Hardcore UFOs: Revelations, Epiphanies and Fast Food in the Western Hemisphere

Hardcore UFOs: Revelations, Epiphanies and Fast Food in the Western Hemisphere

by Guided by VoicesGuided by Voices


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It sometimes appears that Guided By Voices leader Robert Pollard has taken it upon himself to ensure that GBV is the best-documented rock band on the face of the Earth. Between the band's busy schedule of studio albums, frequent live discs, copious singles, and numerous archive releases and side projects issued as part of GBV's Fading Captain series, it seems as if every sound the group or its leader emits will make it onto sound-bearing plastic in some form, and in what could be some sort of world's record, Hardcore UFOs: Revelations, Epiphanies and Fast Food in the Western Hemisphere is the second multi-disc box set from Guided By Voices in three years, and none of the 129 tracks that appear here were on 2000's 100-song Suitcase (and none of those had been previously released). In short, this is the sort of release that forces fans to ask the question, "Just how much Guided By Voices do I really need?" Disc one is a useful 32-song "best-of" disc, which cherry picks 77 minutes of prime-quality material from a catalog that has long needed a healthy pruning; this disc, also available separately in a different sequence, is as good an introduction to the band as you're likely to find. Discs two and three offer, respectively, a collection of B-sides and compilation tracks, and a selection of unreleased tunes and demos; in the grand tradition of the Suitcase set, these two discs offer a handful of true gems sitting cheek by jowl with recordings that didn't make the cut for very obvious reasons, once again proving what Robert Pollard needs more than anything is an editor. Disc four features 31 unreleased live performances from seven years worth of audience-taped gigs, and while the disc certainly has its peaks and valleys, the beery enthusiasm and regular-guy passion for rock that makes GBV's shows so much fun certainly comes across, and this is an enjoyable document of the group's live prowess and goofball charm. Disc five offers the first-ever CD release of GBV's debut EP, Forever Since Breakfast, and heard today it's amusing to hear how much of the group's sonic personality was in place from the start -- and how much the bandmembers wanted to sound like R.E.M. when they were starting out. Rounding out the set is a DVD version of Banks Tarver's documentary about Guided By Voices, 1995's Watch Me Jumpstart, which is at once a sketchy but compelling look at GBV's formative years and, in retrospect, an almost poignant look at these musicians as they ride the cusp of greater recognition (it's especially telling that several say they aren't sure what they would do if the band's new success suddenly went away; two years later, Pollard would be the only one still in the band). The DVD has also been beefed up with additional music videos, live performances, and a new short from Tarver in which Pollard and his brother sort through boxes of Guided By Voices memorabilia. Marvelously, frustratingly, Hardcore UFOs ultimately plays out like a great big Guided By Voices album, with plenty of beautifully life-affirming hard-rocking pop and more than a few aimless and misguided failed experiments, with the proportions at just the point where it's ultimately a matter of taste and patience if you should have this on your shelf. If you're a beginner, get the stand-alone "best-of" disc. If you're an obsessed fan, of course you'll want to have it. Anyone else -- hey, perhaps you could make friends with and borrow it from an obsessed fan.

Product Details

Release Date: 11/04/2003
Label: Matador Records
UPC: 0744861055020
catalogNumber: 10550


Disc 1

  1. Captain's Dead
  2. Drinker's Peace
  3. Exit Flagger
  4. 14 Cheerleader Coldfront
  5. Shocker in Gloomtown
  6. Non-Absorbing
  7. Tractor Rape Chain
  8. Hot Freaks
  9. Echos Myron
  10. I Am a Scientist
  11. A Salty Salute
  12. Watch Me Jumpstart
  13. Game of Pricks
  14. Motor Away
  15. Hit
  16. My Valuable Hunting Knife
  17. Cut-Out Witch
  18. The Official Ironmen Rally Song
  19. To Remake the Young Flyer
  20. I Am a Tree
  21. Bulldog Skin
  22. Learning to Hunt
  23. Teenage FBI
  24. Things I Will Keep
  25. Surgical Focus
  26. Chasing Heather Crazy
  27. Twilight Campfighter
  28. Glad Girls
  29. Back to the Lake
  30. Everywhere With Helicopter
  31. My Kind of Soldier
  32. The Best of Jill Hives

Disc 2

  1. Motor Away
  2. Color of My Blade
  3. My Valuable Hunting Knife
  4. Game of Pricks
  5. Mice Feel Nice (In My Room)
  6. Not Good for the Mechanism
  7. Kiss Only the Important Ones
  8. Dodging Invisible Rays
  9. Deaf Ears
  10. Why Did You Land?
  11. June Salutes You!
  12. Delayed Reaction Brats
  13. He's the Uncle
  14. The Key Losers
  15. Postal Blowfish
  16. Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy
  17. Some Drilling Implied
  18. Systems Crash
  19. Catfood on the Earwig
  20. The Who vs. Porky Pig
  21. A Life in Finer Clothing
  22. The Worryin' Song
  23. Subtle Gear Shifting
  24. Finks
  25. The Finest Joke Is Upon Us
  26. The Singing Razorblade
  27. Now to War
  28. Mannequin's Complaint (Wax Dummy Meltdown)
  29. Do They Teach You the Chase?
  30. (I'll Name You) The Flame That Cries
  31. The Ascended Master's Grogshop
  32. My Thoughts Are a Gas
  33. Running Off With the Fun City Girls
  34. None of Them Any Good
  35. Choking Tara (Creamy)

Disc 3

  1. I
  2. Back to Saturn X Radio Report
  3. H-O-M-E
  4. You're the Special
  5. Perhaps We Were Swinging
  6. Mother & Son
  7. 7 Strokes to Heaven's Edge
  8. Fire 'Em Up, Abner
  9. Harboring Exiles
  10. Still Worth Nothing
  11. Never
  12. Slave Your Beetle Brain
  13. It Is Divine
  14. They
  15. I Invented the Moonwalk (And the Pencil Sharpener)
  16. Fly into Ashes
  17. The Various Vaults of Convenience
  18. Trashed Aircraft
  19. Running Off With the Fun City Girls
  20. Bulldog Skin
  21. Portable Men's Society
  22. Choking Tara
  23. Man Called Aerodynamics

Disc 4

  1. Intro
  2. Little Lines
  3. A Salty Salute
  4. I Am Produced
  5. Why Did You Land?
  6. Zap
  7. 14 Cheerleader Coldfront
  8. Everywhere With Helicopter
  9. Quicksilver
  10. James Riot
  11. Pretty Bombs
  12. Far Out Crops
  13. My Impression Now
  14. Look at Them
  15. Melted Pat
  16. How Loft Am I?
  17. King and Caroline/Motor Away
  18. Trap Soul Door
  19. Cheyenne
  20. Make Use
  21. Burning Flag Birthday Suit
  22. Weed King
  23. Town of Mirrors
  24. Over the Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox
  25. Dragon's Awake
  26. Shrine to the Dynamic Years
  27. Game of Pricks
  28. Tractor Rape Chain
  29. Key Losers
  30. Now to War
  31. Johnny Appleseed
  32. Drinker's Peace

Disc 5

  1. Land of Danger
  2. Let's Ride
  3. Like I Do
  4. Sometimes I Cry
  5. She Wants to Know
  6. Fountain of Youth
  7. The Other Place

Disc 6

  1. Watch Me Jumpstart
  2. Beautiful Plastic
  3. Bonus Thirty Minutes of Live Performances
  4. Pretty Much Every GBV Music Video to Date
  5. Additional Live Material

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Guided by Voices   Primary Artist
Kevin Fennell   Drums
Tobin Sprout   Slide Guitar
Robert Pollard   Guitar,Violin,Vocals
Jim Pollard   Guitar,Background Vocals
Doug Gillard   Guitar
Paul Comstock   Guitar
Mitch Mitchell   Bass,Background Vocals
Eric Peyton   Drums
Mitch Swan   Guitar
Bruce Smith   Drums

Technical Credits

Guided by Voices   Producer,Remixing
Chris Knox   Liner Notes
Richard Meltzer   Liner Notes
Tobin Sprout   Composer
M. Mitchell   Composer
Robert Pollard   Composer,Liner Notes,Artwork,Re-arranged
Jim Pollard   Composer
David Newgarden   Re-arranged
Doug Gillard   Composer
Christian Lantry   Cover Photo
Mark Ohe   Re-arranged,Collage
Matt Sweeney   Liner Notes
Bob Ohe   Collage
Byron Coley   Liner Notes
Mitch Mitchell   Composer
Banks Tarver   Filmmaker
Tom Lax   Liner Notes
Jesper Eklow   Re-arranged
Wayne Hartman   Producer,Engineer,Remixing
Annie Pearlman   Director
Rich Turiel   Liner Notes,Re-arranged

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