Harvest Moon (Virgin River Series #15)

Harvest Moon (Virgin River Series #15)

by Robyn Carr

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Original)

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Return to Virgin River with the books that started it all…

The recipe for happiness: making it up as you go along

Rising sous-chef Kelly Matlock's sudden collapse at work is a wake-up call. Disillusioned and burned out, she's retreated to her sister Jillian's house in Virgin River to rest and reevaluate.

Puttering in Jill's garden and cooking with her heirloom vegetables is wonderful, but Virgin River is a far cry from San Francisco. Kelly's starting to feel a little too unmotivated…until she meets Lief Holbrook. The handsome widower looks more like a lumberjack than a sophisticated screenwriter—a combination Kelly finds irresistible. But less appealing is Lief's rebellious stepdaughter, Courtney. She's the reason they moved from LA, but Courtney's finding plenty of trouble even in Virgin River.

Kelly's never fallen for a guy with such serious baggage, but some things are worth fighting for. Besides, a bratty teenager can't be any worse than a histrionic chef…right?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780778317616
Publisher: MIRA Books
Publication date: 12/29/2015
Series: Virgin River Series , #15
Edition description: Original
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 44,853
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Robyn Carr is a RITA® Award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than forty novels, including the critically acclaimed Virgin River series. Robyn and her husband live in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can visit Robyn Carr’s website at www.RobynCarr.com.

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"I need to see you," Phillip said. "My office." Kelly Matlock, sous chef, threw him an incredulous look. She was literally holding apart a big Italian and a big Swede; the Italian line cook had a spatula and the Swedish one was wielding a metal spoon as they fought over stove-top territory. The request that she go to the restaurant manager's office right now was so absurd, she almost laughed. "Really too busy here, Phillip," she said. "Not only are we having a brawl in the kitchen, but it's seven o'clock. Prime dinner rush. Check with me at ten."

"It's urgent," he said. "Otherwise, believe me, I wouldn't ask."

"Where's Durant?" Kelly asked, speaking of the chef de cuisine, the head chef.

"Making his rounds in the front of the house, gloating. Let these two morons kill each other—we're short on meat anyway."

That suggestion did far more to separate the line cooks than Kelly had. "I'll be right there," she said to Phillip. He liked to be addressed as Philippe, although Kelly had learned he didn't actually have a French cell in his body. His accent was entirely for show. She went to her locker, removed her apron and exchanged her soiled white jacket for a clean, crisp one and left her senior line cook in charge.

It never crossed her mind that it might be a real emergency; Phillip loved his melodramatic displays. His second favorite thing was making passes at the female staff and his third, screaming matches with Durant.

One day, when Kelly finally became chef de cuisine, there would be no Phillip; she would never tolerate a manager with such annoying, socially unacceptable behaviors.

She gave a couple of taps on Phillip's office door and then pushed it open. Her heart almost stopped. Seated there, in a chair facing the restaurant manager's desk, was Olivia Brazzi, wife of the world-famous master chef Luciano Brazzi. Although Kelly crossed her path regularly—at charity events and in this very restaurant—they didn't know each other at all. Luca owned a controlling interest in this restaurant. Olivia was tight with Durant and her presence here was not unusual. But Olivia had always ignored Kelly, treating her as if she were a mere cook, not worthy of her time.

Olivia smiled at her with such warmth and kindness, Kelly wondered for an insane moment if she were dreaming and Olivia had come to turn Luca over to her.

While Mrs. Brazzi was stunning in her elegant black crepe dress, shiny textured stockings, three-inch heels and strategically placed diamonds, she did not look her fifty years, not by twenty. She looked like a girl. A sophisticated girl with ice-blue eyes.

Kelly's stomach flipped. What in the world could she want with me? she thought. Could she expect me to cater a special dinner party or event?

Olivia glanced at Phillip. "A moment, Philippe? May I have the room?"

Kelly became light-headed. On her list of most unexpected events, a private meeting with Olivia Brazzi was up there with alien abduction.

"Of course, Olivia," he said and paused to kiss the back of her hand before leaving. It made Kelly want to gag.

"Ms. Matlock, please," Olivia purred. "Sit down a moment." She gestured with a small, delicate hand to the chair beside her.

Kelly said a brief prayer. Whatever this is, please let it be over quickly!

"I'm sorry that our first meeting is so awkward, Ms. Matlock, but I've come to ask you to stop sleeping with my husband."

Kelly's eyes grew large in spite of her desire to remain poised. "Are you serious?" she asked, mortified.

"Oh, my, yes," Olivia said.

"Mrs. Brazzi, I'm not sleeping with Luca!"

"Perhaps there's not that much sleeping… Now, let's get it sorted out quickly and quietly. Shall we?" And she lifted a brow.

Whew, at least Olivia was quick and to the point. And that sounded suspiciously as if Olivia and Luca were not as separated as Luca claimed.

Of course, Kelly wasn't sleeping with him! But best to say nothing further, she decided, because her feelings for Luca would probably show all over her face. She swallowed those emotions with an effort.

Kelly was pretty; she knew she was pretty. But Olivia was beautiful. And chic. And seasoned; experienced. Her sophisticated and contained self-assuredness was a bit overpowering. Kelly had been up against the most diabolical chefs in the world, yet the soft spoken Mrs. Brazzi had her completely intimidated.

"Luca told me everything. How you met, how long you've been seeing each other, etcetera. It's a familiar story. Of course you're not the first," Olivia said. "I imagine you know that by now. My husband seems to have a particular taste for blondes. Please, will you break it off?"

She knew she shouldn't say anything at all. But this was a bit too crazy to leave alone. "With all due respect, Mrs. Brazzi, I don't know what you're talking about."

"Your affair with Luca has been going on for about three months now. Maybe four? You met at a charity event—in fact, I was present. You love to exchange food. It leads to all the other things—for Luca, food equals passion. Your number was all over his cell phone, so I confronted him. It's not the first time we've gone around about something like that. The messages, the texts, the pictures, all that. Please, it's out now. I just want it to end."

Kelly stiffened. "Really, Mrs. Brazzi, I've known your husband much longer than three months. I've been sous chef here for three years! We've had professional contact, sometimes frequent—this is his restaurant, even if Durant thinks he owns the place, but—"

Olivia smiled indulgently. "Please, do call me Olivia. After all, we have so much in common. And my dear, you really don't want to pursue this. If it's not already obvious to you, allow me to enlighten you—Luca has a short attention span. Has he told you about the other children? The ones he's fathered outside our marriage?"

If her intention was to shock Kelly, it certainly worked. "Ah, Mrs. Brazzi, you have me at a complete disadvantage. This is sounding more and more like personal business between you and your husband. I wouldn't know anything about—"

"We've managed to keep those unfortunate liaisons inside the family and company, but if you're really close he would have told you. Luca has many conquests on his record. For all I know, there could be a dozen children. But not on the books—I keep a close eye on the finances. I'm sorry if you're hurt, but the sooner you move away from this mess with Luca, the better, I promise you. It won't come to a tidy end. And there's no money in it."

Kelly shot to her feet. "Money? You can't possibly think—" And then she could have kicked herself. How's that for sounding like a confession? But the suggestion that she was a gold digger was somehow even more offensive than the accusation that she was fooling around with Luca!

"I'm truly sorry," Olivia said. "I meant no offense. I'm sure you probably love him madly. You should know that while Luca supports his children, their mothers haven't profited. They're forced to live simply. And sadly, my children haven't been welcoming to them. As you might imagine, it doesn't please them that their father has such a wandering eye. They're very loyal to me."

"Mrs. Brazzi, I wouldn't know about things like children outside your marriage because I don't believe I'm a confidante. I speak to Luca about recipes and menus, about dining venues and career opportunities. He's been a mentor and friend. But really—"

"Just save it, Ms. Matlock. I couldn't possibly have stayed with Luca this long by being naïve. You call or text him several times a day!"

"Those are replies," Kelly insisted. It was the truth—if there were several texts or calls in a day, it was because she was answering him. She never initiated many calls; she didn't want to appear needy or desperate. "I wouldn't want to bother him! He's a very busy man!"

Olivia leaned closer. "I've seen the records, dear. I know you're in love with my husband and we have to end this here. Now."

Fair enough, Kelly thought. The relationship, such as it was, would hereby end. But she bristled at the way she was being misjudged, as if she had gone after him, perhaps for profit. Luca had told her that he and Olivia lived separate lives under the same roof, that for over twenty years they'd had separate bedrooms, that they were together for their children and important social events that led to business success. Kelly had never been his lover!

All that being said, Kelly had long ago admitted to herself that her relationship with him wasn't completely innocent. Luca romanced her with food and words, claimed to have fallen for her, professed to love her. And although she had said she wasn't getting involved with a married man, she'd lapped up his praise and adoration like a thirsty puppy.

Still, she couldn't imagine what Olivia Brazzi had seen that would lead her to assume some sexual liaison!

Kelly could play along with this until she spoke to Luca and found out what was going on. "Seriously, Mrs. Brazzi, I would never disrupt your family. Luca should have saved you the trouble of coming here. In fact, if he said it would be best to have no friendship at all, I would understand. I'm not holding him hostage."

But what Mrs. Brazzi had said—preference for blondes, many conquests, children born outside his marriage? None of this reflected anything Luca had told her.

Of course, she chided herself. Big surprise.

Olivia actually laughed. "Who do you think sent me, darling? It's not the first time I've had to clean up after him."

"Are you out of your mind?" Kelly nearly shouted before she could stop herself.

"I know rudeness runs rampant in the kitchen." Olivia frowned. "Believe me, I've witnessed that for myself on many occasions, but it's not charming. Yes, Luca sent me to talk to you. He thought that coming from me, you would understand."

"That's the thing I don't understand. Why would he do this to me? I'm certainly no threat to you." She shook her head. "He had only to tell me that you were uncomfortable with our friendship, and that would end all communication between us."

"Nice try, darling," Olivia said. "While he was in the lavatory last night, I looked at his phone. I found a couple of weeks' worth of recent calls, a couple of very sultry voice mails from you, some texts he hadn't deleted. We fought. We negotiated. He made me an offer—if I would ask you to kindly move on, he would stop taking your calls and instruct his staff to make polite excuses. I agreed. As I have before. Can we consider this over now?"

Kelly frowned. Then she really laughed. Sultry? Not likely. "Mrs. Brazzi, you've got the wrong girl. I can't imagine I've ever left him a sultry message!" And the Luca Kelly knew was more likely to explode in anger than whimper a confession and beg for help from his estranged wife to end a relationship over what might've been on his cell phone! Kelly was paranoid and nervous enough to never leave a suggestive text or voice mail. She couldn't count the number of assistants Luca employed.

She had believed Luca, that he and his wife had an understanding and their legal separation and divorce was being negotiated. There was an occasional text: I'll be in the restaurant office at five. I want to see you. Couldn't he be sending that sort of text to any chef he wanted to speak to? Any colleague? To Durant? To Phillip?

Was it possible Olivia was a little nuts? Was she exaggerating, or was it possible she was a little crazy?

Frankly, it surprised Kelly that Luca was still around. Most men with the good looks, money and power of Luca Brazzi would move on to a woman more willing to throw caution to the wind and succumb to that fullblown affair Olivia apparently thought they had had.

It was irrelevant that Kelly longed for that; it was beside the point that Kelly adored him, that she believed herself to be in love with him. She'd managed to keep him at a safe distance because he was married. And…because she was woefully inexperienced with men.

"I think you need to work this out with Luciano," Kelly said, shaking her head. "I'm not sure what's really going on here."

"If that's the case, dear, then you won't be at all upset when you can't reach him."

"Mrs. Brazzi, if he's such a philanderer and cheat, having children with mistresses and spoiling your good name, why in the world are you with him?"

"That's a fair question. Because we married for life, we have a very large family together, we're business partners and breaking up an international company as large as ours would be dreadfully complicated. And you may rest assured, my name is on every document that matters. All that aside, despite his flaws, I do love the man. He's a genius, a gifted and complicated man, and he couldn't manage without someone like me. He has a habit of telling his women that there's nothing between us, but of course it's not true—we sleep together every night. We're husband and wife, dear. Now, here's what will happen," she explained. "He has given his word he won't contact you again. The romance dissolves here and now and you're on your way to the next available man. Thank you for your time."

She turned, and before Kelly could even speak, Olivia's hand was on the office door to leave.

Kelly lost her head and blurted out her feelings before she could stop herself. "I can't imagine running off alleged girlfriends for a man I loved! Why do you do it?"

Olivia turned toward her. She smiled patiently. "Trust me, I have my reasons. Billions of reasons, really. Good evening, Ms. Matlock."

Kelly went back to the kitchen, which was hot, steamy and alive with action, shouting and chaos typical of seven-thirty in the evening. In something of a daze, she quickly replaced the perfectly white, starched coat with her slightly soiled one and wrapped her apron around her waist. Of course Luca could have lied to her; perhaps he was just trying to consummate the very fling Olivia suspected.

Or, Olivia could be lying about Luca sending her to ask Kelly to go away, for a billion reasons.

She wasn't going to find out soon, so she got back in there and started directing traffic, checking the orders, moving dishes along to the waitstaff, observing the line cooks at work, stepping in whenever her assistance was needed.

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Harvest Moon (Virgin River Series #13) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 268 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In San Francisco Kelly Matlock has a breakdown of sorts as she is unable to handle the stress of working as a sous chef nor deal any long with her relationship with internationally renowned boss Luciano Brazzi when his wife Olivia demands she not sleep with her husband; Kelly says she is not sleeping with Luca though she admits to herself she is in love with her boss. Olivia says Luca sent her to clean up his latest mess. Unable to cope she has an anxiety attack that has her rushed to the emergency room. After being released and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and flattened molars made worse by a broken heart and by her immediate boss Durant, Kelly flees to hide and heal at her sister Jillian's home in Virgin River. Though she knows better, Kelly still under the influence of Valium stops at Jack's for a courage drink though she knows better than to mix alcohol and medicine. Widower Leif Holbrook the screenwriter rescues her from herself; having practice with his stepdaughter Courtney. Kelly and Leif are attracted to one another, but she remains hurt from her previous relationship and he is fathering a rebel with one cause of no other woman in their home. The latest trip to Virgin River is an engaging contemporary romance that in spite of a plot used many times feels brisk and fresh due to the strong cast as each of the lead trio has belonging issues. Character driven, readers will enjoy the return to Virgin River as different types of love blossoms in the gardens under a Harvest Moon. Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Super read, great story, no garbage just pure enjoyment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyable! Robyn Carr definitely is a great story teller and has a way with words. The Virgin River series is exciting and every visit keeps you wanting more. Thanks Robyn and staff. by LA-TXN
Anonymous 7 months ago
Harvest Moon is a wonderful story. Robyn Carr is ... not enough words in my vocabulary.... a marvelous witer. This is my second time reading this series, and I am in awe of her stories and her compassion. She must be an amazing person to not only to write such warm engrossing stories, but to also make the reader feel part of it all. Obviously, I cannot convey my feelings using the written words, but I cried, worried, and laughed out loud when I read Robyn Carr's, Harvest Moon. Jillian and Kelly are sisters who have overcome many obstacles and heartaches. They supported one another through those times. Their bond strengthens each of them, and as a true Harliquen romance book, sets them on a path to their happily ever after. I love these stories! I wish I could walk into Jack's bar and become one of Robyn Carr's characters. Until then, I'm on to book #16.
ReginaR on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This has to been one of my least favorite in the series. But that is okay. It was still enjoyable and had all the qualities I enjoy in the Virgin River series. Solid relationship building, reinvention of ones' life, fully exploring and solving personal problems. Carr is very good at slowly and thoroughly writing these issues, she doesn't skimp on character development. My main problem was I didn't buy into the relationship between Leif and Kelly and I didn't believe that Kelly would be able to create a career solely on making chutneys and sauces. The amount of supplies she would need would be costly and would seriously cut into Jilly's profits. Also, the Hollywood storylines in this series are my least favorite. In the end, it is still enjoyable while not as steamy as the others in Virgin River. The next in this series [book:Bring Me Home for Christmas|11216649], so fans will appreciate the story arc.
ZosiaCanberra on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
"We¿ll make out for a while and you¿ll feel better.¿ This is the first Virgin River book I¿ve given five stars to. It was the perfect balance of everything Robyn Carr does well, and one of the most emotional instalments to the series. Though I really loved it, be warned that while it's a fantastic book, it¿s probably not a five star read as far as the romance is concerned ¿ it¿s nice but kind of takes a backseat to the family dramas. You¿d probably be much better off starting this at least a couple of books earlier, but I don¿t see any problem with picking the series up here. It¿s a little snapshot of life in small Californian mountain town Virgin River, with a wonderful and believable relationship at the centre. Carr is a FANTASTIC writer who has great skill with dialogue and an excellent sense of humour. She can write small, everyday things and make them interesting, and this was by far the most all-around engaging book for me in the entire series. Kelly was an up and coming star chef in San Francisco. Then one day the wife of the man she idolises pretty publicly (and falsely) accuses her of having an affair with him, and Kelly collapses in the middle of the kitchen. The paramedic is horrified that people are stepping over her instead of trying to help her ¿ unfortunately things like that really do happen! She gets a huge wake-up call when the extent of her health problems is revealed and not a single person is concerned about what happened to her. The man she considered a very close friend completely cuts contact. She takes off to Virgin River, where her sister has made a good life for herself. There she meets scriptwriter Lief, who has rescued his stepdaughter (his wife is dead) from her uncaring family, and taken her out of Los Angeles in an attempt to heal them both. This is a little snapshot of regular people¿s lives, and while the romance wasn¿t quite as special as Colin and Jillian¿s in Wild Man Creek, it was believable and both sweet and complicated at the same time. The stepdaughter, Courtney, was a real handful, and while I wanted her to disappear a lot of the time, she was a well-written character who I could see really behaving the way she did. I had a few reservations coming into this one: 1. The teenage stepdaughter (I hate reading about surly teenagers outside of Young Adult fiction, and usually not in Young Adult fiction either!). 2. The heroine is a fancy chef and this author likes to include lots of details about her characters¿ professions ¿ and I can¿t cook, don¿t care and am not the slightest bit interested in reading about it. 3. We¿d had a good run of Nurse Mel/childbirth-free books, and I didn¿t think the author could stretch to three in a row with a romance focus. I was wrong on all counts. 1. The author writes teenagers exceptionally well, and I liked that part of the story, even if it did force the relationship to be a bit in the background. 2. There was plenty of cooking but I coped. 3. MEL IS NOT IN THIS BOOK!! Not one single appearance; her character not forced on us simply because it¿s Virgin River tradition for her to have a substantial side story. She was unnecessary to the plot of this book, and so she wasn¿t a part of the plot of this book. As with the other recent books in the series, Carr has done an excellent job of keeping the community feel while focusing on her main characters. We don¿t have those annoying jumps in point of view and focus that were prevalent earlier on in the series. The hero of all Virgin River heroes ¿ Jack ¿ for example, is there doing his thing, but not stealing the limelight from Kelly and Lief. It makes for a much better read. Up until recently, Robyn Carr wrote every single one of her female characters as being baby-obsessed, breastfeeding-obsessed little wenches. She wrote any women who were childless and over twenty-five as being physically, psychologically and morally defective. I have to assume it was the result of input from editors, publishers or other si
RtB on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Reviewer: JenRobyn Carr has delivered another winner with her wildly popular Virgin River series. In case you're not familiar with this series, these books are set in a small town in rural California. The first few books centered around some military men who had settled in this little town after having served their country. As the series moved on, we were introduced to members of the community, who moved there to get away from the bustle of the big city, and then their family members.In Harvest Moon, we get a combination of these characters. Leif is escaping the big-city to provide his step-daughter with a better life. And Kelly decides to visit her sister after a a professional scandal. Neither of them are looking for more than friendship, but they can't deny the sparks flying between them.Robyn is a master storyteller. In addition to creating a wonderful romance, the world she's built is so very welcoming. Anyone who has read these books would love to find Virgin River and hang out with the inhabitants. And she doesn't forget to keep bringing back old characters to make little cameos... like Jack and Mel (from book 1, Virgin River) popping up and letting us know that all is well with them and their family.When my heartstrings are tugged, I know a book is a winner. I cried. I laughed. I couldn't put the book down. As with most series, this book is best if you've read other books in the series, just because there are some ongoing story lines. However, the book does stand on it's own and you won't be disappointed by picking up this one.
mchwest on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Rainy day in bed... one book done! Loved the last of this trilogy even more then the others and will wait with anticipation for her next Virgin River Series, they just never get old!
jaxlane on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love the Virgin River series and am sorry that I am caught up and have to wait 9 months until the next book comes out.In Harvest Moon, we get to delve a bit deeper into the life of Kelly Matlock. Kelly is a sous chef at a fancy restaurant in San Francisco. It seems that everything is going her way and she is rising to the top of her game until the day Olivia Brazzi . Kelly is summoned to the office for an impromptu meeting with the owner¿s wife. Olivia accuses Kelly of having an affair with her husband, Lucca, and informs Kelly that this is not the first time that Lucca has strayed and that he has children with some of his other mistresses. Kelly attempts to tell Olivia that there is nothing going on, but Olivia does not believe her. Kelly returns to the kitchen to continue on with her day, albeit very upset. While in the kitchen, Kelly clutches her heart and passes out. We are left to wonder if Kelly had a heart attack. We learn that Kelly only suffered from an anxiety attack, but as Kelly is home recuperating and taking the necessary medications, she feels stifled. When Kelly returns to work she realizes the stress she is under and that things are quite weird, so she up and quits and decides to pack her bag and go to visit her sister Jillian in Virgin River.Upon her arrival in Virgin River, Kelly stops by the local pub to have a drink and calm her nerves before arriving at her sister¿s house to drop the bomb on Jillian that she has quit her job. Kelly goes into Jack¿s Bar and orders a martini. She is seated at the bar drinking her martini and Lief Holbrock, the new guy in town is seated next to her. Kelly quickly becomes inebriated and tells Lief the whole sordid story of what really happened, which was nothing more than one kiss, with her and Luca and that Kelly told Luca she would never have anything with a married man. Lief realizes that the small amount Kelly has had to drink should not make her appear to be loaded and then through conversation learns that Kelly is on medications that do not mix well with alcohol.Kelly and Lief form a friendship which quickly turns into more than just a friendship. As always, there is a stumbling block, this comes in the form of Lief¿s step-daughter, Courtney, who is a troubled teen that lost her mother and has a father that sent her packing, wanting nothing to do with her and her troubles.Later on in the book we find out that Olivia was totally dishonest with Kelly and that Lucca was really divorcing her and wanted to be with Kelly, but realizing Kelly was in love with Lief, Lucca enjoyed the time he spent with Kelly, her family and Lief and went on his way back to his former life.Kelly tries everything she can think of to make Courtney like her and it becomes the downfall of the relationship between Lief and Kelly. Courtney wants it to be just her and Lief as a family unit and is not willing to let Kelly in, thus, keeping Kelly and Lief apart. Lief fears doing anything that will upset Courtney and tries everything he can to build her self-esteem. He gets her horseback riding lessons, a dog that brings tons of laughter and tears into the book and also brings her to a counselor.As with all of Carr¿s books, this book makes me want to continue on with the series. I love losing myself in Virgin River and miss the characters when I am waiting to read the next book. Carr is a fantastic writer who is very skilled at keeping me wanting more.Although I have rated most of Carr¿s books 5 stars, this one was a tiny bit lacking and if there were other ratings I would have rated it a 4.5, but it did not make me want to stop reading her books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would recommend this book for any one
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Harvest Moon is #15 in this series and like all of the others, it is hard to put down. I have had the pleasure of reading this series in sequence. As each new character is introduced, the reader finds themselves among old friends introduced in previous volumes and easily accepting newcomers. It is fascinating to find yourself sitting at Jack's Bar, or among the cabins, or anywhere else in this small town. I can't wait to read the remaining volumes and have become a die-hard fan of Robyn Carr.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
its fun reading about all the people. They are everyday people with normal problems. They could be your neighbors.its nice to have family not murders. I keep wanting to read more about the area and the people
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nice story, but seemed the relationship was rushed and the daughter thing was dragged out. I mean if you cut a few scenes out this could be a young adult book lol.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago