Happy With Baby: Essential Relationship Advice When Partners Become Parents

Happy With Baby: Essential Relationship Advice When Partners Become Parents

by Catherine O'Brien


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No sleep, stressful life changes, and even postpartum depression are things most new parents know are possible when baby comes home.

Sudden relationship and personal challenges might come as a big surprise though! Navigating life as a family can be harder than you expect. Between unwanted parenting advice from outsiders and no time for self-care, communication with your partner can halt to a standstill. Your once-steady partner suddenly feels like part of the problem.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Catherine O'Brien and her husband lay out all the communication skills and relationship tips that new parents cannot live without, during baby's first year and beyond. Navigate through difficult circumstances like overcoming a hard pregnancy with step-by-step guidance. Find relationship advice that will transform you into a couple who works together to be the best caregivers to your baby that you can be.

Some of the secrets to success include:

  • Exactly what you need to say when you just want some time to yourself because self-care is a must for a caregiver.
  • How to bring the passion (fireworks included!) back into your relationship after baby comes.
  • Master tips on how to create an all-encompassing schedule for you, child care, and dating-yes, dates!
  • How to stop keeping score and work on your new relationship normal together.
  • Three questions to ask yourself and your partner daily to ensure you're on the same team and bonding with your new child.

Even couples who have the "best marriage ever" can't come home from the hospital and expect to become perfect parents. You need training. You need discipline. And you need a guide on how to keep building a happy relationship full of love and respect.

Effective communication, self-care, and Happy With Baby. When partners become parents, these are the tools they'll need.

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ISBN-13: 9781735046600
Publisher: Catherine a O'Brien, Lmft
Publication date: 12/02/2020
Pages: 178
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About the Author

Catherine O'Brien is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the founder of HappyWithBaby.com. She created Happy With Baby in order for new parents to discover the advice she wishes she could have had as a parent.

Catherine lives in Sacramento, California, where she enjoys paddle boarding and rowing with her husband and two kids. Follow her on Facebook at Happy With Baby, on Instagram @happywithbaby, and on her website, HappyWithBaby.com.

Table of Contents


Part I: Taking Care of Yourself

CHAPTER 1: The New Parent Quick-Start Guide

CHAPTER 2: PMAD: The Sneaky Thief of New Baby Joy

CHAPTER 3: Your Partner in Crime Needs Their Sidekick

CHAPTER 4: The New Normal

CHAPTER 5: It's a Baby, Not a Basketball: Don't Pass It

CHAPTER 6: When You Haven't Showered in Three Days

CHAPTER 7: I'm Batmom, Not Supermom

Part II: Taking Care of Your Relationship

CHAPTER 8: Prioritizing Your Relationship

CHAPTER 9: Teamwork: There's No I in Baby

CHAPTER 10: Talk, Talk, Talk; All We Do Is Never Talk

CHAPTER 11: I Cried at the Hallmark Commercial

CHAPTER 12: How to Get 40 Winks or 20 Really Good Winks

CHAPTER 13: What to Expect When You Have Expectations

CHAPTER 14: How to Know Who's Done What and How to Forget That Immediately

CHAPTER 15: Five Strategies for Handling Unwanted Advice

Part III: Taking Care of Baby

CHAPTER 16: Bonding with Baby

CHAPTER 17: Developing a Community of Sidekick Support

CHAPTER 18: Your Personal Mary Poppins

CHAPTER 19: The Final Word on Everything You Need to be Happy with Baby

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