Hard to Find Pop Instrumentals, Vol. 2

Hard to Find Pop Instrumentals, Vol. 2


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Hard to Find Pop Instrumentals, Vol. 2 is a 21-song collection of instrumentals from the early '50s to the late '60s. The disc is overflowing with memorable memories drawn from a wide range of styles, including Western themes ("Apache" by Jorgen Ingmann and "The Bonanza Theme" by Al Caiola), jazz ("Alley Cat" by the improbably named Bent Fabric & His Piano), middle-of-the-road rock ("No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In") by the T-Bones and "Music to Watch Girls By" by the Bob Crewe Generation), cornball pop ("Yakety Sax" by Boots Randolph and "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman" by Whistling Jack Smith), south-of-the-border pop ("Mexico" by Bob Moore and "I Want to Be Happy Cha Cha" by the always entertaining Enoch Light), and TV and movie themes ("Dragnet" by Ray Anthony and "Bandstand Boogie" by Les Elgart). This disc is fun from beginning to end and sure to appeal to easy listening aficionados who were current when these songs were current, as well as hipsters who are a couple of years too late on the exotica bandwagon. Most of all, the disc will appeal to music lovers who love a nice melody and an interesting arrangement. Hard to Find Pop Instrumentals, Vol. 2 is rife with both.

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Release Date: 04/22/2003
Label: Eric
UPC: 0730531151925
catalogNumber: 11519
Rank: 81746


  1. Apache
  2. The Bonaza Theme
  3. Asia Minor
  4. Alley Cat
  5. Down Yonder
  6. Armen's Theme
  7. The Happy Whistler
  8. Sadie's Shawl
  9. No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)
  10. Music to Watch Girls By
  11. A Walk in the Black Forest
  12. I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman
  13. Yakety Sax
  14. Mexico
  15. Comin' in the Back Door
  16. I Want to Be Happy Cha Cha
  17. Quentin's Theme
  18. Theme from The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
  19. Dragnet
  20. Bandstand Boogie
  21. Oh Mein Papa (Oh My Papa)

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Horst Jankowski   Composer
Sascha Burland   Composer
Roger Mozian   Composer
Vincent Youmans   Composer
Roger Cook   Composer
Don Robertson   Composer
Jimmy Wisner   Composer
Robert Cobert   Composer
Charles Albertine   Composer
Ross Bagdasarian   Composer
Boudleaux Bryant   Composer
Granville Burland   Composer
Bill Buster   Producer
Irving Caesar   Composer
Larry Elgart   Composer
Roger Greenaway   Composer
Bob Horn   Composer
Jerry Lordan   Composer
Sid Ramin   Composer
Boots Randolph   Composer
Max Steiner   Composer
Tony Velona   Composer
Joseph F. Laredo   Liner Notes
James Rich   Composer
M. Christian   Composer
Tom Daly   Producer
L. Wolfe Gilbert   Composer
Walter Schumann   Composer
Bent Fabricius-Bjerre   Composer
Bjorn   Composer
Traditional   Composer

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