havanese Dogs, Havanese Puppies for Sale and Havanese Breeders, Havanese Adoption, Havanese Rescue, Grooming Havanese, Havanese Temperament, Cuban Dog History, Havanese Terrier, Havanese Dog Prices, Havanese Bichon Mixes, Havamalts, Havanese Care, Havanese Old Age, Havanese Training, Havanese Feeding, & More!

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ISBN-13: 9781911355083
Publisher: Dominate Your Market With Damian Leon, Ltd.
Publication date: 08/17/2016
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Susanne Saben is a dedicated animal lover and owner who has years of experience advising on all aspects of your pet's care from breeders, adoption and rescue, raising, feeding, care, temperament, health, and having the best possible experience with your pet! Susanne writes in an entertaining and straightforward style which you will be sure to enjoy while you benefit from her years of experience and love for the animals she so richly writes about. Susanne lives in southern Georgia with her 3 children and husband, and has been a writer and avid animal lover for many years!

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction 1 Useful Terms to Know 3 Chapter Two: Havanese Dog Overview 8 1.) What is a Havanese Dog or Cuban Dog? 9 2.) Havanese Dog History 10 3.) Havanese Weight, Havanese Temperament and Other Breed Information 13 a) Havanese Colors and Coat 13 b) Havanese Personality and Health 14 c) Summary of Havanese Breed Info 16 4.) Havanese Types and Mixes 18 Havanese Mix Pictures 20 Havachon (Bichon Frise and Havanese) Bichon Havanese Mix 21 Havamalt (Maltese and Havanese) Havanese Maltese Mix 21 Havashu (Shih Tzu and Havanese) Havanese Shih Tzu Mix 22 Havapoo (Havanese and Toy Poodle) Havanese Poodle Mix 22 Chapter Three: Havanese Costs and Other Practical Havanese Tips 23 1.) Do You Need a License for an Adult Havanese? 25 2.) How Many Havanese Dogs Should You Get? 27 3.) Do Havanese Dogs Get Along with Other Pets? 28 4.) Havanese Dog Price and Costs 29 a. Price of a Havanese Dog for Sale and Other Initial Costs 30 b. Monthly Costs for a Full Grown Havanese 34 5.) Havanese Dog Pros and Cons 37 Chapter Four: Havanese Puppies and Where to Find Havanese Puppies for Sale 39 1.) Where to Find Havanese Breeders with Havanese Dogs for Sale 40 a) Finding Teacup Havanese or Toy Havanese 43 b) Finding a Havanese Terrier, Havamalt Puppies or Havapoo Puppies 44 2.) How to Choose a Healthy Havanese Puppy 45 3.) Havanese Rescue and Finding Havanese Puppies for Adoption 48 Chapter Five: Havanese Dog Care Guide 51 1.) Havanese Home Requirements 52 2.) Havanese Dog Feeding Guide 55 a.) Nutritional Needs for Havanese Dogs 56 b.) Choosing a Healthy Dog Food. 58 c.) Tips for Feeding Havanese Dogs 62 3.) Havanese Shedding and Grooming Requirements 65 a. Brushing and Bathing 67 b. Trimming Your Havanese 68 c. Clipping the Nails 69 d. Cleaning the Ears 70 Chapter Six: Havanese Dog Training Guide 71 1.) Overview of Dog Training Methods 72 2.) Best Training Method for Havanese Breed 75 a. Sample Training Sequence 76 3.) Havanese Puppy Crate Training Guide 79 Chapter Seven: Havanese Dogs Breeding Guide 82 1.) General Havanese Dog Breeding Information 83 a. Precautions and Risks 83 b. Basic Dog Breeding Information 85 2.) Raising Havanese Puppies Information 87 Chapter Eight: Havanese Dog Health Guide 91 1.) Common Health Problems for Havanese Dogs 93 a. Cataracts 94 b. Chondrodysplasia 95 c. Deafness 96 d. Heart Disease 97 e. Hip Dysplasia 99 f. Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease 100 g. Liver Shunt 101 h. Patellar Luxation 102 i. Progressive Retinal Atrophy 103 j. Tear Staining 104 2.) Havanese Dog Vaccinations and Precautions 105 Chapter Nine: Havanese Dogs Showing Guide 107 1.) Havanese Dog Breed Standard 108 a. American Kennel Club Standard 108 b. The Kennel Club Breed Standard 111 2.) Tips for Showing Havanese Dogs 114 Chapter Ten: Havanese Dog Care Sheet 118 1.) Havanese Information Overview 119 2.) Havanese Habitat Information Overview 121 3.) Havanese Nutritional Information Overview 123 4.) Havanese Breeding Information Overview 125 Conclusion 127 Index 129

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